There are an unprecedented number of self-titled spiritual leaders, motivational speakers, life coaches, intuitive (fill the gap), self-help Gurus, and professionals marketing the secret to a successful healthy happy life.

To be fair you can add me to the mix: I’ve marketed myself as a soul healer, which really has no worth and describes something that is mysterious and esoteric at best. I’m more than certain that most of these people are sincere and genuinely want to help others, but if intention is even slightly jaded we can do more harm than good.

Everything is connected, the emotion and meaning I’m infusing into my writing reverberates across the universe and is recorded by everything: all people, fauna, flora, earth, atmosphere, and…

Have you considered that you might be perfect the way that you are? This is the question that I ask most often during a healing, and I get a variety of responses: disbelief, confusion, irony, tears, and occasionally acceptance.

Loving Ourselves with Confidence

Back in October, I watched Alicia Coutts win a Commonwealth Gold medal in the pool, a few days later she has won three gold medals, and she was favoured to win five. During the interview after the first win she said that she had no self-belief in herself. Despite having no self-belief she won gold!

And yet, we have an industry dedicated to empowering people to have confidence. We’re reminded over and over again that low self-esteem is limiting. I believe we have to be empowered to observe ourselves without judgement. We don’t need fixing; we need acceptance, and a place in the world.

The universal answer to happiness seems to be, to love ourselves, but so many of us don’t how and what’s the correct dosage? In my previous post in November, I suggested that many of us don’t choose to love. The first step to any endeavour is choice, followed by action, and seasoned with courage.

Healing and life isn’t a solo adventure. What’s in our energetic environment contributes to or hinders our goals. Alicia Coutts’ greatest supporter is her mother. I imagine that her mother has told her daughter she is beautiful, powerful, and “I love you,” every moment of her life. Alicia’s environment has empowered her to be successful. She is okay.

Universal Love and Acceptance

Self-worth and self-confidence is not a measure of your power or position in this world. This world notices you and loves you. Do not compare yourself to another. Dream. Create. Live. Would you love me if I was still a plumber? Would you notice me? Can you walk the streets of your city and love everyone who passes you by? Until we can, we have no understanding of what love is.

Some of you may have been raised with anger and violence, but we’re all supported by spirit and nurtured by the earth. No matter how alone you felt, guardians sat with you in the dark. The owl calling in the night calls for you, the wind sings for you, forests shelter. We have made the dark a feared blanket.

The frequency of healing is multi-directional; receiving love is as powerful as giving. Love is an observing force, it’s not those butterflies you feel, or the longing of lovers, it sees you. Alicia Coutts was noticed by her family, her country, and the world.

We’re all noticed by the world.

When I’m healing with spirit we’re healing the world. I’m not healing the client, or the illness, the world is.

We see you.