We are living in a time where we can all make a difference in the world. Each of us has the opportunity to enact change in ourselves and in turn enact change in the world around us. People are waking up and beginning to see that they can make a difference with their action. People are beginning to see that the word isn’t just a fictitious place that is “out there” The world is right here where we are.

This awakening is allowing people to see the affect their actions have on the planet. This fact is reflected all around us on a personal level to a global level. Events like the Gulf of Mexico oil leak and the iPhone factory worker suicides are happening to aid this conscious realization. Every piece of litter, every recyclable that goes in the garbage, every over use of gasoline, and every mistreatment of another human being is now being felt in people. People are beginning to finally care about the well being of the house they are living in.

As we learn to take care of our home, we come in contact with the realization that the best way to fix earth is by fixing ourselves. Each person is connected to the earth with an energetic umbilical chord. The energy from the decisions we make with our bodies, minds and souls flows into the common energy of the human race. In turn we are fed the necessary occurrences to facilitate our growth as individuals and as a collective.

Since we are connected to everyone, our individual movement towards personal growth is also a movement towards cultural revolution. Your awakening will help change the human race back into powerful creators of love. Future generations of human beings will look at our culture as barbaric and obsolete. We, us, individually, are the human beings who begin the evolution of human culture. We are the reason there will be so much love and so little hate in the hearts of our great, great, great grandchildren.

You are a beautiful human being. All of the spiritual teaching that has ever been practiced has been passed down so that future generations may realize that fact. You may have many reasons, justifications, or excuses, for thinking that you are not a beautiful human being. They are all false and they float to the ground like ash when held up to the irradiating light of the truth.

You would not be here if you did not have things to learn. You are not a bad person because you have made, are making, and will continue to make mistakes. In those mistakes are your personal lessons from god on how to become enlightened. Those lessons are the very purpose for your life. Embrace the learning that comes from all parts of life. There is love in every moment.

Almost all of us are trained from birth to believe that we are not powerful. Instead we are taught to see beauty and value in material objects. We are told that our happiness lies in getting, achieving, or obtaining, everything that we want. Then we are told what to want. All of those things will not make us happy. In fact attachment to those things will only bring us suffering.

You have begun to change this. You are gaining spiritual understanding and you will teach your children about the true beauty of life. You will become enlightened and you will show the future generations of your family what is important to you. In turn those future generations will grow up from a starting point that is closer to enlightenment than you began with. Eventually human beings will once again be born into enlightenment and be free to live their entire lives with the knowledge of love in their hearts.

We no longer need to believe the lies that are told to us by people on the outside. There is no longer any reason to have hate inside our hearts. As a society we have learned the lessons that hate can teach us, we don’t need to suffer and repeat them.

We may begin to freely look into our hearts and see the truth that has always been there. We may look at our neighbors and ourselves and begin to love the fact that we are beautiful human beings. Our individual movement towards personal growth is also a movement towards making love come true. This is what will free our future of the pain our past has suffered.