For 25 years now, the famous publisher for spirituality, self-help, and inspirational material, Hay House founded by Louise L. Hay in 1987 has been offering an abundant selection of transformational material. From books and courses to conferences and workshops, there is a rich selection of material to transform our life on a mind, body, and spirit level. Each year Hay House hosts the popular I CAN DO IT! conferences that take place in several cities across North America, and have recently gone international.

The I CAN DO IT! conferences bring together some of the best speakers and authors in the field of self-help and spirituality to awaken us to our highest potential and ignite within us a call for continued expansion. I have had the pleasure of attending my first I CAN DO IT! conference in Toronto back in 2009 and now most recently the 2012 conference that took place in Toronto at the end of June.

The event featured an outstanding line up of speakers who shared both powerful and valuable material for enriching our lives and inspiring us to be the best that we can be. It was most influential in helping us connect the dots of how our thoughts create our reality and how we can consciously create the lives we desire. In this review, I will share with you the highlights from the speakers from this year’s event and some of my personal experience with it.

I CAN DO IT! Toronto 2012

The 2012 I CAN DO IT! conference in Toronto took place on June 23 and 24th at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts downtown Toronto. The event was sold out and in total around 2000 people attended.

There were 9 keynote speakers that were comprised of:

  • Wayne Dyer
  • Bruce Lipton
  • Brian Weiss
  • Doreen Virtue
  • Louise Hay
  • Cheryl Richardson
  • Gregg Braden
  • Caroline Myss
  • Robert Holden

Here is a summary of what the main messages and themes were from each of the speakers and some of my personal thoughts about them.

Wayne Dyer – Wishes Fulfilled: Master the Art of Manifesting

Wayne was the opening speaker for the weekend’s festivities. He is perhaps one of the most well known inspirational authors of our times and has written almost 40 books in the areas of self-help, motivation, inspiration and spirituality. I had the pleasure of hearing Wayne speak once before at the first I CAN DO IT! I attended.

Wayne’s talk included a lot of family and personal life experience stories. He even featured his brother and one of his daughters, showcasing their work and accomplishments. He emphasized some key points that are core to understanding why and how things happen in our lives, namely that we live in a Universe that has no accidents and every person and event in our life is orchestrated specifically to be there for a specific purpose. Another key point that he elaborated on when it comes to the art of manifesting is being a self-actualizing person and living from a state of higher consciousness. Some of these characteristics include being independent of the opinions of others, being detached from the outcomes, and never placing into our imagination anything we do not want to manifest. While this is important for any of us to take seriously if we want to live with more ease, purpose and satisfaction, Wayne also emphasized how important it is to teach and raise kids to be self-actualizers.

Another aspect of Wayne’s talk included reflecting on and changing the concept of who we think that we are. Many of us have an illusion hoisted upon ourselves that we are what we do, or who we are with, or what we have. These illusions prevent us from seeing and knowing the divine beings that we are at our essence. Our souls long to be free, to expand and to experience infinity, not to be imprisoned by limiting constructs.

Overall it was a good talk and included a few really great points to empower and motivate each of us to take charge of our lives, and be conscious creators, rather than unconscious victims who think life happens to them randomly.

At every moment of your life you can either be a host to God, or a hostage to the Ego.

Wayne Dyer

Bruce Lipton – The Science of Personal and Global Transformation

Bruce Lipton is a scientist (biologist), teacher and author, and one of the greatest speakers I have ever had the pleasure of listing to. In the Hay House family of authors, he is one of two beings who I can say I consider my role models and whose material I deeply resonate with, love and appreciate.

I have had the pleasure of hearing Bruce speak live before at a conference in Boston, as well as several times on video, and each time he is on fire! This man has so much passion for his subject area, and is filled with such a strong drive to help humanity discover its highest potential when it comes to connecting the mind and the body, while releasing us from the myth that we are victims of our genes. As a biologist myself, I think I appreciate his material even more as it propels me further in my own research to understand this field, specifically the health of our body, from the most expanded and current perspective.

Bruce shared that we are living at a time of great change, where we are experiencing the end of the way we have been living – we are coming to the end of the period known as Scientific Materialism. A new way of living, one more connected with the spiritual and energetic nature of life is emerging, where the old ways are no longer fitting.

