Born and raised in Canada, I’ve never been a fan of the winter cold, yet Christmas is one of my favorite times of year. It’s a season when many decide to warm up with hot cocoa and cozy sleigh rides, to brighten the darker days with twinkling lights and sparkling decorations, and to spread the vibrations of Unconditional Love through festive sights, sounds and smells of precious holiday goodness! Like every gift in life though, it may begin with some hard-work and most importantly, the right intention.

Good intentions equal good results and happy deliverers and receivers. However, there are some who get entrapped in ‘expectation’ and grudgingly prepare for the festivities ahead with a scrooge-like grumble. To those I say slow down and ask yourself what is really important here?

As you reflect on the true meaning behind the work ahead, perhaps you’ll discover you don’t need to put up that display after all, instead it’s better to spend that extra hour building memories with loved ones or meditating on the ‘gift of love.’ Or, maybe you’ll feel your heart swell up with ‘Grinch-turned-Santa-Claus‘ excitement and you’ll find yourself looking forward to rolling up your sleeves, stretching out your muscles, and heading to the attic or basement to haul out boxes with an “X” marked for “Xmas.”

A Walk of Love

After redecorating our home, my husband and I bundled up our kids to go for a walk and wagon-ride to take in the Christmas set-up in our own neighborhood. As we walked from street to street, our son at this time 3 years old and daughter 2 years old, pointed out all of their favourite things: white lights, giant snow-globes, happy Santas and a smiling Frosty The Snowman. Then our little boy started to sing his own version of “Jingle Bells” which consisted of garbage trucks and pumpkins too (he loved Hallowe’en!).

As we turned the corner, heading for home, they happily laughed and pointed at the most exciting thing they had seen — a golden retriever in someone’s driveway.

We pulled their wagon up so they could visit this gentle being with his tail wagging and his tongue delivering a kiss or two. In this encounter, we met two neighbours and discovered that Dudley, a golden retriever, and our children’s ‘favourite Christmas display,’ was also a retired ‘love therapist‘ who worked in hospitals spreading hope. As we experienced our children’s joy with Dudley, we understood that he had never truly retired. Love was something he gave out freely and naturally, on display at all times and accessible to anyone ready to make a new friend. Dudley was a perfect reminder of what Christmas is all about.

Redecorating Your Life with ‘Holy Day’ Magic

This season, as you decorate your home with your favorite holiday treats and fill the air with jolly-holiday music, think about redecorating your life as well. Remind yourself that just as your outer world can be redecorated with splendid sights and sounds that celebrate the moment, so too can you redecorate your mind, emotions and spirit with the magic of Unconditional Love in the Present of Now.

  1. Choose ‘holy day’ joy! Whenever your mind or emotions go into a painful, fear-based or cheerless place, refocus to the present moment to discover all of its glory.

  2. Celebrate life! Take action to celebrate yourself and those you love. Give an extra hug or kiss today. Tell your family just how much you love them and why you do. Go for a blissful nature walk together. Begin a journal to reflect on why your life is worth celebrating. Take plenty of pictures and videos, then make a fun scrapbook page together to always remember.

  3. Send out a Garland of Gratitude! Focus your mind and emotions on every thing you have to be grateful for and let this feeling of gratitude spread through every cell in your body, then outwards into the Universe, and back within you again.

  4. Be the Light! Shine the energy of love within yourself and spread it to those you meet. Choose to find a smile in every situation. Be an angel in every moment. As you activate the Light within, you inspire Light from those around you.

Affirmations and Reflections for the Holidays

Where there is darkness, I will make Light.

Where there is a wind that bites, I will Warm and Soften with vibrant scarves and mits.

Where there is silence, I will bring Festive Jingle Music.

Where there are blankets of white and muddy grays, I will bring Colors of Every Kind.

Where there is cold, I will start a fire and Spread Out Candlelight.

Where there is lack, I will make Plenty (cookies, pies, stuffing!).

Where there is ice to fall upon, I will Dance and Fly with Skates.

Where there is limitless snow, I will make a Field of Snow Angels and Smiling Snowmen.

Where ever there is loss, I will bring Hope.

Where there is a holiday, I will live a ‘Holy Day!’

Remember, the ultimate present, is being present.

Blessings to you and all your ‘holy days’! May the lessons of each moment permeate within you and shine for the nourishment of those around you.