This article is written for Evolving Beings by guest author Karl Staib of Work Happy Now.

You are evolving. You can’t stop it.

Since you can’t stop it then you may as well steer your evolution in the direction that makes you happier.

That means you need to be developing your super powers while you are evolving.

A few years ago I was blissfully unaware of my ability to develop my super powers. I thought that my job was useful to help me pay the bills, but not to actually to improve my happiness.

What are super powers you ask?

Super powers are based around three principals:

  • Passions
  • Focus
  • Strengths

If you don’t have all three then you are only applying skill to your actions.

Super powers are activities that people come to for help with, because they know you are great at them. So if you work for yourself it should be the actions that your clients keep asking of you again and again because you do such a great job.

My Depression at Work

I was prone to depression at work. I always thought that getting another job would solve my problems. I bounced around various jobs and always ended up hating each one. Little did I realize that I could develop my happiness at work.

When the depression would hit, it was usually because I was neglecting my super powers. I was either trying to copy someone else’s powers or I was just totally lost all together. By failing to separate myself from everyone else I was weakening my happiness.


One of my strongest super powers is my ability to reframe.

Reframing used to be a weakness of mine. I tended to steer toward a negative perspective. Ask my wife. I could have received a wonderful present for my birthday and I would have found a reason not to like it. It was easier to hate instead of love.

I put myself on a 30 day no complaining trial at work back in 2008. I wasn’t allowed to complain about a bad project, an annoying co-worker, or the weather.

At first it was tough and there were still times when I would complain, but I was able to reduce my complaining by 90%. I found ways to reframe a difficult situation and feel more positive.

The Job

Your work offers you many challenges. You probably have to deal with emotional highs and lows on a weekly basis.

These situations can teach you so much about yourself and help you discover your super powers.

Let’s discover a little more about you.

What actions at work make you feel most powerful?

How do you use this skill to leverage your happiness?

You can use your super powers to leverage your success. The more success you incur, the more confidence you will build. This state of confidence will allow you to use your super powers at will. When you have complete confidence in all your super powers, you will be able to do your best work.

Your Plan

I recently gave a presentation to 200 students. The ‘me’ from two years ago would have peed his pants. The ‘me’ with super powers of persuasion wasn’t afraid. I just went up and did my thing with confidence.

I could not have developed these super powers on my own. My job pushed me to work on these skills until they were so powerful that they became super powers.

Once you identify your super powers, you can make a plan to use them more often in order to help increase your happiness.

If you aren’t sure what your super powers are then notice what actions energize you and are easy to stay focused on, you can build the skills to create a super power. Believe me, if you apply enough passion and focus to something, you will develop extraordinary skill that people will be begging you to share with them.

Q & A

Question: What happens when your super powers are not needed at your work place? I entered my current job with vast super powers. I loved my job – I had passion and skills and gifts. In the years following, my super powers remain, I am told that they are valued, and yet I am underemployed. I love my job because of the freedom and flexibility it affords. I am able to do things with and for my daughter that I couldn’t do otherwise. I use my super powers for other purposes. I have to wonder though – if my super powers are not needed here… what is next? Everything I am strengthening and learning now will apply… and the adventure will evolve.

Answer: You need to find a creative way to use your superpowers. You have superpowers to change lives. If they aren’t being utilized then you aren’t being fully utilized. If you are thwarted in every attempt at work then you have to use them after hours to keep them sharp. That may mean volunteering at a local charity or creating a small business online.

If your superpowers are not needed I would suggest finding a job that will use them. I know it’s tough out there, but you will have more job security when you are doing work that your are passionate about and plays to your strengths.

About the Author

Karl Staib coaches and writes about superpower development for creative people at Work Happy Now! Karl is also a speaker in the areas of work happiness, living out your passions and living a life that fulfills your needs. If you enjoyed this article, you may want to check him out on Twitter or join his free 10 Part eCourse to a Happier and More Successful You.