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Hello, My Little Lovelette!

(Remember when your friend called you that and it made you smile? He also nicknamed you Metta Megan Mint McLicious, and THAT made you laugh out loud! You’re all those things and more, my dear, so hold them in your heart.)

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably been feeling a bit out of sorts lately, and maybe even sad for what you’ll likely think are outside circumstances (even though, at your core, you know better).

Maybe you’ve been eating too much lately as a way to compensate for feeling empty inside. Or maybe you’ve been eating pretty well, but haven’t been motivated to exercise, so you think you don’t look as thin or beautiful as you could.

Maybe you feel bored, listless or lost, and are unsure of where your life is headed.

Maybe you feel lonely because you don’t have a lover right now, or the one you do have hasn’t been acting as romantic, connected or passionate as you’d like him to.

Perhaps you’re frustrated with some other aspect of life, like being too in your head and not enough in your heart.

Well, no matter how you’re feeling, I’m here to tell you that – despite how bleak and dreary things seem – you can turn it around in a heartbeat. I know you know this, and you tell this to anyone who asks how you’re doing. You’re aware of everything’s temporal nature, but when you’re feeling so blah, it seems near impossible to pull out of the tailspin you’ve been in.

For starters, I’d like to remind you to stop resisting. You have a tendency to get so fixated on what’s “not right” that you immediately want to change it. You need to remember that the more you want to change something, the more you’re resisting what is… EXACTLY at THIS MOMENT.

Remember when you read Conversations With God, and it was pointed out that the moment we bring awareness to something, it loses all its power? That part of the book opened up your heart chakra again. Awareness and acceptance allow us to see right through a thing, and from that point we can create anew. It’s when we dislike or try to avoid something that it has all its power, and not only that but it grows!

So I’m here to tell you that whatever it is you’re unhappy with right now, surrender to it. Embrace it and remind yourself that, like everything in this life, it was made out of love to help you become more of who you really are.

Once you’ve surrendered to whatever state you’re in, I need you to please stop labeling things as good or bad, or using any other dualistic descriptor your mind naturally wants to use. Duality creates separation, and I’m guessing you don’t want to feel separate right now. You want to be folded in… So by all means, whatever is going on right now, just see it without labeling it. Let it be. If you must label it (because I know how your mind works!), label it as love.

It’s all love, my little lovelette, and I want you to remember that, especially now.

Along those lines, all the things you may want more of in your life – love, passion, wealth, joy, belly laughs, high vibrations, creativity, security, closeness – they start and end with you. Again, I know you know this, but you forget (it’s part of being human, we’ve decided), so I’m just nudging you back toward awake.

As your friend, Steve, taught you and as you’ve re-learned many times, it’s never about the other person, thing or experience. It’s always about YOU and what you are or are not bringing to the table.

If you want more passion, then by all means start affirming that YOU ARE PASSION-FILLED! Be passionate about it, too! Run with passion, eat with passion, sleep with passion, type emails with passion, answer your phone with passion… Then and only then will passion start knocking on your door.

If you want closeness, then start affirming that YOU ARE IN A CLOSE, GOOD & BALANCED RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF!

Be for yourself whatever you’re hoping another will be for you. After all, there is no one else in this world… They’re all simply reflections of you, which is to say that they are all only YOU. How you show up for yourself at any given point in time is how others will show up in your life for you. (Read this statement again because, my darling, it’s that powerful.)

When you’ve done these things, you’ll begin to remember your power and you’ll get excited again at how easy it is to step into a happy, new reality.

I can say this to you with certainty because for the past few months, you were pretty funked out. You felt lost, unattractive, unwanted, insecure and many other things. And you knew it was just a cycle you had to go through, yet still you spun your wheels in the mud pretty well there for awhile! Then, after asking for help from the Universe (another thing you can always do more of), they brought you all the resources you needed to remember that you are an EQUAL with GOD. (Read that part again, too.) In an instant, you started changing it all around, enough to reach the point of writing a helpful letter like this to your future self.

So my little lovebug, surrender, embrace all that is, and affirm that you ARE everything you want in this exact moment. It couldn’t be any other way!

I love you, and you are beautiful to me always,

Today’s Megan

About the Author

Megan JoyGirl! Bord is a freelance writer specializing in spirituality and metaphysics.