The third day of the conference took place on Saturday April 4, 2009. It was a full day session and the speakers that we chose to see were Gregg Braden and Marcelle Pick.

Gregg was the morning speaker, and his lecture focused on the latest science behind the phenomenon of 2012. In summary his lecture was mind blowing and enlightening. The stuff Gregg presented is the leading science that puts a whole new, and most importantly accurate spin on what really is going on with the planet and what will happen when it comes to 2012.

Marcelle Pick was the afternoon speaker. Her topic focused on her latest book called The Core Balance Diet: 4 Weeks to Boost Your Metabolism and Lose Weight for Good. We went to see it, to increase our knowledge perhaps on the holistic health front, but it was very much catered for people who are very new to the whole concept of health and nutrition, and more catered to women who want to lost weight.

Hence, in this review, I will focus only on Gregg Braden’s lecture, as it alone gives me so much to write about and so many exciting details to share with you! Consider this the everything you ever wanted to know about 2012, but were afraid to ask article.

Gregg Braden, Fractal Time and 2012

I first heard about Gregg Braden about 2 or 3 years ago, through an online video, where he discussed the concepts of science and spirituality. It was amazing. I was right away hooked on him as a teacher, as his thoroughly rich and credible science background and his wisdom in the field of spirituality were both amazing assets.

Where 2012 is concerned, I cannot quite remember when I first heard about the event, but over the past 3 years it has greatly peaked my interest. I was very careful at first not to get swept up into some kind of “mass hysteria” or “fear-driven apocalyptic” event forecast, but the more I researched, the more shocked I became as to why more people were not talking or learning about it.

If you are a skeptic of this whole 2012 idea, let me begin by telling you this much: it is not about one single “day” where the world will end or even change – it is about a global change that has started a few decades ago and is happening as we speak. It not about geographical areas changing, as much as it is about hearts changing to embrace the unity of all human beings. It is not about ravage diseases taking over our bodies, but about curing the disease most of us live with everyday in our own mind.

Okay, but enough from me, let me share with you what Gregg presented.

Gregg’s latest book is entitled Fractal Time: The Secret of 2012 and a New World Age, and it is based on this book that Gregg presented his latest research, where 2012 is concerned.

Those of us who are involved in actively spreading love and wisdom, and adding value in whatever way that may be for the benefit of the greater good know that we are indeed experiencing a big change right now. Something “unique” and something “big” is happening. Unfortunately you will not hear about this openlyon the evening news.

In his previous book, The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief, Gregg talked about the field of energy that ancients knew about for thousands of years and about which modern science is just learning now.

In Fractal Time, Gregg describes the great cycles of time and how those are now being confirmed by science. It is based on the premise that our world and times change cyclically, about every 5,000 years.

So, 2012… well in order to understand that, Gregg said that we have to look back to the past. Follow the fractal time patterns and see when was the last time such an “event” happened and what were the conditions or repercussions like.

Well, the last time an event, like what is predicted for December 21, 2012 happened, was 26,000 years ago. This was called a period shift. Most people who are alive today, cannot come to grips or accept that there is something going on, but that is mainly for the reason that nowhere in recorded history have human beings ever experienced the end of 2 great cycles – the end of the 26, 000 years and the end of the 5, 000 year period.

Gregg mentioned that later this year, there is a new Hollywood movie coming out called 2012 which focuses on doom, gloom and lots of negatively driven drama. Well to this he replied, that this is not what 2012 is all about. Could there be climactic changes or disturbed weather patterns, yes, but not anywhere in the scale that the movie forecasts.

With 2012, the focus is not on the end of the world, but on the end of the world as we know it. Look around, most of how we live and have lived for hundreds and even thousands of years is not working. We are getting smarter and yet sicker. We live in greed, competition, secrecy, scarcity and the list goes on and on. The “new world” is all about a shift in thinking and consciousness. It is a call for a wake up.

A new age gives us as Gregg said, a chance to do a little reality check, a look back to reflect on what works and what doesn’t. So as it is the end of a “world age”, at the same time it is the beginning of a “new world age.” When something ends, remember, something else always begins.

Where Are We Now?

Gregg began by explaining that world experts today agree that we are in a state of “chaos”. What? You mean you didn’t notice? Not to worry, that for the most part is a good thing, as there is no point in getting caught up in chaos or focusing on that which you cannot change. What we do know, is in times of greatest chaos, come times of greatest change.

