During a healing my clients often see dream-like images of past lives. It’s common for them to tell me that they’ve viewed and shared a past life with me, and I believe that’s true, but I also know that if I was able to heal the earth’s population they’d all tell me the same thing.

It’s true that I recall and have flashes of memory about the disciple Judas’ life clearer than this lifetime, but I’ve also lived every lifetime. The collective knowledge of every citizen of the earth, past and present, is available to us all.

As you become more mindful, peaceful, and in harmony with life and the earth, the more past lives you’ll attract. I say attract because it’s the signal that our mind-body fields are transmitting or vibrating at, that creates the synergy to view past lives.

The More that We Know Ourselves, the More Powerful We Are

Assimilating the frequency of past lives into this moment is to heal the world. Everything that we do remains in the earth’s energy field, and has the potential to be as harmful as a sleeping computer virus, or as enlightening as we allow it to be.

When we become angry the anger left behind from past lives is stimulated by the frequency we’re emitting and can become a habitual and dominant frequency in our fields: individual, family, community, social, national, and international fields. But when we’re peaceful we return to an observing harmonious state, and the energy from past lives remains passive.

It wasn’t because Jesus asked me to be His voice that I remembered Judas’ lifetime; there are similarities in Judas’ life and my own: betrayal, violence, abuse, and a broken family. As those emotions were healed in me I was able to recall other traits from Judas’s life: courage, will, hope, faith, and love. And it was this that enabled me to become a healer.

The Value of Being a Conscious Observer

Spirit, the field, consciousness, or, if you prefer, God, is an observing force. When you’re a peaceful observer you see the truth, and it’s this that empowers healing. We all know how to forgive and heal, but we hesitate to, and often don’t know what to do to begin this process. We could start by doing nothing at all.

If arguing couples simply stopped doing what they’re doing — don’t talk, don’t move, and don’t think — they’d eventually lose interest in fighting. In time they’d need to eat, drink, sleep, and go to the toilet. I’d allow that, that’s how we live.

When we’re calm we automatically seek shelter, food, and companionship with others and the earth. When our minds are calm we revert to a compassionate state, it’s ultimately what we are. It’s habit and lack of will, that causes us to be cruel.

Understanding the Value of Past Lives

Although past lives are exciting and interesting, once we become mindful of our actions and thoughts, once we’ve healed, it’s no longer necessary to revisit past lives. Spirit guides, use past lives to teach us about ourselves, and to make us remember old knowledge.

By thinking clearly, with purpose, and without the influences of emotion, we will draw knowledge from the field. You don’t need to see images of Jesus’ life to be like him, you simply need to believe that you already are.

When Gegu, my guide, is showing me a past life, he’s not teaching me, he’s asking me to remember. The process allows dormant frequencies in my energy field to be activated: an ancient modality of healing, the courage to act, the possibility to be happy, etc. Not all his lessons are profound; sometimes he just wants me to smile.

We live in an evidential environment, which is unfortunate because that creates restrictions on our potential. To create a faith-filled environment, try doing nothing at all. In a silent world you’ll remember who you are, and that your only purpose is to live.

If you’re embarking on a spiritual journey don’t get misled by the mystery and purpose of past lives. It’s this moment that counts, and everything you need, the knowledge from every past life, and the guidance for the future, can be found in silence.

I re-lived hundreds of past lives to learn that. It’s not important that I was the disciple Judas, it’s important that I remembered what I was responsible for, and what I’m capable of.

What are you capable of? I’d answer: anything you desire. Be great.

With great love, Simon.