LOOK…. UP in the sky….. it’s a bird…. no…., it’s a plane…. no….., it’s Superman!…. and today it is UFOs and aliens. My question to all of us is:

Is there anything really in the sky at all but our minds in the clouds, seeing whatever patterns that look pretty or that which comes to mind as in an inkblot test?

You see, everyone in society is constantly trying to convince the other of their stories, and to buy their products, and to review their ideas. In court cases, perhaps everyone may be truly innocent, and most people in prison will probably tell you they are being wronged. Whoever has the most convincing story wins, and we call this justice. Perhaps there is no comparing versions of what supposedly happened. Perhaps we don’t need to convince anyone of anything anymore.

Seeing What We Want To See

Maybe as a society, we have seemingly fixed points of reference like the rotating constellations in the night sky. And between the ever-moving stars, we fill in the blanks with anything that is imaginable. Even with time, the seemingly unchanging constellations go supernova, leaving a black hole in space and in our stories as a once known fact dissolves from the scene as if it never existed.

Therefore, I would like to put out there that everyone is dreaming the world into being and that there really is nothing real or factual in these exterior spaces from a higher dimensional perspective. Everyone just sees what they want to see.

We think we understand each other, but our minds often take us to different destinations as energies around us rise and fall. Therefore, there is no underlying reality. Consensus Reality is an illusion.

If this is true, the future and the past have always been uncertain and essentially don’t exist. There is no certainty in anything. The history that wins out, and that which is presented as fact, is actually contrived through collective hypnosis and agreement to facts that are not factual.

Instead, we each feel something different as this moment comes into being, and our feelings are then negated by having them trumped by someone else’s unresolved thoughts. We have been taught to fit into a narrow perspective. We are physically and spiritually designed to make sense of this one moment by being an integral part of the moment. We are therefore no longer doing our jobs. Most have sold their souls and their ability to feel alive for the sake of argument.

Shielding the Obvious Truth

Our teachers and rulers therefore blind us, and cover up that which is absolutely apparent. The blind are not only leading the blind, but are making us numb to all of existence. The lack of life then is dis-tasteful, because we can no longer savor that which is being served to us.

Society is empty and unsettled, because we have lost our home within ourselves, by being forced to believe in the housing developments and dreams of others.

We are supposed to ‘feel In’ the scene then, with a unique position, and not to ‘feel Out’ the scene to figure out what is going on. There really is nothing to figure out. If we let go of what we are taught, then there is only everything before us to experience, like a child in an infinite playground.

Nothing then is factual or grounded from a higher dimensional level. Everything is meant to change on a momentary basis and not from one generation to the next. The planet was once flat, and it was truly flat, for that was the momentary lower dimensional truth. Today, the truth is that the earth is round. Tomorrow, the truth will be that there are infinite earths rotating at different frequencies in the same space.

We look outside our windows separated from the evening stars and wish to know what is right. However, there is no truth out there, despite what the X files preach and what the mysterious has us all on the lookout for. There is nothing to find. There is no unknown. We can live in the known universe right Now. This is what is Right.

What we have lost, can not be seen through the locked eyes of the fixed. The concrete keeps us from being flexible and alive, and open to the senses and the sensible. The Truth can Now only be found within—in this one moment—by participating honestly and fluently out of the experience that arises out of nothingness.

The Truth doesn’t stay the Truth. The Truth is constant in that it is always changing. The Truth isn’t a story we tell. The Truth is Alive and is lived.

The Limitations of Our Truths

Consider that when people focus and lock onto something for any length of time, they take a wave pattern that is always moving and stop it by attaching to it. Since this energy mattered to them and was of interest, they trapped it with their attention and put it into a box—the mind.

What was once unlimited became limiting. That which was once flowing has become a particle in nature, and one’s views then become particular, biased, and separated from the whole. The momentary truth has now become a hardened fact for all to see and to share and pass around. If someone shows another what is in the box, the question people will have is “what is it”? From this ex-truth, a story is formed then to fit this information into relationship with the other known stories in a false history of qualified events.

Something is then only relevant in society, if it makes sense in context to that which has been celebrated from within the cultural bias.

Do the facts meet the criteria of that which we have invented to be true before us? Can the story evolve and move forward?

A false world is then built up upon from moments placed into time from the library of the Real world that most people ignore or have forgotten.

The End of Selective Truths, The Birth of Our Truth

However, we are now living in a time when the old stories are disassembling themselves and are being reassembled into so many different ways. What was once factual to us, has us now under guard. One feels like escaping. Everything is confusing.

What is Real?

People are trying to string old facts with new facts, to create new stories to feel at ease in. The fabric of the selectively woven past truths that people are stuck upon is presently disintegrating. People are becoming loopy and un-grounded and don’t know what to make of it. Many no longer know who or what to believe in, since they don’t believe in themselves. It seems like everyone is lying when society is actually built upon a lie. For the truth is fleeting and can not be held captive.

The outer world for many is like a supermarket of potential energy where whatever looks good to eat, we grab it to go. But what will happen if the basics of the collective dream vanish over night? What happens if there is no food at the corner store? What happens if there is no money to exchange? What happens if someone loses their faith in God or country? The entire world of consensus reality is shaken to its very core and foundations.

When the chain of linear time and of selective and dated truths are broken, the world will come to see that there is no truth out there.

Society lives outside-in, whereas true reality is inside-out.

This is why we all need to step into the mirror and into the other side where our soulful and integrated Truth resides. If we begin now to retract our agreements and our specifications of how the world should be and how it works, we begin to trust in the world that is being uncovered within us, and how the world Really Is beyond criteria.

We need to come out of our caves and project upon a brand new and open sky of potential where we each vision that which is unique to us, but in absolute connection and unconditional acceptance to everything else. The clouds that do form, will then become realized with our own personal Truth. We can then say to our neighboring dream warriors: ”LOOK… Up in the sky, I Am that bird”… ”I Am that airplane”… “I Am superman”, quantumly leaping without bound. There will be no more unidentified objects in any space, and yet we each have an alien perspective that we can gift to this world right now.

About the Author

Bernie Krausse is a naturalist, writer, traveler, and photographer. He captures his artistic nature photography, spiritual travel insights, and thought-provoking verses on his Instagram page.