There are food shortages, battles about ideas (no longer territories or even laws, etc.), over 30 new diseases, and climate change, just to name the major ones. Any one of these left unchecked can end life on Earth. In fact never has humanity faced so many dire challenges and consequences at once, as it does today.

Gregg quoted an issue of Scientific American which came out with a special issue entitled Crossroads for Planet Earth. In it, solutions were considered, ranging from global to local and gradualist to radical, in order to tackle socioeconomic, demographic and environmental problems. Here is an excerpt from that issue:

“Crossroads for Planet Earth,” focuses on the unique near-term challenges of the next 50 years — and how our choices may well determine our species’ ability not only to thrive but to survive far into the future.

So here we are in 2009, where many of us are already aware of this and living a new way, while the old ways still exist. Look around, more and more people are more interested in adding value to the world, than adding money to their bank accounts. More and more people are picking up vegetarian type of lifestyles out of care for the animals and the environment. More and more people are “waste conscious” and trying to live sustainably with the planet. More and more people are interested in unity of governments, religions, and other institutions, instead of seeking separation. More and more people are interested in peace, within oneself, the communities, countries and the world!

We are at the climax of humanity, where we stand in a “bottleneck of time”. Our resources are pushed to the limits – and the question now remains of how are we going to respond?

Where Are We Going? – The Science Behind 2012

In order to know where we are going, we are going to look back at where we have been. Now given the fact that no recorded history is available from 26,000 years ago, this puts us in sort of a jam – or does it? Not to worry, as nature always has ways of communicating with us, whether it be about the past or future. So let us go back into the past, in order to understand the future.

At this point Gregg moved into a full explanation and discussion about what science knows about how this change occurred in the past, what we know about our universe today and what we can expect for the future. He broke it down into 5 distinct discoveries.

Discovery 1

In the center of our galaxy there is a powerful source of energy that affects all life on Earth. It is a magnetic field of energy.

Discovery 2

Where we are in orbit, determines how we experience the energy. Our location changes on a regular basis, covering vast cycles of time. (The ancients knew this, we didn’t until the 20th century.)

Earth “wobbles” as it spins. As it wobbles, the scenery of the sky changes, again ancients recorded this.

1 complete wobble = 26, 000 years

Hence, every time Earth finishes one complete “wobble”, a new Earth period begins. A “wobble” is a precession of the equinox. We are about to finish the age of Pisces and start the last age – the age of Aquarius.

Each 26, 000 year “wobble” was divided by the ancients into 5 segments. These can be considered, the little “wobbles” of the big, complete “wobble” (26, 000 years/5).

1 mini wobble = 5, 000 years

This means that there are smaller, not as climactic periods that give way to massive human change, about every 5,000 years.

Each period, whether the ending of a 5,000 or 26,000 year period ends with a cataclysmic event. Going back into the past records, the last one was a flood, and previous ones included a fire, an ice age and a severe wind storm.

Why we are at such a unique point in history, is because we are ending two major time periods – hence one can expect a significant chain of events to bring this about. It is known as the shift of the ages, or the end of time, or the end of days, or the end of a great world agenot the end of the world.

Discovery 3

On December 21, 2012 we will align perfectly with the core of the Milky Way Galaxy – directly that is with the center magnetic energy field. No matter what one believes or doesn’t, this will have a direct influence on our galaxy’s source of energy.

The effects of this are not and will not be felt in 1 day. We are now in the 2012 window. We moved into it around 1980 and will move out of it, around 2016. In many ways, we are already living the “events”.

We are going through 3 major events:

  1. Ending the last 5, 000 year cycle
  2. Ending a full 26, 000 year cycle
  3. Aligning with the galactic core

Based on past records, all world age endings bring 2 main things: global changes and human changes.

In terms of global changes, these must occur as we are tied to cycles of magnetic fields. These fields connect all life and get weaker during such changes. Hence, it is not odd to experience changes in our personal life, whether it be sleep patterns, emotions or how we experience time. Global shifts normally bring about climate changes (which we have), sea level changes and resource changes.

In terms of human change, there are cycles of war and peace, as there is competition for resources. We need to learn from past mistakes and learn to co-operate for more of us to not just survive, but also thrive. Triggers for human change also include spiritual awakenings and spiritual growth on the planet. In the past these were times, when many new religions began. Today we see a move towards a more unified spiritual existence.

