This article is written for Evolving Beings by guest author Annika Bomark of, channeling Christopher.

*Editor’s Note: The following article includes channeled information. Channeling is an ancient spiritual practice where a physical being receives information from a spiritual entity, usually through thought forms. For more information on channeling please see the Channel Library.

Christopher: All Beings are Evolving Beings. There is no way for you to not be evolving. As you discover what you don’t want, and by that what you do want, the Universe expands with your new desire.

You are always creating anew. Your life constantly moves forward in your creation of it. We know you humans sometimes feel as if your life has stagnated, like you are stuck in the same spot maybe even for years.

But this is not so.

You are never stuck in one place. It may seem that you are getting the same results, like you are living the same day over and over even. But that is not because you are stuck. You are just creating the same thing over and over again.

When you give most of your attention, most of your thoughts, to what is in front of you, what you are living at the moment, that is what your future will be also. You create what you focus upon.

When you mostly focus on your now experience, that will be your future experience also.

It is Law.

Yours is the power of focus. You can choose what you concentrate upon, only you have that power in your life. You can choose to focus upon what you like about your life, or you can choose to focus on what you do not like.

Whichever choice you make, you will create more things in your experience that feel the same as what you choose to concentrate on most of the time.

No matter how bad your life is, you can always choose to focus on the best-feeling aspects of it. When you concentrate on what you like about your life, that feeling will expand and draw in the aspects of your life that are not to your liking too.

When you think mostly about what you like (what feels good to think about), instead of what you don’t like (that feels bad when you think about it) there will be more and more things to like about your life.

You change your life by changing your thoughts first, you see. That is the only way to change what you experience. Things will never change for the better if you do not change yourself first to allow them to be.

Your life is of your creation.

No matter what happened yesterday, or last week, or years ago when you were a child, today is a new day. Nothing that has already happened has any impact on you today unless you concentrate upon it.

We don’t mean that you can start completely anew in this moment, what you were thinking before now of course has an impact on the way you think now. We call this thought-habits. A thought-habit is nothing more than a thought you have been thinking in the same way for a time.

Just as you can change other habits, thought-habits can be changed too. As when changing any other habit, it will take some time and focus to change the way you think.

It is always easier to do things the way you have always done them. But think about it like this; when you have changed your practiced thought to the new one you want enough times, in time that way of thinking will be your thought-habit. Then it will be as easy and effortless to think in the new way as it was to think in the old way before.

Every time you want something else, you evolve, and All-That-Is evolves with you.

There is no way to stop wanting something new. And that is a good thing, because if every single Being on your Earth stopped wanting an improvement in their lives, All-That-Is would stop its expansion, and cease to be. Don’t worry though, that is never going to happen.

There is no way for you to stop evolving. When you discover something new that you want to be, or do, or have, your Soul, your Inner Being, becomes that new desire immediately. Then your “job” is to get up to speed with what You now are, to feel good about the new thing you want. And you will become it from your physical vantage-point also.

But don’t worry, there is no hurry. Even if you do not get up to speed and become the vibrational equivalent of your desire so you can receive it here on Earth, you will immediately become and receive everything you want as soon as you transition to Heaven, as you call it.

It will be much more fun if you let it in now, however, and that is what we are here to teach those who are asking. How to be or do or have everything that you want, even before you check out of this physical experience!

We are always in love with you no matter what you do.


About the Author

Annika Bomark is a Supernatural Translator, or “channel”, who writes for a group of Non-Physical Beings called Christopher. At she welcomes readers to send their questions for Christopher by e-mail, free of charge, and she posts the questions and answers in her blog.