As the Age of Aquarius approaches, ascension junkies and prophecy theorists are vibrating with anticipation. I’d not be surprised if that will be the only vibration they experience: anticipation … followed by disappointment. I know, I should be more positive, after all human potential is unlimited. If we are more powerful than we believe, more compassionate and intelligent than our past demonstrates, why are we waiting for 2012 to change?

Something extraordinary will happen in our solar system and galaxy on the 21st December 2012, but it’s happened before and the Earth is still here. Despite our greed and disregard for the environment we’ve survived. We had to sacrifice a few thousand lesser life forms and drive the apex predators and matriarch mammals to extinction, but with the help of Gods and God’s guidance we’ve triumphed!

We have ascended from living in harmony with the earth to becoming masters of the earth. Gaia, kneel before us! “Boy, that feels good.” Excuse me, I have to retire to my six bedroom two bathroom double garage bank owned piece of paradise and see what Charlie Sheen has been up to.

However, come 21st December 2012, my DNA will change and I’ll morph into a fourth dimensional being. If you search online, you’ll notice that only those willing and ready to ascend from the third dimension to the fourth will do so. Apparently, some people aren’t ready to evolve yet; they haven’t been chosen and their free will gives them the option to say no.

Something to Ponder…

For all those excited about ascending into the fourth dimension, I’d ask them to ponder this: What will happen to the millions of people living in poverty and famine? Will the children born in refugee camps, on the 22nd of December 2012, be future world leaders with exceptional powers of intuition, or will they succumb to cholera and dysentery?

DNA activation, 2012, and ascension will not stop conflict in the world; it will not prevent homelessness, crime, violence, or apathy. Only we can do that. How many millions need to die? How much of the earth shall we pollute? Ascension is an elitist concept: “I will ascend because I’m ready, I’m awake. You will not.”

The people talking about ascension tell us that we are consciousness; that there is one mind, one soul, source energy, we are not a part of, but which we are. If there is a higher intelligence, God consciousness, are we to believe that this force will only select or design a chosen few to ascend?

Yes, one man or woman can make a difference, but unless we have a revolution of human consciousness, the path of evolution we’re on will destroy us. It’s not enough to wait for ascension, or to just think positively, we all must act now.

Mayan and Hopi elders in spirit visit me and they don’t talk about astrology, 2012, prophecies, or the fourth dimension. They direct me to simplify my life, to work with the elements—earth, wind, water, fire—to reconnect with nature, and to be kind. Spirit has trained me to communicate telepathically with spirit: energy fields, the elements, life, and the earth is asking us to love her.

The Evolution of Ascension

Ascend now. I ascended on the 28th of October 1966. I wasn’t breathing, the umbilical cord was wrapped around my neck; I was a blue baby, not an indigo or crystal child.

It’s our environment that creates and guides us, not our genes. Our subconscious thoughts sabotage our happiness and health. The collective subconscious keeps humanity in habitual destructive cycles: war, famine, and poverty. We are the engineers of this pattern. Our belief systems limit our potential. The path of no path is a creating philosophy—life doesn’t think about how to evolve, life simply evolves.

Extreme weather events are occurring world-wide, but these too have happened before. They will continue and we can choose to be hysterical or calm. Be happy and well. The earth has everything we need to survive and prosper.

I believe ascension is only self-awareness and being able to identify how and what we’re creating. It also has to be about conscious global responsibility: I live with the Earth, not from the Earth. I am not only responsible for my decisions and actions I’m also responsible for yours.

After an extensive online search for the meaning of ascension I’m a little perplexed. The common consensus seems to be that a spiritual transformation will occur, physical and non-physical realms will merge, the soul and form will unite, thoughts and actions will be guided by God consciousness, previously invisible DNA strands will be activated… Confused? Let’s ask an inter-galactic light being. What say you Buzz Lightyear? “To infinity and beyond.” That’s what I thought.

I have a prophecy for the 21st December 2012: We’ll wake up with full bladders and walk to the bathroom. As we’re washing hands we’ll look in the mirror, and it’s then we can choose to ascend. I’ll be saying “I love you” to brown eyes, and life will reply, “I love you too.”