We are more powerful than we believe.

We’re super heroes, X-Men, and our super power is consciousness. We affect our environment, our family’s lives, the Earth’s population, and future generations. We can manipulate the weather, nature, inanimate objects, and living cells. We’re time travellers, silver surfers, Gods!

We’re so busy trying to control our minds we’ve forgotten that we were once masters of our minds. Before I speak and move to embrace you, my mind is sending you a message, “I love you.” We’re each the centre of the same universe.

We can only love when we have found the truth within us. We can only be great when we simply be us. It’s not enough to emulate or to follow others. Lead. Be a creator, not the created. We’re not separate from God or greatness, we are, I am (insert your name).

We don’t write our own stories anymore. We gorge, like sharks on a whale carcass, on digital politicised media. We allow our children to be sexualised, our relationships sensationalised, and our lifestyles materialised. It’s the “lise” brothers, and those boys aren’t cowboys or angels.

I wish I had a cowboy hat, a camp fire, a faithful old dog, and a billy of tea to share with you. Instead, I’ll tell you story about a plumber, a Buddhist monk and faith.

The Miracle of Life, The Miracle of Us

Many years ago, while digging trenches and connecting drainage pipes to down pipes, the wind blew dust into my eyes every time I crouched down. Before I threw my shovel at my arch nemesis, Gegu, my spirit guide, told me to ask the wind to stop. I hesitated, debated with him, sighed, and then concentrated. Within a minute the air was still. At first, I believed that the wind had changed direction and I was now on the sheltered side of the house. I walked around the house and the wind had indeed stopped.

Looking up at the surrounding trees I noticed that the limbs were still moving as if being buffeted by wind, but around me the air was still. Gegu asked me if I was now happy. I was. I smiled and continued working. The wind resumed after a few minutes, but this time, I wasn’t bothered.

I became chronically ill some years later and retired from plumbing. I regained my health the same way that I had stopped the wind: I hesitated, debated with Gegu, sighed, and then concentrated. I listened to Gegu and bought X-Men pyjamas. I dreamed about flying with angels and sleeping under stars with cowboys. I dreamed while I was awake, debated with Gegu, sighed, and then concentrated.

I’d read in the book, The Energy Cure, a book I recommend, about a psychic who was able to disperse clouds. This time I didn’t bother Gegu. I selected a cloud, closed my eyes and concentrated. I pulled the cloud apart like cotton wool in my mind. I opened my eyes after about four minutes and the cloud had disappeared. I smiled and did it again with a bigger cloud.

One year after affecting global warming I was asked to do a distant healing on a young boy with, what was described as, hundreds of polyps on his colon. The CT scan clearly showed the polyps. He was scheduled to have a colonoscopy and biopsy the following day to determine the best procedure to undertake. I sighed closed my eyes and concentrated. Gegu had a coffee with cowboys in heaven and smiled with pride.

By morning the polyps had disappeared. The doctors were confused. The mother cried.

We are powerful. This isn’t a story about me, this is story about us. Close your eyes, smile, and concentrate. Be an X-Man.