I hear from a lot of people who want to be able to communicate with spirit, and they’re surprised when I tell them how easy it is, and that they’re most probably already doing it. Personally, this realisation has been the greatest surprise for me. Working with spirit is a process of self-awareness and inner growth. Not the esoteric journey towards enlightenment, but a wonder filled and sometimes confronting adventure of self-discovery.

Working with spirit is really only remembering the things we used to do: dream, imagine, play, and love without the complexities of being an adult. Love’s smiling easily at new friends, sharing an apple, and laughing. All the things that frighten us, have been created by everyone who’s lived before. Gegu (my guide) makes me feel like a child, a hairy child with a mortgage and an exciting life.

The Role of Spirit in Our Lives

Spirits are here to guide us and help us remember. Have you ever found yourself thinking about something that is irrelevant to the situation you’re in?

How about staring at something, but you have no idea why you’re so intent on the object? Have you left home and ignored the thought that you should have taken an umbrella, and then it rains?

That’s spirit communicating to you. That voice in our heads, what I call my thinking voice, is often spirit communicating to us.

The conversations begin once you’ve identified the thoughts that are manipulated by spirit. At times it may feel like you’re talking (thinking) to someone else, but the message is for you. The problem is that our experiences, beliefs, and emotions interfere with and influence the conversation. Self-awareness, personal responsibility, compassion, and a healthy relaxed mind and body purify the pathway of communication.

How To Communicate with Spirit

Meditation is the best practice to connect with spirit, but don’t complicate it. Sit quietly and don’t try to stop the chatter in your mind. Our minds are what spirit uses to communicate to us. That chatter is a conversation that needs fine tuning, not turning off.

Another problem that I see in spiritual circles is that we empower everything that, supposedly, hinders spiritual development. Can you see that I’ve done it now? The phrase spiritual development implies that we must do something to, well, develop. It’s like saying spirit has a higher vibration. Does anyone even know what that means? Higher than what: you, me, the Dalai Lama?

And I do get it: we’re dense, spirit is light, we’re earthbound, spirit is . . . heaven-bound! And then the same teachers will tell us that we’re all one: one mind, one source, consciousness, God. I do it; these are all phrases that I use. Hang on, I think I have it now — I’m a dense lower God, and spirit is a light higher God. That’s a little like racial vilification—vibration vilification! Oh bugger, I think that’s the Ego mind, spirit will never speak to me now.

Our thoughts and belief systems create, so I think we should be mindful of how, why, and the way we communicate with spirit. The beauty of this is that no one is wrong. Your experience with spirit is not wrong or right, it’s your experience. I don’t want you to believe what I have to share; I want you to think about it with a relaxed mind.

Man Made Limitations That Hinder Communication with Spirit

I’ve witnessed lots of people, who communicated with, and had amazing experiences with spirit, lose the ability to do so after talking to experienced (I use that term loosely) mediums, and/or believing what they’ve read. I’ve also met young people, without any training, who see and hear spirit better than I do, and I encourage them to keep doing what they’re doing.

There’s too much information about spirit which leads to misunderstanding and fear. The fear and rituals associated with dark or negative energy are man-made, not spirit-made. We’ve created a system of balance, it’s not a Universal law — we’re the law makers.

Here’s an exercise that you can do to form a relationship with your spirit guides. When you go to bed, in your mind, thank spirit for being with you. A simple, “thank you, for watching over me, I know that you have been there every day. Good night. I love you.” If you’re sincere, relaxed, and have no expectation, you’ll get a response. It might not happen the first time, but it will in time.

For me the answers from spirit arrive before I’ve finished speaking/thinking, and they overlap the next thought. They also seem to come from behind, but still in my mind. So, “thank you (you’re welcome, my son), for watching over me. Good night. I love (we love you too) you.”

If you have any questions, leave a comment, and I’ll answer them in another article.

Good luck, we love you.