Gregg than went back to explain the significance of a lowered magnetic field, as this is a key point in what we can expect during such a change. Science has shown that a lowered magnetic field, leads to more heat from the sun, a warmer atmosphere and oceans, the melting of ice caps, possible floods due to sea level rising and dilution of salt water and weather changes.

If we look at the above mentioned points, these are all what either have happened, are happening or our environmental scientists are predicting will happen.

Now naturally here, one may think, so does this mean that human impact means nothing to this so called global warming phenomenon. Well no, we don’t get off the hook that easy. We know that humans have been living in the most unsustainable way with nature for the past 100 years and our actions have amplified and accelerated the changes by about 80 to 100 years.

The next interesting thing that Gregg explained here is that the human heart creates its own magnetic field. Through scientific tests, they have determined that though our emotions, we can influence the magnetic field of both our heart and the Earth, collectively. I will explain more on this a little later.

Gregg also mentioned that when we look back and see how the ancient civilizations prepared for these changes and what messages they left for us, we have to remember that as we reincarnate, it is technically “we” that left these messages for ourselves, so that with the next big shift, we can experience a smoother transition.

He focused on one ancient civilization specifically, the Hopi. A particular message that has been dissected thoroughly for its importance and explained by an elder of a Hopi tribe, as well as used in understanding the events of the future change is the famous Hopi Rock. You can see a picture of this rock here below.

It is very faint (Gregg had a blown up version), but you can hopefully somewhat make out 2 sections of people. The ancients believe that this was a map left for future generations for a way of making it through the changes. We all basically have 1 of 2 choices.

Those that are shown on the upper path, are shown as bodies with their heads disconnected. This is taken to mean that these people are not in touch or “connected” to their higher selves or in other words conscious of their thoughts, actions and deeds. They live life based on comfort, greed and profit. If you look closer on the drawing, their “life line” goes up in a “wavy” or “rocky” way and then ends.

Those that are shown on the lower path, are shown further down, as frail and old – meaning they were able to live to a ripe old age, with some plants around them, signifying the abundance of food. Not only is their path straight, but it continues around the edge of this rock. These people live life based on love, strength and balance.

However, Gregg notes, that upon further inspection a 3rdline was found, a vertical line between the upper and lower path and the elder’s response is that this is the point of no return. Up to a certain point we are able to change, from the upper path to the lower, but after a certain point this no longer becomes possible. This is coined the choice point. We all get signals and signs along the way to choose a life that is based on love and the greater good and many of us will be able to change our ways, while others may ignore all signs and symbols, in which case their path ends. This is in no way meant to be a “gloomy prediction”, but rather the realization that the new world age will be rooted in peace and love and some people will not be ready to take that on and hence will find the Earth and unsuitable place for themselves.

Discovery 4

This is where Gregg explained the concepts of fractal time and how science has found ways to measure this concept. Fractals are basically patterns that nature uses to build the universe. They are repeating units that are the same in many completely different objects, like a strand of lightening and a brain neuron.

Gregg explained that if we understand how fractals work on a smaller scale, it gives us insight into the bigger picture. At this time the greatest discovery in all of this, is that time is fractal. That is, it repeats itself in distinct patterns or units. If we know when a certain pattern begins, we can predict when such a pattern will repeat again. A fractal time pattern always begins with a seed event and if we get to know the pattern, we have the power to change the outcome.

Gregg explained that as one fractal ends and another begins, there is a small window of opportunity for change called the choice point. This is the point where our choices become incredibly potent.

It has been determined that 2010 is the choice point year. Thus we are at a critical point now in all of our lives, where our actions will dictate if we want war or peace, whether that is on a global or individual level. On a personal level we really are faced with the big decision of whether we are going to walk away from war as a habit of solving all of our problems. Remember that the word ”war” here is used in the broader perspective. Think of how many of us have “wars” going on in our own households or even within ourselves.

It is at this time that Gregg introduced the Time Code Calculator. This is a tool that he has provided for free on his site, and one with which thanks to many complex math calculations, all of us can trace fractal patterns of time in both our personal lives and on a global scale.

