I’ve loved Shakespeare since, as a youngster, I heard Hamlet recite one of life’s ultimate questions:

To be or not to be?

As an adult, I wish I had time to decide whether or not to be anything but what I am. Rather, my chief life concern, and one you might share, is deciding this: To do or not to do?

Life flies pretty fast. Every moment seems to call for decision-making, although some determinations are easier than others. Should I wear my purple or orange shirt? Should I hold the mayo or slather it on? The consequences of these or similar questions are relatively insignificant. The more challenging concerns present the greatest potential for gain or loss, and not always just for ourselves.

I personally feel most confused when a situation might seriously impact another’s life, not only my own. Although I teach intuition, my own “inner guidance” becomes muddled. That’s why when I’m really stuck, I ask for a sign and encourage others to do the same.

A Special Sign

I recently sat across from a new client, a young girl, who was undergoing chemotherapy. Even though she was responding well to the treatment, she felt bad most of the time — and not only because of the medications. Her heart was eclipsed by an anxiety causing sleeplessness, obsessiveness, and edginess. She wanted my intuitive input.

My client explained that her parents had been divorced since she was a small child, during which time she had lived primarily with her mother. Her father had recently invited her to live with him.

This young girl’s “to do or not to do” cut two ways. Her father had more money and time on his hands and really wanted to get to know her. Her mother adored her and had sacrificed to establish a loving home. The daughter’s main concern about her mother, however, was that her mother would fall apart without her presence.

Instead of telling this youngster what to do, I suggested she asked for a sign. That way she could open to a spiritual solution and also own her own decision.

A sign?” She asked. “What do you mean?

A sign is a message or advisement from our higher self or a higher power, a source not as entrenched in the Shadowland of the day-to-day as our “normal” self. There are dozens of techniques for opening to a sign, a thousands types of signs, and as many ways to interpret a sign as there are people on this planet. What all three parts of the process have in common — the request, the receiving, the interpretation — is intuition.

Our intuitive self is able to meld practicality with spirituality. He or she is rooted in the ground, but like the most magnificent of trees, stretches to the stars. Most of us know we have intuitive gifts but we don’t always know if we’re accessing our intuition or our ego-self. That’s why I like to break signs down by the chakras affiliated with them.

I work with a twelve-chakra energy system, each energy center operating like a stand-alone computer that interfaces into a greater network. Each chakra regulates a diverse set of information and is therefore able to receive and perceive unique types of signs. Having twelve open communication lines gives us, well, a dozen channels for receiving insight and instruction.

I start a “sign-seeking” process by taking a few minutes to connect with my highest form of guidance. I then state my need before deciding how long I’m willing to watch for a response in my everyday life. Sorry — it takes more than a few minutes. The swiftest delivery for me was a few hours, the longest, six months.

I then look for anomalies, noticing the unusual. I steer away from being compulsive, as that might affect the outcome. Instead I simply stay open, allowing the Universe its creative play.

A sign might speak to any of my chakras. Let’s say I see a hundred crows in my yard every morning. Natural beings convey information pertaining to the tenth chakra. I might now look up the spiritual meaning of crows on the Internet. If five friends utter the same phrase in a day, I know I’m the recipient of a fifth chakra advisement, the fifth chakra serving through visual communication. If a book falls on my head, I’ve received a first chakra command. Anything physical relates to our first chakra.

In the case of my young client, I helped her ask for a sign and we made an appointment for a week later. During that time, she had a dream. Her deceased grandmother (on her mother’s side) appeared and placed my client’s hands in those of her father’s. My client knew her answer.

Couldn’t she have come up with this answer on her own? Shakespeare might say “yes.” As shared in All’s Well That Ends Well, “Our remedies oft in ourselves do lie, Which we ascribe to Heaven.” We are human, however. Life is cloudy and confusing. We don’t want to make a mistake and we don’t want to hurt others. That’s why adding the step of asking for a sign and using the chakras to gauge a response can be useful, but also fun.

Guidance System based on the 12 Chakra Centers

Below is a synopsis of how chakras relate to signs. The first column describes how each chakra processes data. The second column lists a few of the signs that “speak” to each chakra. This isn’t an exhaustive list. I encourage you to develop your own chakra-informed list of signs. The best way to do so? Start with an important issue and ask for a sign. In the end, much of life is about seeking roadmaps for this journey on earth.

Chakra How It Processes/Goal Types of Signs
First Physically We just feel like acting a certain way; events “simply happen;” objects move or shift; our body feels healthier with a certain choice
Second Emotionally We feel better; others share feelings that promote a certain action
Third Mentally Our gut “talks”, research or data keeps pointing to a certain direction
Fourth Relationally Trusted friends all say same thing; a certain path would heal a problem; the heart knows
Fifth Recognizes truth Automatic or guided writing; channeling; insight from guides; books or others say same message; musical lyrics give pointers
Sixth Visualizes, senses future Receives insights, pictures, images, dreams; continual visual signs appear in environment; answers through vision quest
Seventh Spiritually; knows what God would want Prophetic knowing; answers through prayer, meditation, contemplation; sacred scripture shows direction;
Eighth Shamanically; mystically Spiritual guides, dreams; answers received through astral travel, mystical rites or ceremonies
Ninth Harmonically, senses what brings good-will Same numbers, symbols, shapes, or other cues keep appearing
Tenth Naturally; senses what is sustainable Continual citing of certain birds, animals, reptiles, or other totems
Eleventh Supernaturally; sense what Empowers Wind, water, other natural forces keep steering you; appearance of dramatic events or forces
Twelfth Our own unique way Various