I like meeting people and I love talking about my work, but I still hesitate when people ask me what I do for a living.

I’m a healer.


I place my hands on people and they become well.

I’ve become accustomed to the blank stares and the polite changes of conversation, and I usually have to follow up with, “but not all the time.” It comforts people if I’m not successful. It keeps the balance. It’s what we’ve come to expect from illness and injury.

What if it’s that simple though?I place my hands on people and they become well.”

If it’s true then there must be something special about me. The curious will try to find it: he looks like a tradesman, he drinks beer, he has tattoos, jeans, t-shirt, and I think he just looked at my breasts. I didn’t, but I do like the moonstone you’re wearing. What did he say he did again?

Healing is as complex or as simple as we allow it to be, but it’s really only about listening and being brave. Miracles are fleeting moments of opportunity. I place my hands on a woman who has been taken home to die; she has a brain tumour, and is not conscious. After three visits she is sitting up, crying, and talking about her dreams. That’s a window of opportunity. Listen.

What did I do? Let’s not complicate what resides in us all. I visited, only that.

Two weeks later she died. The decision had already been made – die in hospital or die at home. Her soul had told me that the body needed hydrating and food. She could only get this care in hospital, but she wasn’t supposed to recover. The hospital had done everything they could: sign here, medicate, burn, cut, sorry. We need doctors and hospitals — good ones — but we also need hope and the courage to listen.

There’s an evolving story in everybody’s energy field — the epic, Possibility and Potential. The writer is intent and willing, and he/she is fuelled by hope and courage.

Are you a spiritual healer, an energy healer, a faith healer, a psychic healer, or a crystal / chakra / toning / angel / avatar therapist? If you are then I believe there’s one word too many in your title. Keep it simple. “Hi, I’m a healer.

I’ve watched energy healers wave their hands across their healing tables to energise the space, and then after to clear the residue energy from the client. Others have placed crystals beneath and around the table, clapped, prayed, and line danced with the Na’vi. Okay, they didn’t line dance, but I wonder why they don’t believe their presence in the room is enough.

Any room. Any location. Any time. “Hi, can I help you today?

Yes you can.

What’s happened that we’re unable to heal without the window dressing and trinkets?

I feel blessed that I’m able to see and communicate with spirits and angels, but all the angels who come tell me that we’re the angels. We’re the healers.

No matter what modality of healer you are, have faith that your presence alone is enough. Don’t worry about how energy flows, or things like a receiving hand and a giving hand. What if you didn’t have hands? What if you’d been born blind and had no concept of colour, what coloured crystal would you place where?

What we all have in common is unlimited potential. How do we unleash that? Sam Worthington, who is already sexy enough, becomes a can-I-touch-your-tail Na’vi. For healers without tails I believe this is all we need to bring to a healing:

  • Ourselves. It’s nice to smell good and have clean hands.

  • Faith. First have faith in yourself, and the rest will fall into place.

  • Intent. Yes I want to be here. Yes I can heal anything.

  • Compassion. See and listen with a compassionate heart.

  • Truth. Be honest with yourself first, and be yourself.

Love is absent from the list. Love is many things and is influenced by our upbringing. Love is peaceful, often chaotic, and has a voice in the human experience. It’s magnified in spirit without the restrictive vibrations of fear. In source energy, in the field, it has no measurable state. It simply is, blended with everything else in the vast nothing. We engineer it to be the emotion unique to life. Without us it is nothing.

The expression and actions of love heal. By itself it simply is; no one thing. And this is what you should bring to a healing — no one thing. Nothing.

Hi. I’m a healer. Can I help you today?