This little book is great for quick inspiration, and to serve as a resource to awaken your thoughts and expand your vision to new heights. It offers short verses that can serve our moment of contemplation, meditation or stillness. It touches upon topics like truth, morality, love, death and more.

One of my favorite authors is Neale Donald Walsch. To date, he has written numerous books that I had the pleasure of reading, and which I credit for helping me awaken and positively transform my life. Out of all of his books, his Conversations With God trilogy had the greatest impact on me. This is why when I saw Meditations from Conversations with God at the book store, I immediately bought a copy, as I knew it would be a valuable addition to my home library.

Neale Donald Walsch was just an ordinary man, leading a very typical life full of pain, suffering and disappointment until he had a spiritual breakthrough that led him on his journey to become a spiritual teacher, writer and internationally renowned speaker. Since then he has been traveling around the world, giving workshops and seminars that inspire, awaken and raise people to their highest potentials.

Unlike each of the books in the trilogy, or the whole trilogy itself, this little book is a wonderful little resource to have around, as it offers a small, but powerful read, through its short reflective meditations. There are no lengthy chapters, but a sentence or two of awareness-promoting ideas, reminders and nudges to help us stay focused, grounded and inspired along our spiritual path.

Format and Structure

Meditations from Conversations with God is divided into the following sections:

  • Introduction
  • Meditations on Universal Truths
  • Meditations on The Spiritual Path
  • Meditations on Feelings
  • Meditations on Mortality
  • Meditations on Self-Awareness
  • Meditations on Time
  • Meditations on Politics and War
  • Meditations on Money
  • Meditations on The Planet
  • Meditations on Relationships

The book has about 160 pages and is roughly 5′ by 6′.

Content and Personal Commentary

I love diving into this book randomly and getting a message, a thought, an inspiration or a reminder that strengthens my spirit and love for life. Sometimes I also just read a few pages in order. One can also pick a section based on their feelings, moods or needs. You can read a meditative excerpt first thing in the morning and put it into action during the day, end off your day with some calming words or pull it out at any point in the day when you feel you want to be grounded, inspired or refreshed.

I definitely recommend this book, as it is a great, small companion for each of us and offers moving, inspiring and wisdom awakening quotes. Each page is followed by an accompanying photograph on the page adjoined to it. The photograph images are thought provoking and breathtaking on their own, and are quantified even more by the words that join them. All the images are various shades of sepia and black and white. The photograph images are from Corbis, Getty Images and Osho International Foundation.

Visit Neale Donald Walsch on his site, to learn more about his life, his inspiration, his writing and his events.

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