What is this process of forward momentum that we see in the world around us? What is this way of thinking that allows the mountains to grow strong and rise up from the oceans? How is it that they can tower over the rest of the countryside and dazzle us with thoughts of wonder about how long they have been there and how long they will be there in the future? The mountains must have been made by god himself in one swooping decision on one eventful day eons ago before time existed.

Picture the great peaks of our world sprouting up out of the flat land in an instant. Picture god grabbing a single point in the middle of a flat desert and pulling upwards until he is holding onto a jutting mountain. Go to your bed and grab onto the center of the first sheet and pull upwards if it will help you picture this metaphor. This is how the mountains were created. In one dazzling quick paced and instantly executed swoop. Before time existed.

Now today, since we are here as humans we filter the movements of the earth through our concept of time. The mountains growing seems as though it would have been an enormously slow process. “It would have taken us forever to sit and watch the mountains grow”. “If a single person had to live through watching the mountains grow in a single lifetime they would have lived for billions of years.”

But this is not the case for any single human being. The mountains were already here before any of our lifetimes. To a man whose entire existence is 5 seconds the baking of a cake would be an insurmountable task. “How could anyone ever have made such a thing as a cake when life is so short”?

In this same way we can’t imagine how the pyramids were built. We can’t imagine how the rivers were built or how their water tore through the sand and carved the lakebeds. We can’t imagine how the moon got so many craters when we’ve never seen anything crash into the moon but yet it has millions of craters large enough that we would have noticed any rock that big hitting it.

Beyond the Limitations of Time

Time is a measurement whose sole purpose is to create perspective. The only reason time exists is to give you the illusion that there is a difference between what is possible and what is impossible. If you had infinite time is there anything you couldn’t picture yourself doing? If you never aged or died, how long would it take you to do everything that is doable? More importantly, what could stop you from doing everything that is doable? If you had infinite time you could not be distracted because everything that happened would not cause you to lose anything. You would be able to just deal with any distraction and then move back to the task at hand. The universes creator has this much time.

The universes creator is in the middle of doing everything that is doable, and you are a part of the creator’s doings. For this reason there is no such thing as a distraction in your life. There is no such thing as a wasted moment. If you expand your perspective and look at the creators life without imposing the limitation of your perception of time you will easily see why you are so important to the creator of the universe and you will instantly see how everything that occurs in your lifetime is of infinite value.

However your perspective must shift to one of more narrow focus when you are thinking about life in terms of the single human lifetime you are currently living. That is to say, the difference between your perspective and the creator’s perspective is that you perceive yourself to have only the time allotted to you in this lifetime to achieve your goals.

When prioritizing your current lifetime here on earth you must look through the lens of time while remembering that time is only a lens through which you are looking. How important is it to you that you achieve the goal you have set for yourself before this lifetime ends? If you were viewing your life from the perspective of the universe you would see yourself to have an infinite amount of time, and therefore you would see no reason to attempt to remove distraction, or improve motivation, or clarify your focus.

However you are currently viewing your life through the lens of a single human lifetime, and you perceive yourself to have a limitation on how much time you have available to you. Through this perspective prioritizing your life is a matter of focusing on the things you wish to see yourself achieve in this lifetime.

Do you want to see yourself do things in this lifetime that are dependent on the investment of time? Meaning, do you have to spend your time working on something to achieve your goals for this lifetime?

How expensive do you perceive those goals to be? Put another way, how much of your lifetime do you need to spend on those things? How much of your lifetime can you afford to spend on things that have no value to you?

If there are other things you can purchase with your time that are not defined as goals or tasks, what are they? How much are they worth to you? What things do you want to buy with your time here in this lifetime?

Timely Advice

It is said that a rich man cannot get into heaven. This is because it is foolish to try and hoard your time selfishly in the hopes of having more time than anyone else. We all have the same amount of time in this individual lifetime. Spend some of that time deciding what things have value for you in this lifetime. Figure out how much of your very precious time those things of value are worth. Spend your time mostly on the thing that is worth the most to you, secondly on the thing that is worth the second most to you, and so on down your list. Do not waste any of your time on things that have no value to you.

That is to say, prioritize your life.

It occurred to me while proof reading this article that the closer one relates to the perspective of the creator, the less of a need one would have to achieve goals in this lifetime. Perhaps that is why monks have so much time to meditate and rake sand and watch sunsets and whatnot.

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