Messages of love and wisdom today come to us in many forms, and from many sources. One method of relaying information that is becoming more common is that of channeling—connecting with one’s higher self, or another spiritual being and allowing information to flow freely. Of course, even though channeling is supposed to be done without interference from one’s personal mind, or Ego, this is seldom carried out successfully as many who engage in channeling may not be at a level of spiritual maturity to both connect with the highest sources of light, or relay the information without their personal bias.

One channel who has however proven herself to be quite exceptional is Esther Hicks, who channels the spiritual group called Abraham. You can read more about Abraham in one of my previous writings. In September 2008, I had the pleasure of attending an even with Abraham and was pleasantly amazed by the quality of the material presented, and the value and relevance it had to people’s lives.

As I always encourage each of us, it is important to seek sources of information that both resonate with us and bring positive, not fear-based messages forward. This is something I have found of great value about the Abraham material, in how empowering and positive it is. As Abraham teaches, we control this physical reality, and thus anything is possible. The physical reality does not control us, as many people in our society think and as a result lead lives full of stress and suffering.

In the following essay, I will share with you more of the information that was shared during the event I attended, and how it relates to our lives that makes it worthy of consideration.

The Event

The event was held at a huge conference center and was sold out. In total there were close to 2000 people from what I gathered. This fact alone was quite astonishing to me, to see how many people are already open to channeled material and seek its very nature.

Jerry Hicks (Esther’s husband) provided the introduction and emphasized that what is shared and comes forth is not about them, but Abraham. They are there as much for the learning experience, as anyone else is. It was clear that they do not want to be idolized in any way, and are just two simple people who are able to bring very valuable messages to others and benefit as much from Abraham as anybody else.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect when Esther called forth Abraham, but it was a really beautiful and peaceful experience. Esther simply closed her eyes, relaxed and breathed deep a few times. She made a few movements with her head and then began talking with her eyes still closed. Except it was no longer Esther talking but Abraham’s message coming through Esther. Eventually, Esther opened her eyes and was able to move about the stage freely.

Abraham began explaining a little about the purpose of the event and helped everyone focus on positive co-creation. Abraham discussed a few of the basic ideas too regarding the Law of Attraction and the three-step process of asking, Source answering, and us allowing the experience into our vibrational field.

Most of the day in fact as Abraham explained, was going to be spent on how to effectively live out step 3 and that is put ourselves into the vibrational frequency of what we are asking for. As Abraham explained, we stand in the way of our own manifestations due to the various resistances that we continue to apply through our thoughts.

Abraham then began to ask for what people want to discuss and as the hands rose up, Abraham picked people to come up to the stage by reading energies across the room. I was enjoying the event so much and wasn’t thinking of asking anything, even though I did think of two questions that I wouldn’t have minded asking Abraham. In the later part of the event, I did raise my hand, but out of about 2000 people only about 14 people got a chance to go up and ask Abraham questions, and this time I was not one of them.

This is where I feel that this event could have benefited so much more if it was held on a smaller scale. Perhaps in other areas, it is held in smaller numbers, so that more people can personally interact with Abraham.

The questions from people were fantastic. I would say that out of the 14, almost all were very high-quality questions, that applied to many people and their discussion benefited many.

When the event ended, I felt amazing. I thought I was only going to check out this one for the fun of it but having been to it, now want to incorporate this on a perhaps at least annual level.

I think that aside from the phenomenal messages, the best part of the event was the amazing element of comedy – Abraham talks and shares material and information with a hint of sarcasm and an amazing sense of humor, which brought the crowd to bouts of laughter many times. It was just so amazingly enjoyable. I think the funniest part about it and why we laugh at what Abraham says, is that deep down we know our own insanity in living this life and there is nothing to do but laugh at it when someone else points it out.

The applause from the public poured out at many times. People were in awe, in amazement and moved in various ways. The feedback was beyond positive. The books that Hay house brought to sell featuring Abraham’s material were sold out within a few hours in the morning.

If you are familiar with the teachings of Abraham and have never attended one of these sessions and have the chance to go, I would highly recommend it!

The Message

The message that Abraham came forth with was as always highly consistent and applicable in so many ways.

The focus of the message was as I stated earlier to teach more on how each one of us can get into the right vibration to access our vibrational vortex of desires.

Indeed the universe not only hears our every need, want and desire, but holds all those things for us in our vibrational vortex. We only have to align ourselves with the energy of that vortex and that of course is the hardest part for people.

Understanding the Law of Attraction’s 3rd step of allowing and manifesting our creations as Abraham said, is not about it bringing STUFF to YOU, but bringing YOU to IT.

Topics that were covered throughout the day included:

  • a great discussion of what is life and how to understand it and our purpose in it
  • practical examples of how to align oneself with their desires
  • working hard in life to get stuff versus relaxing and enjoying life to get stuff
  • motivation through others to be better versus envy and jealousy
  • attaining love relationships
  • pain-free labour and when consciousness actually enters a baby
  • following your dreams through clues from the Universe
  • how to not think thoughts that you don’t want to think
  • why unwanted things happen to people
  • the feeling of bad and good at the same time in response to an event
  • Karma and how it effects us in this lifetime
  • how to help others and bring them to a higher alignment
  • living and appreciating on a higher level
  • living life out of pattern in older age and its effects
  • struggling with patience while waiting for manifestations

The topics were truly outstanding!

Thus, over the course of the week, I want to discuss with you a little further some of the key ideas that really resonated with me and ones that I think we all can benefit the most from to access our highest potential and truly live out the life of our dreams – no matter what!

Till then, create your life consciously, for it is only then, through personal accountability that we can attain what we want and live life in the beautiful and glorious way we were meant to live!