With Canada Day around the corner, and Independence Day days away, a variety of ‘birthdays’ was on my mind. Usually, we only celebrate our birthday once a year. There are even those who do not celebrate at all, then there is my husband who has made his birthday a special time to share his discoveries in his life with others, and lastly, there are our two children who seem to live their ‘birth’ in every waking moment! Like the rising sun, our son rushes into our room, pouncing on the bed saying, “Mommy! Daddy! I’m Awake!” And he truly is.

Today I ask you and I, to be ‘Awake‘ and to honour that as we are ‘awake,’ we are once again given a chance to be reborn and to gift our self with the best life we can lead.

So Happy Birthday to You! Today you are reborn again. As you awake ready to take on the day, spend a moment just ‘being.’ Realize that another day is truly another miracle. For as you open your eyes you have returned from one dimension to the next, and you have decided to come back from the Lower and Upper Worlds of Dream Space to the Middle World of here and now. There are Shamans that say that the Lower World is the world of undiscovered seeds, roots of fear and death, and souls in hiding, while the Upper World is the world of dreams, imagination and becoming, and the Middle World is where we sit trying to balance our life between the two.

A Treasure Map to Heaven on Earth

For Every Indigo, Crystal & Rainbow, Wee & Big!

As we fully realize our daily ‘rebirth,’ let us ask,

What life have I been reborn to live?
What hero’s quest stirs my soul to move to new heights and horizons?
And how may I completely become the entire woman or man that I am here to ‘be’?”

For surely you have arrived for something great, something holy. And truly you are here to discover the Paradise of Eden or Shangri-la within, for just as Jesus shared, “The kingdom of Heaven is within you.

And so I ask myself, and you, have you found the map to get there and are you heading towards this treasured new life on Earth and Heaven each and every day?

Right now, I believe that my greatest treasure map to Heaven comes in the form of a child; my daughter and my son. Although, there are of course those moments when they are testing out their World, having brotherly and sisterly fights or playing the ‘mean guy,’ most of their daily moments are inspiring and always teaching me, when I let myself hear the lessons.

5 Little Tips from 2 Little Tots!

  1. “Every day begins with Hugging Time! – An exchange of cuddles and dreamy smiles, where love is openly shared and energy is filled up with an equal exchange of appreciation and affection for each other, and a sacred moment of divine tenderness.

  2. “Yummy good stuff, puh-lease!” Tummies should start each morn filled with ‘yummy good stuff’ – from homemade, organic fruit-filled crepes to Vitamixed smoothies of cacao nibs, bee pollen, fruit and the ‘good greens.’

  3. “I want to grow my food,” is a statement that should not only be respected, but acted upon. As our son asks us about this almost daily, and soon we’ll be having our first Square Foot Garden in our backyard and some herbs in our kitchen. (He never lets us forget to keep on building an Eden on Earth that is only ‘the next step’ away!)

  4. “I need to hug this tree and that one!”, my daughter exclaims, whenever we go for walks. She reminds me that walking on the pavement “feels yucky” and her toes always want to be on the fresh green grasses, ideally, with arms wrapped around the next tree that says “hello.” (And maybe hides a “birdie or bunny or two”).

  5. “The bees talk Mommy, they just speak different than us,” Riven explains earnestly. He hears them and sees them as friends. Sometimes, he even shares that he understands what they’re saying and he wants to ensure that I do too.

These five little lessons, and so much more, are given to myself and my husband each day. I consider them the most sacred gifts and tools I have.

My children truly live within their Divinity…

And I hope that these gorgeous ‘Divine Beings‘ we’ve been blessed with are always able to stay ‘Awake‘ and the only ‘Dreams‘ they dream are those that serve in Unconditional Love, honouring their soul’s highest potential, and walking amongst Mother-Earth.

When they have a passion, new-found or old, they do not hesitate to ensure that at least one part of their day is filled up with it! Whether that’s playing trucks and cars, kissing dolls and babies, racing to the park, or seeking out bunnies, faeries and ‘Totoro‘ (from Studio Ghibli’s “My Neighbor Totoro”).

In the work that I do, I am always reminding my clients to live their bliss. To begin and end their day with bliss, and to honour their soul’s purpose.

Those days when I do live in bliss my self, honouring my sacred space which includes not only gentle Energy Sweeps, Source and Angel Prayers, and a dash of Florida Water, but also steps of grace filled with purpose – writing, energy medicine, prayer work, past-life regressions, meditation, sacred baths, and so on – those are the days when true success exists. When the most playful, abundant and relaxing moments are born, and when I am fully living as ‘Unity,’ anchored both to Heaven and to Earth.

I thank Great Spirit, Source, and Great Mother-Earth, for my children. For they are constant reminders of this eternal bliss that is always available to us, if only we release ‘expectations’ and step into the sacred now of our new birth as we learn to say, “Wee!” to life all over again!