Bruce did an outstanding job as always describing how the nucleus is NOT the brain of the cell as we have been taught to believe, and that it is the environment that controls our genes. He elaborated on, in very easy to understand terms, how the DNA is not the end all and be all that we have been taught to believe it to be, and the importance of proteins in the role of gene expression. It is the proteins that make us up, that respond to the environment and send signals to the cell, activating genes in specific ways. Most eye opening is his explanation always of how at the root level, it is our perceptions and beliefs that influence the cell’s awareness of its environment and how the cell receptors will respond. Therefore as always, what we think about, what beliefs and perceptions we hold about ourselves, others and life are first and foremost in dictating the state of our body and health. As Bruce says, “before you blame your body, look at the environment you are living in” as it is dictating how your body acts and reacts.

Brian Weiss – Many Lives, Many Masters: Finding New Levels of Healing

I have had the pleasure of hearing Brian talk at the 2009 I CAN DO IT! conference I attended and it was a pleasure then to learn about his work. Brian is formally trained in the areas of mental health and psychiatry, and teaches about the power of hypnosis as a modality of healing deep emotional, mental, spiritual and even physical scars that Brian explains often stem from past lives.

Brain shared some stories of past life regressions with some of his clients, and echoed the most prominent message about our spiritual nature. We are not our bodies; we never die. In this (or any) lifetime we can break free from a lot of our suffering by love and understanding of past pains and triggers. To finish off, Brian led the audience into a past life regression, which I have now enjoyed both times.

Doreen Virtue – Healing, Help and Guidance from Your Angels

I have been familiar with Doreen’s work with angels for quite some time now, but this was the first time I had the pleasure of hearing her speak. She embodies a most loving spirit, with a vibrant caring and compassionate energy. Doreen talked about Earth changes that took place as of June 4, 2012 and that major changes will continue. She shared that 2012 is the year of the Indigo and time for all of us to continue open the Heart Chakra and purify it through love and forgiveness. A very empowering message shared was that the height of spiritual enlightenment is the realization that we are responsible for our own life (our thoughts). It is time to look beyond the Ego, which is all about lack and limitation and step into our own power, owning who we are.

Doreen also shared some very practical information when it came to the importance of taking our diet seriously, eating lighter, more vegetarian, high energy foods and detoxifying our bodies from the chemicals in our food and environments. She shared that our body is the most accurate divination tool we have, and it can help us navigate through life, knowing what is best for us and when we are out of balance. The Solar Plexus Chakra is also she mentioned cleansed through appropriate changes in one’s diet.

When it came to her expertise in working with angels, Doreen shared that we each have with us 2 guardian angels that help us construct our life plan and help guide us. However, angels can only help us if we ask, not violating any free will.

Louise Hay & Cheryl Richardson – Holding Steady in Times of Change

One of the highlights of the weekend was hearing Louise Hay herself (the founder of Hay House) speak. I have been familiar with some of Louise’s work for years now, but have never actually heard her speak live or on video. I have to share that it was an incredible pleasure. Louise has both a very charming charisma, as well as wise confidence about her. She is also very humorous, and together with Cheryl they brought the audience to rolling laugher many times.

I had the pleasure of hearing Cheryl Richardson do a presentation at the 2009 I CAN DO IT! I attended, and absolutely loved her in terms of her energy and what she had to share. Her book The Art of Extreme Self-Care: Transform Your Life One Month at a Time is a valuable gem that I often highly recommend to people. And since Cheryl and Louise recently released a new book together, they did the presentation together.

They shared so much valuable wisdom like reminding us that we will be in a relationship with ourselves longer than with anyone else, and so it is important to properly nurture that relationship. We need to be aware of how we treat ourselves and catch ourselves in moments that do not support our well-being. How we begin our day is how we will live our day. Both Cheryl and Louise emphasized the importance and benefit of regular affirmations and positive intention setting. They made what they shared very practical by referencing everyday routine examples like what we do in the kitchen, the bathroom, bedroom, on the road while driving, etc. They also emphasized the importance of healthy eating, as how we feed our bodies influences how our mind will work. For example, for those of us who are always seeking sweet or sugary foods, a good question to ask ourselves is what area of our life we may be lacking sweetness in.

Amidst the humor and the wisdom, their presentation was outstanding and the core takeaway message was to love ourselves more, as this has the power to make the biggest impact on the quality of our life, and our planet.

