If you are a nature or photography enthusiast, I want to share with you a beautiful and unique compilation of photographic art work from Bert Meyers. In his book, Inner Beauty of Nature: X-Ray Photography, Bert showcases the beauty of nature through the perspective of x-rays. His images present parts of nature in ways that most of us have never seen before, exposing intricate inner details and patterns.

Bert is a retired academic physician, who was a professor of surgery at Louisiana State University Medical Center. Now you may be thinking “what does being a doctor have to do with nature and photography?” Well one of Bert’s long time interests has been photography.

He has worked with Eugene Delcroix, a master of light, composition and soft focus and Ansel Adams, a visionary and master of landscape photography. Being both a doctor and photographer, Bert began experimenting with x-ray photography and high contrast images in the late 1970′s and has since produced outstanding photographic art work. Dr. Myers’ book is the first and only book to cover the history of x-ray photography as an art form. He has also published other works in his previous book, Festival of Fins 2000.

Book Content & Format

Bert’s book Inner Beauty of Nature: X-Ray Photography, is divided into the following sections:

  • History of X-ray Art
  • Technique of Making Art Roentgenograms
  • The Negative versus Positive Debate and Other Image Manipulations
  • Black and White Images
  • Adding Color to X-ray Images
  • Making Montages
  • Other X-ray Artists
  • Index of Images and Artists

The book has about 160 pages and is roughly 10′ by 10′. The images are presented 1 per page and thus this makes a wonderful show piece for a coffee table or other display.

Personal Commentary

Bert’s work has a rich uniqueness and takes the beauty and delicateness of nature to another level. The detail that is captured is like nothing that can be done with just a camera as through the x-ray technique, Bert goes within the object and produces a truly unique perspective.

Amongst his various works in this book, you will find numerous flowers and sea shells captured in a way that one could probably never imagine. Through the x-ray photography, Bert has captured nature’s details and inner makings at their finest. The clarity of the details is impeccable!

There are both colored and black and white images. Although I tended to favor more the black and white photography, some of the colored images were equally stunning and captivating.

Bert’s book can make a great gift for any nature or photography enthusiast. You can purchase his book from his website — Bert Meyers Fine Art Photography, or from Amazon.com (below).