EBTV presents host Evita Ochel and special guest Patrick Cheh, producer of GLOW.

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Patrick Cheh is co-founder and CEO of Interlight Pictures, one of Hollywood’s leading independent film production and international distribution companies. With Interlight Patrick financed and produced eleven independent feature films. In 2008, Patrick established Wakingup Media with the intention of providing quality, entertaining films that awaken our hearts and minds; question and explore the nature of our reality; and touch the depth of our soul, the spiritual essence of our being.

Topics covered in the episode include:

1) Patrick’s approach to his life and work in the film industry before his personal spiritual awakening. (1:19)

2) Patrick’s new awareness after financial and professional challenges. (5:20)

  • catalysts for spiritual awakening
  • new approach to life and work

3) Patrick shares about the philosophy and spiritual integration of WakingUp Media. (10:25)

  • how expanded consciousness became a part of Patrick’s personal and professional work involved

4) Patrick’s experience of producing the animated film version of Neale Donald Walsch’s “Little Soul and the Sun”. (14:07)

  • a new enlightened way of approaching the film creation process

5) Patrick shares about his new 3D animated film project that touches upon various themes of spiritual evolution called, “GLOW”. (17:35)

  • the role and evolution of love in the film

6) Patrick shares about the creation of the visual effects for the 3D animation, “Glow”. (21:47)

7) How to make “GLOW” become a reality to experience more heart-opening and spiritually aligned messages in our entertainment. (23:40)

8) The financial challenges associated with new or not common material in the film industry. (25:45)

  • the importance of establishing a fan base

9) Patrick shares about the KickStarter perks for GLOW backers. (27:20)

10) Patrick shares about a special gift for the first 100 EBTV backers of GLOW on KickStarter. (28:54)