We are the most capable animals that this world has produced and we are living in one of the most capable times. Yet almost none of us believe in our capabilities. Many of us grew up in a setting that leaves us believing that we are not good enough, beautiful enough, deserving enough or capable enough to fulfill what we feel in our hearts is our destiny.

To think of ourselves as anything less than all powerful, creative beings is to do a disservice to the world.

The cure to this illusion that we are not good enough, is the acceptance of love for anything and everything that we are, as individuals and as a world. We are far more powerful than we were ever led to believe by anyone who we’ve ever known. When we truly know this, we will be able to see that the fruits of all of our efforts to collect things, has only been to mask our lack of love.

Love only moves in one direction, and so to be fed with love we must feed with love. By giving freely of our love we will open ourselves to receive love.

We can look at our collections for what they really are. Our collections are made of pain, and suffering. Normally, the more money we collect, the more another human being has to suffer. The materials that make up our collections were all gathered and assembled by slaves. The only reason we feel we need to create a larger collection for ourselves is because we are unable to love.

A person who is in love reverses the direction of his desires from taking to giving.

As we cleanse ourselves of the need to collect possessions, accolades and achievements, we rid ourselves of the false idea that we are not already enough. A great weight is lifted off of our souls when we are able to see that we already have everything that we need. The greatest sense of relief can then wash over us because we no longer need to go out and get anything. We no longer have a shortage of anything. We no longer are devoid of anything.

We are born, that is how we know we are worthy.

By moving towards love we move away for our collections and allow them to go unmaintained. They will disappear. As the materials turn back to dust our demand for other human beings to suffer also turns to dust. We no longer need anyone else to live in pain so that we may maintain the false idea that we are not good enough. As those slaves slowly begin to become unshackled and once again walk upright among us, as our equals they too can begin their journey to realize that they are too worthy.

The love is there, always, if you can’t see it the issue is with your perception.

Take a look into your world and see all of the blooming trees. Ripe with love.

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