To strengthen the proof behind this science, Gregg explained that we have a virtual library of history preserved in polar ice. We can test ice cores using a drill and to date about 500,000 years of data have been collected from polar ice. In fact scientists made a rush to do this in the last decade as the polar ice is melting. The polar ice samples capture a lot of critical data, like what the atmosphere and temperature, among other things were like at a certain time period in history.

Hence, using the math equations to decipher time fractals, the data from polar ice caps and any ancient recorded history, Gregg gave the following summary of what we can expect in 2012, by looking at what happened in the past during this fractal’s seed event.

  • The Earth’s magnetic field decreased
  • There is no scientific data to support a planet pole reversal
  • Ice collapse on the planet
  • An increase in the energy of the sun
  • Hierarchy collapse (population at risk)
  • Military stretched thin (various wars)
  • Shortage of resources
  • Economic collapse

In the past this lead to the collapse of great civilizations. The great danger as Gregg explained, is not from nature here, those changes will be brief, but in how we deal with each other. We have the potential to wipe ourselves out, as during fear or in times of great crisis, we panic and work against each other, instead of together.

Therefore, our opportunity for this new age change, is to avoid the mistakes of the past civilizations and instead of fighting for resources amongst each other, find a way to help each other survive. We have the choice right now to recognize that we are going through a serious moment and pull together, recognizing that we need one another.

Discovery 5

The Earth and the Ionosphere generate a symphony of frequencies, some of which are in the same frequency as those of the human heart.

Using the mathematics and physics of fractals, scientists are now able to measure the magnetic field of the Earth. Gregg used the examples of both 9-11 and President Obama’s inauguration, stating that on those days there was a huge spike in the Earth’s magnetic field. Was it a coincidence? Definitely not – just think of the mass consciousness of emotion on the planet on those days.

The hypothesis is that strong collective emotion has a profound impact on the planet using a phenomenon in physics known as coherence “Coherence”), which is a property of waves. Magnetic waves, whether of our heart of the planet, can easily be measured today.

Hence, based on this phenomenon the Global Coherence Initiative was started. Its purpose is to unite millions of people of diverse backgrounds to shift global consciousness from chaos to balance and to raise the global coherence.

If you get nothing else from all of this talk about 2012, hopefully you realize that we do have a profound effect in how the next few years are going to unfold, and it is up to us in terms of how turbulent or smooth they will be.

So what can we do today, well we have two choices. One, we can sign up and actually become part of this project of healing ourselves and the planet in a beautiful act of co-creation – to learn more, visit the Global Coherence Initiative.

Our second option is to incorporate this initiative on a personal level. It is based on heart-centered living. How do we do this? We move our awareness from our mind to our heart.

Our heart has a low coherence in times of frustration, anger, jealousy, rage, hate, etc. This also increases our cortisol – the stress hormone and causes a lot of stress on the health of our cells.

High coherence is experienced in times of appreciation, gratitude, love, compassion, etc. Not only is this great for our world, but it is great for our physical health. Studies show that communities that live a heart-centered life, live the longest, experience the best anti-aging benefits, high immune response and increased mental clarity.

Hence in order to accomplish this, Gregg stated that as little as 3 minutes per day of focused heart-centered meditation increases both the anti-aging and healing response within our bodies. It is by using the language of our soul – our emotions, that we co-create together our personal and global lives.

The technique Gregg recommended, is to take about 3 minutes or more with hands together in front of us, sort of like in a praying position and actually press the sides or the thumbs to our heart. Our mind is very receptive to touch and hence this will bring our focus to our hearts. Hence, get heart-focused, feel the emotions of high coherence and breathe!

Well needless to say the energy in the room was soaring after Gregg’s lecture! He stayed for a bit to sign books and answer a few questions.

To learn more about Gregg Braden visit him on his site at


Well I don’t know about you, but this was the most uplifting and empowering message that I could have ever hoped for about the change in our world. Gregg’s expertise in this area is incredible and his contribution to humanity is amazing! Here was a man tied to science and working for NASA in the past, who woke up to the spiritual side of life and brilliantly brought science and spirituality together and continues to unite them to this day!

I cannot tell you how exhilarated I came out of this lecture. I do not doubt that there will be lots of changes on the Earth in the upcoming years, but it is not about what those changes will be, how “mild” or “severe” they will be – it is about how we decide to react to them and handle them.

The final day 4 of the conference featured John Holland and Cheryl Richardson, and I will be sharing about what they presented at the conference in part 4 of this series.