Gregg Braden – Deep Truth: Living on the Edge of the World’s Perfect Storm

Next to Bruce Lipton, Gregg Braden is my second if I can say “role model” whose work I really enjoy and resonate with. Gregg is an outstanding speaker, with passion for what he shares just like Bruce. He is both humorous and eloquent, but most importantly shares his research with an authentic drive to truly help humanity. I have heard Gregg speak a few times now live in Boston and in Toronto and in various videos, and I find him to be exceptional each time.

Gregg’s main message revolved around the changes on our planet that we are living through, which are a result of the current Universal cycles that we are going through. He tied in his latest work that he covers in his most recent book Deep Truth: Igniting the Memory of Our Origin, History, Destiny, and Fate, explaining also what is meant by the term “deep truth”. We are indeed living the greatest shift and pushing unsustainable ways of thinking and living to the limits. Gregg shared five key assumptions of science, which form the basis for our current collective world view that are false. These were the idea of Darwin’s evolution, nature being based on survival of the strongest, human civilization being only about 5,000 years old, consciousness being separate from physical world and the space between things being empty. He shared various research to make his case about why each point is outdated and is not reflective of truth–deep truth–given all that we know today.

Gregg shared that the most important question to ask ourselves is “who are we?” and it is this question that is driving the state of our world. When the answers to this question change, so does our society and how we live and understand life. He wrapped up his presentation as usual by referring to heart-centered living and the importance of living from the heart space to change the course of life on planet Earth.

We are less defined by the events in the world, than by our response to the events.

Gregg Braden

Caroline Myss – Exploring Psychic Versus Energetic Discorders

I have had a tiny glimpse into the work of Caroline up to this point and was very much looking forward to hearing her speak, as her topics seem to deal with things that I have a great interest in, like energetic root causes of health issues. I have to share that the presentation was not quite what I expected, thinking it would be more about the energetic disorders and roots of our state of health, but it had various nuggets of wisdom nonetheless.

Caroline’s approach is very no-nonsense and she is very forthright in what she shares. She explained that the moment we take something personal in our everyday interactions, that can never be personal, it results in a psychic disorder. Hence why, consciousness needs to be a devotion, not a hobby. The only reason we stay attached to things, and allow past experiences to cause us pain is because we make up a story surrounding the experience. It is nothing more than a construct of our mind that needs to be released.

Caroline invites us to ask ourselves the question “why were you born?” Amidst the various responses people gave, she shared that the main answer is to learn to use our power according to the laws of creation with integrity. Caroline also shared some personal examples from her own life and added in a practical approach.

Robert Holden – Shift Happens! Taking the Next Step in Your Life

Robert Holden was the last speaker of the weekend and it was a great energy to wrap up the event with. I was previously not familiar at all with Robert or any of his work. He ended up being a high energy, funny and eloquent speaker with lots of great info to share. In his presentation, Robert covered six of the numerous principles he covers in his book Shift Happens: How to Live an Inspired Life…Starting Right Now!. The themes all revolved around how to be more of who we already are, accept and love ourselves more. Robert shared about how to look at ourselves through the eyes of love, rather than judgement and how the more we accept ourselves, the more every area of our lives improves.

Robert taught about being a healthy receiver, and being open to help from others. He explained the concept of dysfunctional independence that many people get caught up in. He also shared how our past can only sabotage our present day happiness, as long as we allow it.

The final and only act of healing is to accept that there is nothing wrong with you.

Robert Holden


Having now attended two of the I CAN DO IT! conferences, and greatly enjoying each one, I definitely recommend attending this event to anyone who is interested in personal growth and expansion. It is a high energy weekend that packs in so much wisdom, and helps to empower, motivate and inspire us immensely. There are things to learn, things to remember, and things to deeply reflect on. And perhaps most importantly, there is lots of humor and an all around good time.

One of the things that I especially enjoy about these conferences is being together in the company of so many like-minded people. It is such a positive energy and so in alignment with healing the Earth, and helping make our lives the best they can be, that one cannot help but leave rejuvenated and deeply uplifted. For those who are looking to build new connections, friendships or relationships, this is perhaps one of the best places to do just that.

So if you would like to hear from some of the best speakers and inspiring authors on your personal journey of expansion, growth and change, check out one of the I CAN DO IT! conferences that may be taking place in a city near you. Whatever support or healing you may be looking for, this event will provide a multitude of resources to help you along your path. I hope you enjoy…and I look forward to more of these wonderful events in my life as well!