This article is written for Evolving Beings by guest author Joy Holland.

In a world where we are often separated by our differences, if you ask the question “What is missing from your life?”, the majority of people would agree on the answer: inner peace. While the specifics might differ—perhaps some answers might be: love, money, time, health, travel, a material possession or connection—the common denominator is inner peace.

When we feel empowerment dissolve within the surge of discontent, we are allowing an illusion of scarcity to deflect the very abundance that we “seek”.

From such a place, we tend to look externally to fill this gaping hole with the latest gadget; we numb the pain with overconsumption of food, alcohol, medication; we layer the heart whisper with clutter, piles and disarray. We allow surface to distract us from inner core; we feel drained, disillusioned, inadequate, burnt out, hopeless. We are told that life is meant to be a struggle, and we allow ourselves to fulfill this prophecy.


Breathe into this space, right now, right where you are. Lift your spirits with the precious gift of fresh air. As you breathe in, let your eyes scan the room and find something that you love, and let your heart feel that love and pull it in through every nerve ending as you breathe it in. I invite you to now slowly exhale. Exhale gratitude for that love, let that gratitude follow your breath into world and infuse the space that you are in.

In such a simple way—without spending money, changing external, or investing exorbitant amounts of time or energy—you have just accessed inner peace. You have experienced abundance as you are, in the moment you are in. By choosing to experience life from a centered space of peace, you are inviting infinite possibility into this moment. You have transformed the moment simply by shifting your perspective which allows you to feel the full potential of empowerment.

Notice that you didn’t purposely release anything, yet in those moments what you felt was enriching and enlivening.

So often, we think creating from a centered space of peace means that we need to “give something up”; release is scary to us, so we stay in discomfort rather than embrace the potential of the unknown. In this simple exercise, we focused our life energy on the process of cultivating love and gratitude. When what we focus on grows, what we are not focused on naturally sloughs away. Embracing empowerment, then, is as simple as breathing in love; releasing dicomfort, then, is as simple as breathing out gratitude.

While we are focusing our life energy in such a way, cultivating that which is enlivening and enriching; we are transforming the moment with our presence. The seed of inner peace is found within the blossom of full presence.

Imagine the potential for expansion as we apply this practice of presence in the moment. Life no longer “happens to us”; rather we are vested participants in creating our experiences. In choosing where we place our energy, we are with intent and awareness directing the depth of flow available to us.

The abundance of the moment is directly related to our ability and willingness to open our hearts to it. While mind is occupied with the practice of cultivating, heart is gently opening to receive abundance. We are not circumventing one to invest the other; we are integrating our facets and utilizing our gifts and talents to amplify that which is available to us. Centered in such a way, we feel whole, complete, necessary; not in an ego-centric way, but as a vital source of energy within this community.

Thank you for sharing the gift of your presence to this organic practice I have presented. May I ask, how did you feel upon completing the breathing exercise? And, if you have a practice of centering into your power, may you share that here? When you share, I learn.

(The photo at the top of the article is taken on one of my favorite stretches of beach. There is much to reflect upon in it: the power and vastness of the ocean, the fluidity of water, the radiant sunshine, the natural cycles of the tide and patterns of the sky, the footsteps of so many who have come before us, the variance of each path. My truth is: World reflects to me affirmations of my heart whispers and invites me to explore as I create. May you accept that invitation in your own way).

Much peace,


Reminder: Experiment. Explore. Experience.

About the Author

Joy Holland is an Intuitive Empath, Energy and Clarity Facilitator who shares her gifts to assist others in experiencing inner peace regardless of external circumstances. Joy is the founder of and the author of the collaborative ebook “Cultivating your Voice ” (click the title to download your complimentary copy).