If there was ever a time to learn how to walk through your fears, the time is now. As the world that we have known continues to crumble around us, we are in the midst of co-creating it anew. Each of us has a responsibility to use our gifts and talents to build a world where we can live together in harmony, peace and love. Social transformation will follow personal transformation.

Many people would rather remain stuck in the old ways of doing things because it feels safer than the unknown. Safety is an illusion. There is no such thing. We can either continue to pray, hope, and wish our world would go back to being the way it was, or we can decide to be the change we want to see.

It’s necessary to go above the battleground, where the temptation is to point fingers, blame, complain, judge and dictate what others should or should not be doing. The changes we need make are always within ourselves. It’s necessary to take 100% responsibility for the transformation we want to see externally. That’s big!

When we live in a state of love and compassion, we move forward together. When we come from a place of fear, we hold ourselves back and delay the healing of the planet. We are that powerful.

Here are some healing techniques to help us move from fear-based living, into love-based living.

Think, speak, do, and be love

The changes we want to see externally begin internally. I can’t change anyone but myself. To know that and to live it, are two different things. When you learn how to “be” the love you are, it is impossible to judge and blame others.

Jacob Glass suggests, “When you want to judge anyone add the worlds, ‘Just like me’ to your sentence or thought.” The sentence, “The President doesn’t know what he is doing” becomes “The President doesn’t know what he is doing, just like me.”

Using this method works because there is an element of light-heartedness in it. Healing doesn’t have to be painful, personal growth doesn’t have to hurt. We can choose to grow in joy.

Extend your love

Focus mindful compassion, love, and prayers on the world. I like to silently say, “I love you” to everyone, I see or think about. I say it while I wait in traffic, in the grocery store, or when I walk past someone. I say it to people who are difficult to love and to those I need to forgive. I see the world in my mind, before going to sleep, spinning in love.

Shift your perception

When you want to make somebody else wrong and yourself right, recognize you are seeing separation instead of oneness. Send loving energy to everyone who pushed your buttons. Feel the ripple of your love surrounding others, and wish them peace.

Focus on what’s good

When we see good, good expands. Dwell on beauty, wonder, generosity, joy, and kindness. Recognize and celebrate what’s good and right in the world.

Have faith

Know that everything is working out for our highest good. Have faith in yourself that you can do your part. Hold a vision for the people who are doing the best they can, where they are. Forgive anyone who isn’t making progress as fast as you want them to.

It’s an opportunity for your soul

When things become difficult, persevere. When you become impatient, see it as an opportunity to grow. Always bring your perception and observations back to yourself. As you change your own thoughts, emotions, and behavior, you change the world. I often forget that one!

Live in the present moment

If you are breathing in the present moment you are safe. When you are in the future, you lose your peace of mind, heart-connection and synchronistic support. Positively anticipate our new and loving world.

Forgive everyone

Create a mood of kindness and love in your relationships. Forgive those you deem “unforgiveable.” Doing so will create a wave of positive energy that embraces all humans.

Be of service to others

All the energy we spend wanting others to change can be extended to helping those who are ready. Figure out who needs your time, talents, and services and connect with them. Allow the others to grow at their own pace. You are not their teacher; they have been assigned to someone else.

Expect a Miracle

As a new therapist I went to a week of training in Tuscon, Arizona. There was a large sign at the entrance of the center that stated, “Expect a Miracle.” Only after the training ended, leaving the compound, could I see the other side of the sign, “You Are the Miracle.”

There is only one problem in our world, separation. There is one solution for creating the new world, love. We are the miracles we’ve been expecting. The answer lies within each of us. The only question is, “Are you willing to do your part?”

About the Author

Tess Marshall is a coach and author, and creator of the course Take Your Fear and Shove It: Be Bold, Play Big, and Shine Bright!. She has a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology, but shares that her real knowledge has come from experiencing life with her heart wide open. To learn more about her work, visit: theboldlife.com

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