EBTV presents host Evita Ochel and special guest Carl Calleman. The topic of this episode includes examining the deeper meaning of the shift in consciousness and the Mayan calendar.

Carl is a researcher, scientist, lecturer and one of the leading authorities on the Mayan calendar which Carl has been studying for over 20 years. He is also the author of several books, including “The Purposeful Universe” and “The Mayan Calendar and the Transformation of Consciousness”

Here is a direct link to Carl’s new article referenced in the video

The topics covered in this episode include:

  1. Now that Dec 21, 2012 is done, are we done with the Mayan Calendar? (1:30)
  • the media’s role in pushing the end of the world hype
  • the importance of the shift
  1. A summary of the importance of the baktuns and waves, and explanation of the mayan calendar (8:30)
  • 13 baktuns (= 394 years/144,000 days)
  • the relevance of symbols in the maya culture
  • understanding the quality of time
  • understanding the evolution of civilization
  • 9 waves of the Mayan calendar and their significance
  • the present opportunity for unity consciousness
  1. An explanation of why a true paradigm shift cannot be properly predicted beforehand. (20:35)
  • the importance of changing our thinking as new data emerges, and our perspectives widen
  1. An explanation of Carl’s research that states, “Maya did not look at the thirteen baktuns as a recurring cycle. Instead, the present Long Count was the last creation and for this reason it was developed by an unending sequence of baktuns.” (23:50)
  • citing the work of Jose Arguelles
  • the unlimited nature of the Mayan Calendar
  1. An explanation on how spiritual awakening is increasing and continuing on our planet (29:22)
  • a presentation of data from the Oneness University in India
  • the role of joy as the main motivator to seek spiritual awakening
  1. Carl’s final words of wisdom to share with us (35:00)

  2. Information about Carl’s new, upcoming book called “The Paradigm Shift Trilogy” - with the first volume being “The Global Mind and the Rise of Civilization” (36:40)