From a spiritual point of view, a relationship is just another stepping stone towards a healthier existence, consciousness, and ultimately, a fully enlightened—awarehealing process through our interaction with others. We all have areas of our lives where we are in need of some type of healing or growth. This may include: emotional, mental, physical, psychological and/or financial. All of these areas have a direct impact on the quality of our life to some degree—some more than others. This also greatly impacts our relationships.

We actually draw people into our lives who are at the same place energetically, and are also working on similar issues. We have a relationship in order to help ourselves heal these and other areas of our lives. Many of us have painful areas of our lives which we are not completely aware of because we choose to not look at them consciously. We are afraid that it will hurt if we look. We then attract someone through a relationship who is willing to work on similar issues with us, and will literally push those emotional buttons for us. When those buttons get pushed, we are forced to look at the cause of our pain and frustrations. Then we are forced to do something about it. In other words, heal the issue.

We all too often then blame our partner for pushing those same buttons which we have enlisted them to push in the first place. Of course we usually do most of this “unconsciously.” Most of us don’t go around thinking, “hmm, which life lesson should I work on next, and who will be willing to draw that pain out of me so I can examine it closer?” When the issues or life lessons that you have come together to heal through the union of your relationship have come to their fruition, and they are healed or learned to the point that you feel neutral with respect to those issues, it is then time to move on. At this time you can be by yourself for a while and integrate, or move on to your next relationship.

Premature Closure

If you get out of the current relationship before you have resolved your issues with your current partner, you will re-create the same issue(s), and continue to work on the same life lesson(s) in the next relationship with your next partner. This is why people keep choosing similar personality types in consecutive relationships, and then wonder why it is that they just can’t seem to meet the right man or woman. The truth is that they are always the right one for you at any given time in your life when you are with them. In other words, the reason you are not getting along (if that’s the case), is because your partner is doing exactly what your soul brought him/her into this relationship with you, for – to “push your buttons”. This occurs in order to heal your unhealthy habits and emotional fears, which you have cleverly buried deep within your subconscious mind; a place where you figured no one would ever look … Suuurprise! (And yes, it was spelled that way on purpose.)

The only way to heal and grow is by uprooting the problem and resolving it. Sometimes we need a little help with that process, so we employ others to assist us. When the two of you are finally at a point where you both feel more like brother and sister than rivals or romantic partners, that’s when you know it is time to move on, or divorce —not when you are still emotionally bound to the other partner and angry.

This scenario is particularly acute in the case of someone who is an “unconscious empath” in relationships. This relationship pattern will continue until you have healed all of your relationship Karma. You will then enter into a relationship by “choice,” as apposed to feeling a “need” to be in one. No more baggage … now that’s a weight loss program to watch out for!

Your Relationships Are Your Creation

As you can see, you are actually the “center of your universe.” So you can’t take anything too personally. It is not happening to you—you are making it happen. You … You … You are in charge of the events in your own life and the effects of your actions upon others.

People are not doing things to you, but rather, you have invited them to push your emotional buttons so that you can take a closer look at your own issues and heal them. If the people in your life are really getting on your last nerve – Hurray!!! You have done a great job in selecting them to help you through your process, AND … they in turn are really great at doing their part, just as your soul had intended! If you can truly see the humor in all of this, then you are way ahead of the game :)

It helps greatly if you remember that your own soul chose all of the Karma—life lessons; tendencies and habits for you to work through and heal. Your soul actually chose everything and everyone which you have connected with in this lifetime – on purpose. At this point you are probably thinking, hmm, maybe its time for a “heart to heart.” The purpose may not always be obvious to you however. We normally experience ourselves as the Ego personality self, instead of the God self. This is the reason why we are usually in so much fear throughout our lives. It is our God self which has our life’s road map. So normally, we can’t see where we are going, or even in which direction we are headed unless we are connected to that part of ourselves.

Therefore, relationships in the spiritual sense are really all about healing. “Loving” is also a form of healing.