Periodically, my dog, a Jack Russell named Tink, bled from her rectum after defecating. I’ve had success healing dogs so I sat Tink on my lap and preceded to heal her. To my dismay I was unsuccessful. Not being able to heal family and friends is a common experience, and Tink is family. Once we’re in a physical relationship with someone, or something, we perceive and communicate based on the foundations of self and identity—I am Simon, you are—rather than non-self.

I love Tink, but in a relationship, love has boundaries. I’m an animal lover, but animals conform to our rules. Human relationships are the same—I love you, but … and it’s this that prevents me from healing those closest to me. This illusion of order, our way of being, will be our downfall. Non-self is potentiality and possibility, and to live this way requires us to be brave.

Split me, tear me apart, fling me across the fabric of space and time. Make me nothing and from nothing, make me everything again.


The extreme weather and social events happening in the world today are a reflection of the reactivity and ferocity in our energy fields. I see examples of this on the healing table daily: healing responses are increasingly excessive, physical and periodically distressing. Humanity is tearing itself apart, but we fear change. It’s evident that our lifestyles and politics are unhealthy, but we continue to politicise our responses. We want world peace, but … we want clean water, but … I love you, but …

The world is tearing itself apart, we are tearing each other apart.

Love is attention without judgement. In its natural state attention only appreciates.

Deepak Chopra

Healing is attention without direction. When I’m healing, spirit reminds me that I’m not in control. My only purpose is to be attentive. My intention is to heal, not heal something, or heal this way. This allows me to see what’s happening and not create the outcome. We’ve forgotten that our bodies can self-heal. Peaceful mind, pure thought—I am here.

Most people who come for healing feel helpless, they’re exhausted and feel like they’ve tried everything to be happy and well. Often, only a small shift is needed to create change, and this occurred with Tink. We’re observers and the observed, emitters and receivers of information. Tink is sending the signal, “help me,” and consciousness is responding, “okay.” The pathway is blocked by our relationship: I believe I know what’s wrong with her, she smells and shouldn’t be on the lounge with me, Tink knows she’s not allowed on the lounge, she thinks I smell … good!

Healing is a spiritual experience. The word health is related to the word holy. Healing is the return to wholeness.

Deepak Chopra

A measure of our connection to non-self is how we react to adversity, aggression and ambiguity. Non-self is an impartial observer, Simon is not. Our minds are ordered chaos, more than fifty trillion cells communicate silently in our bodies, and as great a number of conversations play in our minds. Ideas are shared simultaneously by people worldwide, an indicator that we share one mind. We’re not eight billion souls, we’re one.

Without being aware of it I’m thinking about how to heal Tink, and my partner showed me the way: I overheard her speaking to a friend, “Tink started bleeding after being desexed.” Oh! This comment shifted my thinking. Up until this stage I believed she was bleeding for another reason. A paradox of energy healing is that at times concentrated focus is as important as bored detachment, but neither is effective if you’re trying to control or direct the healing.

Healing won’t manifest without attention. There is no way of healing, only healing. I didn’t need to touch Tink to heal her. I looked into her brown eyes and I saw, her. She stopped bleeding.

I’ll let spirit close this article.

“We cannot work with you, until you’re willing to work. You ask too much of His Son and too little of yourselves. Rather than ask us how to live, you should first decide how you wish to live. To make these decisions free from prejudice, forgive those who you believe have wronged you, and then forgive yourselves. Love is not a contract binding one to another, love is freedom.

You have polluted the earth, the spirit that feeds you. What will you do when when you cannot feed your children? Greed continues to enslave you. When all the trees have been felled and your water is undrinkable who will you pray to? If you are willing, you CAN live peacefully and in harmony with the earth.”