In our society we typically associate wisdom with age. However, when we look deeper at each stage of life, we begin to see that each one provides wisdom for others to benefit from. It is not about being little or being big, but about being conscious of the gifts we can give to others, and receive from them.

“Mom, you need to get little again and I need to get big now!” my son said to me.

No, he wasn’t talking about my height or size, but rather about my age and spirit! He pointed at baby pictures of me (his Mom) and said it again. There were many reasons why he may have said this. Maybe he wanted me to be little too, so we could play on the jungle gym together, but then why did he want to get big while I got little? Maybe it was so he could be the one in charge, leading the way? I don’t know for sure. But what I do know is that deep down I completely agreed with him.

I do need to “get little” again. I need to be free to the moment, without the fear of consequence. I need to sing out loud, without worrying about my tone or tune. I need to laugh and make funny faces of love at the world around me, whether or not it is always understood. I need to remember that everything is big and small too, including me and him. That trees are a perfect resting place and that warm sunshine feels as good as a cozy hug in the safe, ‘little-big‘ now of love.

To put it his way, “I need to get little again, in order to live, live, live!”

I need to be at peace with the world around me, even with the mistakes being made (mine, the system, ours). Focusing on having fun, living free and speaking only the truth, no matter how little or big big it may be. I need to colour the world without worrying about the lines, dancing just to laugh, and loving completely, trusting that it will always be returned, received and given back again.

And so I’ve made a list: ‘Top 3 Ways to Get Little”.

3 Ways To Get Little

  1. Play, play, play! Remember, as you play in the playground of life, you begin healing the past, loving the present and freeing your future.

  2. Be Love to See Love! Through the eyes of love you instantly put on magical, x-ray glasses that not only see your true self, but the true self of those around you. From these magical glasses of love, your actions and words come from love and naturally act in service. And it is only through this love vision that you can truly have vision for all that you wish to be, to create and to inspire in others, and for all that Great Creator is already blessing your life with.

  3. Never stop asking “Why?” If you do, then you have suddenly halted the cycle of ‘growing big’ and you will simply need to ‘get little’ again and start at the top of this list.

Merging Little and Big

This list (thanks to my son!) reminds me that there are moments when life is easily embraced, when achievements are easily done, and when we can all glide on the wave of the upward cycle. In these moments, we are fully conscious, living lovingly awake and fully present.

And so when I’m off track, I must slow myself down to speed myself up, and I can return to this list of ‘getting little‘ to explore “why” I have stepped out of oneness, so that I may step back in to life!

And then, there is my son. For him to be Free, he does need to get big now. :)

He needs to grow that voice that’s coming from his heart. He needs to understand why there are ‘good guys‘ and ‘mean guys‘ too. He needs to know his power and his centre, and that they are One. He needs to live out the purpose he chose when he came into this world. And he needs to help ‘big people‘ like me ‘_get little agai_n.’ And do whatever else it is he decides he needs to do.

3 Ways To Get Big

  1. Speak your TRUTH (always!)

  2. Do Not Be Afraid of the Shadows for They Too Bring Light. (During some of your darkest experiences you can become the most blessed Creator. It is often in these shadows that most of the lessons you are here to learn will be fully understood and lived.)

  3. Know Your Power, But Never Forget Your Oneness!

And how can I continue to help him and help myself?

I must live consciously and free! I must return to ‘me,’ and ‘him‘ and ‘all that is.’ And I must let myself flow through the journey and its cycles of lessons learned, lessons re-discovered, lessons learned. Most importantly, I must do so with a lightness in my flow, a song of freedom in my heart, a Oneness in my spirit, and the energy of love in all of my life. Trusting that what I share is love, and what I receive is truth.

For him, I must be all the ‘little‘ I can be! I must be always present, always innocent, and always freedom-exploring. Always asking “why?”, always safe, and always imagining. I must be ‘always me.

And as I get ‘little‘, I must see who he is and what he needs and flow that forward into his ‘now’ as best as I can. To help him be always free.

I love my son. I love his truths. And today I will work on ‘getting little‘ and helping him ‘get big!’ I think I’ll start by sitting down and playing cars and trucks with him. I’ll try to pay attention to what he’s showing me, I’ll be sure to answer every “Why?” as best as I can, and most of all, I’ll have some fun with my favourite little (getting big) man as I try to be a big (getting little) Mommy!