This article is written for Evolving Beings by guest author Marlise Karlin.

Aaahhh the thought of going to a Spa… Being massaged in great smelling lotions… feeling those kinks being released from your neck… the hot, bubbling waters of a whirlpool melting away all those challenging thoughts about money and kids and the romance that seems to have gone by the wayside in this new technological era.

Relaxing sounds good, doesn’t it – but how long will it last?

We have all been to spas that were beyond gorgeous and just what we needed in the moment – only to find that life’s ‘little annoyances’ were waiting for us when we got home. Spas are enormously helpful and appreciated - and what else can we find to assure that the sweetness they bring to our lives, lasts.

Lasting balance and flexibility…

Our minds have become conditioned to deal with enormous levels of stress, and we have learned from Doctors and Scientists like Joe Dispenza that we can reduce this tension by producing different chemicals in the body just by thinking better thoughts.

But how do you get to think better thoughts when the recording that’s playing is stuck between tracks and keeps getting deeper in that groove… “What will I do… what will happen… don’t they know… I can’t find an answer… why did he speak to me like that… why don’t they get what value I’m offering… won’t my kids ever get what I’m trying to teach them…” On and on it goes.

Can never-ending cycles be stopped? They can.

Stillness is a unique form of meditation that is breaking down concepts of what was once thought of as a beneficial but very boring (for many) practice.

Consider what Pilates has done for people who don’t like physical exercise – suddenly there is another way to strengthen your muscles that isn’t stressful, and you see your body responding right away.

Wow, a new method that gives the same benefits as other more strenuous forms of exercise. Brilliant! Why not find new ways to take care of our needs that serve us all, in these very special times we live in.

New methods to match the times we live in.

This is what Stillness Sessions are doing for people today. Listening to music and words steeped in Stillness is an enjoyable way to spend a quiet moment.

The benefits are those that, similar to what the best of meditation practices have reported, release people from old patterns and cycles. Those are the thoughts that keep spinning around filling our mind with negative mind chatter, which then turns into ill health and an unhappy life. Once these patterns begin to recede they are replaced by an expansion of consciousness – love, inspiration, strength, all qualities that are lasting and will continue to grow.

Spas, Spirit and Stillness – 21st Century Bliss

Taking care of our spirits and our bodies, just by listening to exquisite Stillness music on a portable media player while relaxing at a beautiful Spa… now that’s what this technological era has brought us that makes living in this 21st Century so really divine.

About the Author

Marlise Karlin is an internationally renowned teacher who created The Simplicity of Stillness™ to offer people a connection to a completely new spiritual understanding, using methods that are both practical and profound. The Simplicity of Stillness™ is the antidote to life’s greatest challenges from addiction to depression, to finding the inspiration to create your dreams. For more about Marlise and her work, visit her site