The Book of Love and Creation is one of the most beautifully written and empowering texts that I have come across to date. It invites us to live our truth by knowing who we are and what we are, and step into the divine aspect of our being. As the title of the book implies it is a book that teaches us about love and creation. Two aspects of our being that have unlimited potential, but that often get misused, as we don’t fully understand how they work.

Every so often there comes a book that has a big impact on us, and speaks to us on a mind, heart and soul level. It may shift how we view ourselves, others, our world, and reality itself. It may burst old patterns of thinking and enlighten us to a new way of being. One such book as I have recently discovered is The Book of Love and Creation: A Channeled Text written by Paul Selig.

If you are seeking to find and live your truth, if you are ready to expand your consciousness to reach new depths of being, if you are interested in cultivating your intuition and live from your knowing, then this is one of the best resources for that. This book invites us with a loving and grounded tone to step into the divine aspect of who we are and raise ourselves to live out the potential we have come here to experience. However love and creation are not all the book addresses, they are simply the foundational platforms. The book is as comprehensive in its diversity of topics as a manual for “how life as a human in the physical form works”, would be.

About the Author

The Book of Love and Creation: A Channeled Text is written by Paul Selig and published in September 2012.

Paul is a writer, teacher and medium. He began his formal career as an educator and playwright. Currently, he directs the Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Program at Goddard College and teaches at the New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts.

After a spiritual experience in 1987, Paul became clairvoyant, and he maintains a private practice as an intuitive and channel in New York City. He has led channeled energy groups for almost twenty years. He has been featured on various popular media and is also the author of his first book: I Am the Word: A Guide to the Consciousness of Man’s Self in a Transitioning Time.

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About the Book

The Book of Love and Creation: A Channeled Text is almost 400 pages, and a dense book filled with deep insights, revelations, information and exercises. The book is actually subdivided into 3 books and 19 chapters. The information for the book was channeled over a period of 30 days and the reader is made aware of each day’s channeled material. Here is a general summary of the 3 books contained within it:

Book 1: Awareness

This section includes 6 chapters and focuses on presenting an introduction to who we are as aspects of the divine. It also expands on the themes of love, perception, our senses, relationships and how we create.

As Source embodying in a physical body, you have to begin to realize that what you are capable of trumps any outside power that you could ever possibly contend with.

The Book of Love and Creation

Book 2: Alignment to Love

This section includes 8 chapters and an introduction. It gets more personal focusing on explanations of concepts that help us understand who and how we are including: what is freedom, our will versus divine will, what is our identity, how love and reprimand work, being worthy, going within ourselves to access all knowing, and going outside of ourselves beyond the confines of the physical dimension.

Your choice now as a species is to become responsible to the self that thinks and creates and to the brother that stands beside you.

The Book of Love and Creation

Book 3: Frequency and Creation

This section consists of 5 chapters, an introduction and an epilogue. It focuses on tying in together all parts with a focus on how we are the frequency of God in action and how to be effective creators of life. It takes the reader through discussions about remembering who we are, healing, accessing the Christ Consciousness, manifesting, being love, as well as a section on common questions and answers with regards to these topics.

You believe that you have to go through an obstacle course in order to be realized when, in fact, the realization is here already, and this is where the intellect seeks to complicate and obscure the most beautiful truth of the world.

The Book of Love and Creation

Personal Commentary

To date for me there have been two books that have had an enormous and incredible impact on my life. These being: Conversations with God and A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose. Both of these books provoked a tremendous transformation in my life and empowered me to shed limiting beliefs and identities, expanding my conscious awareness to higher dimensions of existence than I ever thought possible. Before and after those two books I have had the pleasure of reading numerous other books. Many of which were very good books, and each beneficial in their own way for my personal evolution, but in one way or another did not have the depth of impact in their totality as those two. Today, I am pleased to add a third book to the collection of books that have moved me to the core of my being from beginning to end, that being The Book of Love and Creation.

The purpose of this book is to teach the reader how to amplify creation, and be an effective creator; work with energy and light; work through themselves as the root of all knowing; and how to govern ourselves from a place of Creative Source. It also teaches how to access information in consciousness through the acquisition of our higher senses, and thus develop our intuitive ability – our knowing – in more enhanced ways. It is to serve as a manual in love and creation, and helps us find and live our truth.

So why do I feel such a strong positive affinity for this text? For starters, its energy was undeniable to me. For those also who are sensitive and aware of energy within them and in their environment, there is no doubt that this book has the ability to work with the reader in unique ways most beneficial to them. I enjoyed the various energy experiences that I had while reading different parts of the book…and even more importantly afterwards in various daily life experiences.

