In our busy lives it is hard for many to imagine living with a more mindful approach and be accountable for our own happiness, never mind thoughts. The lives many of us have created keep us running from one place to another, and in the midst of this keep our minds running from one thought to another without much coherent order. But what if we could take a time out? What if we could take a time out to sit down and speak with mystic and yogi Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev? That is exactly what Cheryl Simone did and shared with us all through the documentary called Mystic Wisdom.

After reading the book Midnights with the Mystic by Cheryl Simone and the mystic Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, it was a pleasure to hear that there was a DVD based on the book with more conversations that Cheryl had with Sadhguru.

Through a series of conversations, set amidst India’s lush natural landscape, Cheryl and Sadhguru engage the viewer in an experience for the mind, body and spirit. Topics discussed involve health, death, immortality, dealing with stress and more.

Below I share with you more details about this film resource and highlight some of the key messages I took away from it. To learn more about Cheryl, her path and how this resource came to be, I also invite you to take in the video interview I did with Cheryl.

Mystic Wisdom Background

Mystic Wisdom is a documentary that was filmed in 2008 and re-released late January 2011. It was independently filmed and produced.

The DVD is 58 minutes long and features a series of conversations between Cheryl Simone and enlightened yogi Sadhguru.

The video offers pleasant and meaningful clips, beautiful portrayal of nature in India’s landscape and pleasant background music in between talks. Overall, it is of a great quality and should be used first and foremost as an educational resource, rather than a form of entertainment.

Mystic Wisdom Content and Personal Commentary

The Mystic Wisdom DVD is aligned to be a companion to the book Midnights with the Mystic that Cheryl Simone and Sadhguru wrote together. The book explores Cheryl’s life journey and her search to find peace and bliss on the deeper level of enlightenment. Through some synchronistic events, Cheryl becomes acquainted with the work of India’s enlightened yogi Sadhguru, and later with Sadhguru himself. She has the chance to host him at her lake house, where a series of enlightening conversations takes place, during which Cheryl has the chance to ask Sadhguru many of her vital questions.

Thus, the DVD gives an intimate glimpse into the conversations Sadhguru and Cheryl had, highlighting Cheryl’s seeking and Sadhguru’s all encompassing wisdom.

The film begins with Cheryl recounting how she got to where she is, this being her life-long personal pursuit for the something “more”, which she felt exists beyond the typical human life boundaries. Cheryl also recounts her health journey where she was able to get off all her prescription medication and astound her doctors by practicing Sadhguru’s Isha Yoga. Most importantly Cheryl shares how because of what she found in Sadhguru’s work and wisdom, she moved from a place of fear to a place of love in her life.

The film then moves into Cheryl and Sadhguru walking through a beautiful forest in India beginning their first conversation. Admiring nature, Cheryl asks what sets us apart from the animals, what the nature of a human being is and why we are natural seekers.

Throughout the film as Cheryl asks or probes into life’s deepest topics, Sadhguru shares his wisdom, uses examples and eloquently elaborates on each one, for all of us to grasp the fullness of his message. Conversations that Cheryl and Sadhguru cover in the film revolve around topics each of us can apply and use guidance on in our everyday lives.

I found Sadhguru’s wisdom spot on, easy to understand and really remarkable on so many levels. It was refreshing and spoke to me deeply. Sadhguru explains that part of human nature is that we constantly want to be something else than we are. This can of course be a very positive or negative thing, depending on how we live it out.

Sadhguru shares that while human beings have freedom and liberty to be whatever we want, 90% of human suffering is mental because we do not know what we are doing. Throughout his answers Sadhguru emphasizes the importance of consciousness and awareness. He notes that all that a human being wants to experience is expansion.

This is where I was deeply moved also by his talk on boundaries and going beyond the physical senses to experience the deepest part of ourselves that we are yearning for. The key to doing this lies first and foremost in our perception. He shares that we will be at ease only when we perceive the spiritual dimension.

Cheryl and Sadhguru also engage in a great conversation about the cause and effect between all things and how everything turns out as it does. The questions are posed as to whether these are miracles or universal laws of cause and effect. This is such an important area I feel, for more people to really investigate in their lives, as too many of us live not knowing how everything we do is created. We are not connecting the dots and not realizing how we are creating everything we have or don’t have in our lives.

Either you exist here just as a piece of creation, pushed and pulled by the forces of life, or you exist here as a creator, creating your own destiny, making your life happen.

Sadhguru, Mystic Wisdom

In the film Sadhguru and Cheryl also explore examining the dimensions of perception, and how this is what the inner engineering of Isha Yoga does. It turns on the dimensions of perception that most of us do not have access to in our everyday life. The most important aspect here to note is that the “yoga” part of Isha yoga is not what many of us here in the West understand yoga to be. Yoga, as explained by Sadhguru, means everything has become one in our experience and including everything as part of ourself. The Isha Yoga technique fully addresses how to do this, but one point Sadhguru makes is to keep our life energies exuberant enough, where we get to feel another dimension beyond the mind and the physical. In the end, yoga is not about doing something, it is about bringing every aspect of our life as a process of growth, not as a process of entanglement. Thus, yoga is neither physical or mental, Sadhguru explains.

Other topics discussed and explained by Sadhguru in the film include:

  • how to deal with likes and dislikes or good and bad in the world
  • the creation of disease, health and healing
  • how stress plays a role in our well being or limits our full potential
  • death, its meaning, its consequences and how it does not exist
  • immortality, and the purpose for the mortal human condition
  • can we choose the moment and way of our death
  • the key ingredients for a “good” death

I greatly enjoyed this entire film. My favorite parts of the film were definitely the talk about stress and the humor Sadhguru finds in that we here in the West, try to “manage stress”. Sadhguru points out that stress is not a normal part of life, it is our creation. Instead of trying to manage it, we need to learn how not to create it. I also found it striking that Sadhguru stated that yoga or similar activities are not a solution for stress. The solution again goes back to changing our perception, living with enough awarenss in that we stop creating stress altogether. The key message I got from the dialogues in this film, was definitely that the answer to finding inner peace and bliss, is living with a certain level of awareness at all times.

Mystic Wisdom finishes with a short conclusion from Cheryl on what Sadhguru and Isha yoga can do for us and our life, amidst clips of Sadhguru’s life and presence among people, highlighting all the humanitarian work he is doing.

Unless you embrace death, you cannot live. What you call death is just a transition of life.

Sadhguru, Mystic Wisdom


This is a wonderful resource for any and all who are seeking something more and something deeper beyond themselves and this physical existence. Whether you are intrigued by ideas of enlightenment or you just want to live your life with more happiness and peace, this material offers the wisdom to propel us forward on our journey.

A trailer with an overview of the film is featured at the top of this article, and the full DVD can be purchased for $10 USD from from the Isha Foundation Shoppe.