We’re all here to grow. To become conscious. In that consciousness we see who we are, and who we are meant to be. I am a mover, and a procrastinator. I am free and enslaved. I am love and I am fear. And today, I resonate and act to lovingly move to simply, “Get it done!”

This simple call-to-action is often that which holds me back the most. I can think of all the reasons why “not to get it done,” and some very legitimate ones as well, including my little boy and girl need Mommy time now, the dishes need scrubbing, the office work is piling, my body needs rest, my words may not be enough, and I may not succeed on this and this and that and that.

But then, when I find myself slowing down and stepping into that sacred space of centrepoint, I realize that if only I simply move and ‘get it done’ then it will be all that which it is meant to be! And it does not matter if everything is receiving A+ qualifications, nor does it matter if while getting it done I accidentally fumble and fall and have to start again. For when I start again, I will already be at least a step ahead of where I was before, in that space of non-action and doubt.

So what matters most is that I just ‘do!’ I must move on, just like that caterpillar-in-my-garden-to-become-butterfly must carry along and eat, and move, and act to metamorphisize. And this should be so easy, shouldn’t it?

Yet, in the fear of why ‘getting it done’ may not be the best, or the easiest thing to do, I find myself holding back. Then spirit gives me a song, this time it is the “Wavin’ Flag” song by K’naan and spirit sings to me:

“When I get older, I will be stronger
They’ll call me freedom just like a wavin’ flag
And then it goes back, and then it goes back…”

And I remember that I must just move! I do not want to wait passively until I return again, I must live now and move assertively today. I must trust that whatever actions I take, as long as they come from a space of love, that these will be the right actions, at the right time, for the right exchange of energy. Even if sometimes it may just feel like all I’m doing is eating milkweed! :)

To ensure that I’m feeding my inquisitive caterpillar, spirit asks me to feed the curious caterpillar and gives me questions to reflect upon and to evolve within.

Feeding the Curious Caterpillar

  1. Are you feeding your life with healthy, living, nutrient-rich food? Are you restoring your energy with the loving, sacred abundance from Mother-Earth?

  2. Are you giving thanks to the nourishment you are providing, giving acknowledgement to it, just as it lives to give service to you?

  3. Are you letting yourself feel full, like the plump caterpillar or laughing Buddha? Are you purely exchanging this fullness of life, love and laughter with those around you?

And as I find myself saying “yes,” to the above, I realize that to “get it done,” it feels so darn good!

Suddenly, I’m pleasing everyone (including myself), I’m giggling with my children as I become a pirate on a boat of dolphins and sharks, no longer afraid of what the other Mom’s will think of “Pirate ARRHING!” me as they stoically sit on the bench or stand arms crossed by the jungle gym.

I’m learning new computer systems and programs and as I do I realize, “Wow, I can do this?” and I begin to have unexpected epiphanies about the operating systems of technology and their relationship with the life patterns we are building. I’m singing songs with a hummingbird heart while my husband Phi plays guitar. And I’m finding spirit vibrating in truth, filling every note whether they are a perfect tone or not, it does not matter. Most of all, I realize that as soon as I decide to move away from the fear of “why not,” I automatically step into the freeing courage of “why yes!”

And it is in that state of surrendering to “yes!” that I am able to live and transform to my highest potential. And spirit arrives again asking me to release to clearing chrysalis.

Releasing to Clearing Chrysalis

  1. Where is the space you have built for rest and contemplation? How often do you ensure this peaceful place is entered into?

  2. Are you receiving enough deep and peaceful sleep? What are your dreams teaching you?

  3. How is sacred energy flowing through your body, your emotions, your mind and your spirit? Is your environment reflecting back this sacred journey of your awakening?

Although, it is no secret to me that we are all Creators and beings of Source, I still must evolve myself daily to reach and achieve those places of actions where my Ego is still clutching onto the shadows of “what if I fail?” or “what if I am not loved?” like a frightened child or perhaps a hungry caterpillar? And every step I take brings me further and further into the lightness of love, of completion, of peace and of a sacred life.

There are many who speak of the significance of ‘forgiving’ when it comes to our mothers and fathers, our grandmothers and grandfathers and other ancestors, and of course, our brothers and sisters. And I agree that we must ‘for give’ to ‘give.’

Yet, I am daily rediscovering that the ultimate Creator I must ‘for-give’ always is myself.

I must ‘forgive’ myself for those moments when fear freezes me from serving in love and stepping into my power. I must ‘forgive’ myself for those places in my past where Ego lived and leaded and most of all, cheated me.

I must ‘forgive’ myself for not yet being all that Great Creator shows me through God’s plentiful, daily miracles, from wishing star moments that brought about soulmate wedding bells, to two breakdancing-A,B,C,D-twinkle-stars-and-firetruck children, to a body that is healing even more every day and a soul that is singing again and again!

And this week, as I get it done, I’ve challenged myself to step into even more operating systems of technology-problem-solving for me, to songs sung out loud (even beachside amongst strangers), to learning how to make sushi and letting go of chocolate (except for raw chocolate, of course! macaroons – yes!), and to opening myself to work with another Healer to see what else we can do about my journey of Soul on Earth, healing-the-healer. Releasing the fear that others may expect, that all the healing is already done.

And spirit shares, as long as I am here, there is always more healing to do!

I do not know what this means for tomorrow. But I do know that for today this means that I am polished and disheveled, loving and terrified, hard-working and easy-flowing, and most of all, I am doing!

And in doing, I awaken even further and excitedly wish to lovingly assist others in their awakening. And so I ask, how? And spirit replies again, Awaken to blissful butterfly!

Awakening to Blissful Butterfly

  1. Is fresh air and sunshine swirling around you daily, restoring you to your natural state?

  2. Are you listening to the new horizons you are to travel for us in self and service?

  3. Where are you embodying the magic of love, and living your highest truths?

Understanding my passion for music and my romantic-fairytale heart, lastly they give me the song of Westside Story, “Tonight, Tonight.

“Tonight, tonight
The world is full of light
With suns and moons all over the place

Tonight, tonight
The world is wild and bright
Going mad
Shooting sparks into space…”

And so that is what I focus on, the magic of tonight. So tonight, I’ll think on the magic, I’ll speak to God, I’ll love myself and the Universe, and I’ll play, work and for-give to gooify again and again in the chrysalis of change, until I re-emerge the butterfly, journeying fully, no hesitations left, to the life of hazardous-glorious raindrops and heaven-felt, radiant sunshine, Healer, Healed, Healing!

May we fly “wingtip to wingtip”, as one Shaman once said to me, and bless one another along our kindred journey! :)