Secondly, the content of the book is priceless. It is SO extremely empowering! It teaches, reminds and inspires us to be what we came here to be—the living aspect of the divine and the love that we are. Most importantly it encourages us to stand in our own knowing—of knowing WHO we are and WHAT we are. It also covers every major topic in one way or another that any of us would be interested in hearing about like:

  • the impermanent nature of all things
  • the limiting aspect of beliefs
  • fear and how it moves us away from our true nature
  • self-love, self-worth and self-confidence
  • accountability and our creative power
  • ascension and enlightenment
  • psychic awareness and perception
  • transformation, evolution and death
  • energy and healing
  • health and wellness
  • and many more…

It is also very practical, giving concrete examples of how to deal with various physical-world experiences. The chapter on relationships and other references to them throughout the book for example, are outstanding.

Thirdly, the tone of the book and the language that it is written in resonated with me very strongly. It is a grounded, established and confident, yet highly loving tone. Its wisdom and higher frequency knowing is crystal clear. And the best part is that it is a real, down-to-Earth tone, rather than any kind of “airy” New Age talk that all too often leaves one dependent, going around in circles, without any clear direction or practical answers. There was no sugar coating or glossing over any concept, or making it beyond our grasp. Everything pointed to bringing the realness of the divine to the reader, and empowering them on a journey of personal accountability. However, as with many things, each person will have to feel for themselves as to how, or why they may resonate with it, or not.

Finally, to add to the practical nature, the book presents a few exercises to help the reader know how to practice what they are learning about expanding their perception and intuition. But while this was good, what I found even better were the numerous sections of affirmations, or “decrees” that it invites the reader to utilize. The reader is presented one of these every few pages, and they always deal with the subject talked about. While they may vary in how they apply to each of us, I have found the majority of them to be some of the most beautiful, powerful, empowering and life affirming sets of words we can put to use in our daily life.

With the book being a channeled text, over the years I have learned to become very discerning as to what information is coming forth and being presented as being from a “higher” frequency. As I always share with people, the channeled material is only as good as the channel’s ability to relay it in as unadulterated as possible way. In my experience over the years, I have observed that many people are not always spiritually mature enough to be responsible channels at divulging information to and for others that deals with serious life matters. So as I began to read the book, while I loved the wisdom shared from the very first line, I have to admit that my intellectual mind tried to find some reason as to why I should not be fully trusting or comfortable with the material. However, very quickly into the book my mind relaxed, and I began to actually experience the content, finding it to be of an extremely high quality. Reading this book turned out to be highly experiential for me. It is definitely not a book that should be intellectualized, but rather experienced.

In the whole entire book, I can honestly share that there was only one idea that I can think of, that I did not resonate with. Other than that, there was a clear feeling and knowing that the content was in full resonance with what I had discovered within myself to date, and what could help to expand my consciousness further in the most beneficial of ways. The book provided for me, as I like to call it, a synergistic synthesis of all that I have come to know and initiation into a deeper yet state of awareness of the self and life in general.

It is also important to point out that a book of this magnitude is not done full justice if we read it just once. I don’t believe it is possible to grasp even half of what the book presents in one reading. I know I definitely look forward to reading it again and capturing the essence of the many insights that it presents to help us expand our perception of life on the physical and non-physical level.

In the end, the power of this book as with many resources like it comes from the actions we take AFTER we finish reading it. It is nice to read an inspirational quote, article or book, or take a course that leaves us feeling good. However it is not enough. None of these things are “magical” in that they will do something to us, or for us. It is all up to what we choose to do. Many people walk away from powerful resources dismayed that nothing has changed in their life, not realizing that nothing will until we change it ourselves. We are the creators and thus need to mobilize and give life to the ideas, translating the conceptual into the practical. We need to be a living example of what we learn and not just theorize about it, but actually apply it.

As you manifest your truth, you go into a higher frequency and in this higher frequency what is created is changed.

The Book of Love and Creation


As a final addition, I definitely recommend this book to anyone out there who is seeking to expand their consciousness and step into the light of the divine energy that they are. Anyone who is open minded and open hearted, and is seeking to know themselves fully will no doubt benefit from this book in many ways. From helping us with practical aspects of how to better relate with each other to helping us have an overall better quality of life, the book is an abundantly enriching and consciousness expanding resource.

Who you are in truth is a Divine Being, a perfect creation operating in Divine Will. Who you are in truth is a perfect being, once and for all.

The Book of Love and Creation

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