EBTV presents host Evita Ochel and special guest Joy Holland – empath, clarity and energy facilitator.

Joy and Evita discuss the concepts of clarity and presence, and how they relate to effortless living. Joy shares her wisdom, experience, some affirmations and practical tools for our personal life transformation, consciousness expansion and heart opening.

More detailed topics covered include:

  • the dynamic aspects of clarity
  • the limits people have surrounding clarity
  • clarity as a source of freedom
  • understanding that we have the answers within us
  • intuition and how to cultivate it as our inner voice
  • removing the fears and blocks to clarity in your life
  • practical applications to accessing clarity in our lives
  • how knowledge brings freedom
  • tools for seeking answers and gaining clarity in our lives
  • the pros and cons of external resources
  • how each person and our environment reflects our inner self
  • our essence as energy beings and its impact on our environment
  • the power of presence for transforming our lives
  • dealing with not enough time, past and future
  • how what you invest in grows
  • how to cultivate more presence in your life
  • the importance of celebrating every step in positive direction
  • the importance of cultivating love and gratitude
  • finding and expressing your truth by cultivating your voice
  • the transformational benefits of celebrating differences
  • like-minded versus like-valued
  • empowerment for being our true, authentic selves