On my father’s wall is a photo of my step-mother’s nephew. He died in a single vehicle car crash on the same corner and one metre from where his father had died. Both men, father and son, had been heavy drinkers, and both were drunk when they had the car accidents. This is another tragic example of a habitual frequency in the energy fields of family members. I’m certain that in previous generations there’d be other men who had died while drunk.

I also believe that if the son hadn’t had any contact with his father it’s still possible his life would’ve ended the same way. The father’s ‘tension’ is vibrating in the son’s field. All the tragedy in his father’s life had manifested in his own. The love and support around him went unnoticed and wasn’t enough to alter his journey. Two things would’ve have saved him: awareness and action. Both functions are functions of our physicality. Action and awareness – AA – are passive vibrations in consciousness. Present, not purposeful.

Hi, my name is Simon. I’ve undertaken forty three days of action. I’ve forgiven my ancestors, fallen in love with life, and lost two kilos. Welcome to this AA meeting. Please, share your success story with us.

The Potential of Infinite Vibrations

Everything each of us does affects family, and spiralling outwards like ripples in a pond, friends and the world’s population. Everything I say to describe this effect and the process of healing is just an analogy. I’d like to be able to describe the science of healing with more clarity and conviction, but I know, from being able to communicate with spirit, that the processes of human consciousness influences, alters and creates what we’re investigating.

Energy healing may have saved both men by manipulating the frequency of death-by-alcohol. Spirit has told me that I’m able to alter the frequencies in a client’s energy field with faith, but that answer seems too simplistic and disrespectful to the self imposed suffering humans endure. I do like to keep things simple, but occasionally I ask Gegu to enlighten me further.

Gegu describes the science of healing as fluidity of mind. All minds co-exist in a spectrum of infinite vibrations. Our thoughts, unconscious and conscious, intermingle and create an infinite ‘data base’ of potential. The information in the web is stagnant, someone uploads the information, but imagine if that information had the intelligence and means to create new information. With prompting, the fluidity of mind, consciousness, does.

This may begin to sound like science fiction and I usually avoid this type of dialogue, but it may help to awaken a paradigm of new thinking within you. The field of consciousness feels liquid like, and it’s possible it only feels this way because I’m recording it while connected to a physical body. You can slide between time and events of similar vibrations: my client is depressed, I view and heal a dead relative’s depression, and then slide generation to generation until I find the first person from the past who was depressed. I’m sliding between events and time using the fluidity of mind. I can also record and influence the future, neutralising potential depression.

The Common Threads of Healing

My intention is to create perfect health during a healing. The results are varied because the healing is hindered or accelerated by the flow and harmony of singular vibrations. Flow is disrupted by the energetic threads linking all of us together. In the instance of the father and son who died in the car crashes the most obvious threads – vibrations/frequencies – are the addictive behaviours of alcohol, violence, self loathing, the relationship between father and son, and the location of the deaths.

I interchange vibration and frequency because I’m uncertain how to measure and quantify the information. I record the vibration with all my senses: it’s visual – I see light and spiralling worm holes of something, it has a smell, a taste, a tone, and a feel – it varies from a mud consistency to sliding through baby oil. I also see these experiences as proof that mind, body and soul are connected. We all share one singular vibration – soul, but what is a soul?

We can substitute the word soul with spirit. I believe a soul is no one thing, a creating force, while a spirit is a soul vibrating at the wisdom or experiences of one’s life. Soul. Spirit. Life. I believe soul is the common vibration we share, and it’s how I slide through time and events to heal. Spirit can travel soul to soul, and our minds can travel mind to mind by linking similar vibrations. The unlinking of my spirit from my body and the fluidity of my mind allows me to heal, but how it’s possible still mystifies me.

I was fortunate enough to watch John Edward do psychic readings in a live show, and all of his readings were linked by similar themes: two consecutive readings had suicides, which led to two others with hit and runs, and then two readings which had the common theme of dog sitting a dog called Rufus. The odds of two people from Brisbane buying tickets to the show and both sitting a dog with the same name must be astronomical.

Healing works the same way. With healing we’re linking illness and emotion to the past and present, and then neutralising the vibration and severing the connection. I’m not always successful, but I’ve determined that the client’s environment and what’s happening in their mind are contributing factors. Another healing will help, but the balance between healing dependency and healing is delicate.

I believe being a psychic and medium are interconnected, but you need to be neither to heal. With faith a result can be achieved without recording any information. Spirit and consciousness will be aware of you, and with time you will become aware of them.

I can’t tell you with certainty how I heal, but I enjoy our conversations. Bless you.