With the exception of those who deny that consciousness exists beyond the brain, many of us know that there is something more beyond this life experience. Today, the study of consciousness keeps bringing us more and more insight into understanding the nature of this reality and afterlife. There is so much of course that we still do not know or understand, but as we evolve spiritually and expand our consciousness collectively, we are grasping more of the previously unthinkable potential where life and death are concerned.

Author Cyndi Dale has written a new book, Illuminating the Afterlife: Your Soul’s Journey Through the Worlds Beyond that explores these very concepts, especially as they relate to the potential reality and continuation of our consciousness beyond this life experience. The book was published in the spring of 2008 and features Cyndi’s intuitive talents and spiritual guidance.

In this book review, I will share with you my thoughts and comments about this book.

Book Overview

In Illuminating the Afterlife: Your Soul’s Journey Through the Worlds Beyond, Cyndi takes us on a journey of our own life here on Earth, through the gateway of death and into the afterlife. Throughout the book, Cyndi weaves in her own expertise of the body, the chakras and the fundamental energy that we are all composed of at the core and essence of our being. She brings forth compelling information in this book that makes the potential of the afterlife not only possible but also real.

In the book, Cyndi addresses the following pertinent questions related to death and the afterlife and shares some answers based on her intuitive experience.

  • Have you ever wondered what happens to us at the time of death?
  • Have you ever wondered what happens to us just before we die?
  • How about what happens to us after we die?
  • Are there other worlds?
  • Is reincarnation real?
  • Is there really Heaven and Hell?

Death is nothing more than the separation and transition of the soul from a dense physical state to a higher vibrational state.

Cyndi Dale

Finally, the goal of the book is getting to know the 12 Planes of Light and the opportunities they carry for our souls. Cyndi proposes that it is the Planes of Light that are what our souls travel through in the afterlife on their journey of evolution to reach the one and only light of all-knowing. In this sense, the book’s foundation is rooted in giving us all a greater perspective of what death really is and what can be expected in the afterlife.

Book Format and Content

The book Illuminating the Afterlife is divided into 2 parts.

Part 1 is entitled The Energy of Death and Dying and part 2 is entitled The Planes of Light.

In the 1st part, Cyndi focuses on explaining the basics of what is death from a physical as well as an energy point of view. Here she elaborates on death from many angles and tries to dispel many of the myths and fears associated with death.

By breaking free of the confines of life (and death), we can live the lives we desire.

Cyndi Dale

It is in this part that Cyndi first gives us an introduction and explanation of the 12 Planes of Light.

She also touches upon topics that deal with soul purpose, the reason for the contrast of this world, a model of the mechanism by which the soul enters Earth, and teaches about the ideas of experiencing the gifts of “death”, here and now on this Earth.

It is also in this part that Cyndi presents the reader with a detailed description of the 12 dimensions of existence, not just the seven, but the 12 chakras and auric fields, and the metals of light that are associated with each of them.

She also touches upon the ideas of “Hell”, varieties of human souls, and finishes this section off with a detailed outline of the events associated with pre-death, death, and post-death.

Death cannot end your life, it can only enhance who and what you are.

Cyndi Dale

In the 2nd part, Cyndi strictly focuses on the 12 Planes of Light and chapter by chapter describes each one. With each plane, she elaborates on the inter-dimensional wisdom that can be gained from each of them, the challenges they pose, and the learning that can be done based on them, here and now while living on Earth.

Cyndi concludes the book with a special wrap-up with the 13th Plane of Light – the Plane where we are truly home to delight in the all-knowing and pure consciousness of light that we are.

Throughout the book, Cyndi offers irrefutable scientific research from the physical, chemical, and biological sciences that support both our existence as energy beings, the transition of death, and the life in the afterlife.

Takeaway Message

The main message that one can take from the book is definitely that there is so much more beyond this life. It isn’t even about what most religious traditions have tried to scratch the surface with, by instilling topics such as that of “Heaven”, “Purgatory” and “Hell”, but about the countless possibilities for the soul and spirit to experience itself.

The author has a multitude of proof for many of the facts she presents when it comes to the soul’s purpose here on Earth, its purpose for dying, and its purpose in the afterlife.

Death doesn’t change reality; rather at death our soul, freed from the amnesia acquired at birth, expands in consciousness.

Cyndi Dale

Just as there are numerous personalities living here on Earth right now and numerous souls trying to experience themselves, there exists even more variety in the afterlife. So life in no way ends at death. In fact at death, the veil gets fully removed from your eyes and you get to continue to evolve your soul in the knowing realm of who you truly are. That is where the Planes of Light come in.

The 12 Planes of Light, with the 13th being the all-knowing and pure consciousness, provide the souls (us) with lessons to grow and evolve at each level. There is no forced progression as to how we travel through the Planes – we have free will in that matter as with all other things in life and the afterlife. The choices depend more on our needs at the given moment than any particular wants.

By reading this book, you will learn about the following major ideas:

  • There is no end to our life in death
  • There need be no fear associated with death, as it is a pleasurable experience for the soul
  • We are never alone, we are accompanied by guides and always have help at our side, whether here on Earth or in the afterlife
  • There are different levels and zones in the afterlife that we get to choose to travel through according to the evolution of our souls
  • The purpose of life and the afterlife is to experience ourselves as the pure conscious light that we are

Ultimately, we will get in the afterlife, just as in life, whatever we hold dear and deep in our thoughts, and consequently beliefs. Just as energy governs this Earth and all on it, energy governs the afterlife, and hence allows us to live out our own thoughts and paradigms.

If you believe there is “Hell” and you belong to be there, then guess what…you can have that. If you believe in the typical “Heaven” that most religions teach, then you can get that. Both however are not the ultimate or elevated Planes of Light or our completed evolution as souls. Hence, if one stays open to the possibilities of the soul, energy, life, death and tie to the Source of All, one will enjoy progressing through the afterlife as if on a wonderful vacation where you can raise yourself to your highest potential of existence.


After reading this book, I feel that Illuminating the Afterlife: Your Soul’s Journey Through the Worlds Beyond can be a very valuable resource for anyone wanting to learn more about death and the afterlife or who is perhaps looking for another perspective in relation to what they have been “told” or “taught” so far.

It is a book that can be enjoyed by both, religious and non-religious spiritual people who want to explore the potential of life and death. You may not agree with everything the author says, and naturally, you do not have to. We each understand life and beyond based on our own experiences and beliefs. Regardless, this book allows us to gain a greater perspective and expand our own thought process to encompass more than what we thought was possible.

As far as the Planes of Light go – do they really exist? Maybe not exactly as Cyndi presents, after all, these are her observations and theories based on her research, personal experience, and observation. Each person will bring a different and unique perspective and that is part of the learning and growth. No matter what, you can definitely learn a lot and expand your outlook where life and death are concerned after reading this book. For some people, it will open their ideas to new possibilities, while for others it will confirm already existing ideas of how we live on eternally as the beings of energy that we are.

One of the best things that Cyndi stresses throughout the entire book is that we do not have to wait for death to wake up and start enjoying the experience of who we truly are. The veil can be removed from our eyes, right here, right now, if we only choose it so. Through various awakenings and an increase in our own consciousness, we can enjoy all the gifts of the afterlife, here and now, and progress our soul through its greatest evolution ever to experiencing the pure light of consciousness.

If you could journey on the Planes of Light when you are alive, death would not need to be a healing for life. Life itself could be a healing state.

Cyndi Dale

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