EBTV presents host Evita Ochel with returning guest Tobias Lars in a dialogue about awakening, the shift in consciousness on our planet and tools we can use to navigate through these changes.

Tobias has over 25 years of experience in spiritual study that includes Shamanism and metaphysics. He is the author of several books: including Listening to the Sun and Awakening Souls. He provides soul counselling sessions as well as adventurous spiritual journeys to various parts of the world.

Topics discussed in this episode include:

  1. What is this shift of consciousness and awakening that is taking place on our planet today? (2:40)

    • what is taking place and how to make sense of it
  2. How each chooses their own path of awakening (8:40)

    • the importance of allowing others their own path
    • the importance of focusing on our own path of awakening
  3. Tobias shares about his personal awakening, when and how it occurred. (10:40)

    • the importance of connecting with our inner/higher self
  4. How does awakening benefit us and our life? (19:53)

    • physical, emotional and mental benefits
    • living life with ease, flow and joy
    • the importance of self-care
  5. How we can awaken, or progress our awakening further. (34:35)

    • the importance of respecting divine timing
    • practical physical and energetic tools and activities
    • the role of the heart
  6. How to discern between different tools and resources on your awakening path. (48:30)

    • the importance of connecting with what connects you to the inner source
  7. How to understand higher and lower frequencies of being and awakening. (51:10)

    • the importance of harmonious frequencies
  8. How to discern when energy or frequency needs to ascend or descend. (58:30)

    • understanding the difference between freedom and ascension
  9. The infinite expansion and awakening possible. (1:02:00)

    • understanding the diversity on the planet
    • honoring and enjoying the awakening journey
  10. More information, resources and events from Tobias. (1:06:00)

  11. Final message about awakening from Tobias (1:08:27)

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