This article is written for Evolving Beings by guest author Lance Ekum of The Jungle of Life.

You use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul.

George Bernard Shaw

A beautiful piece of art, I have displayed beside my desk, from friend Brandi Reynolds.

Life is art.

Let’s think about this for a minute. Our life, here on earth. How would you describe it?

What is life?

I suppose we can think about this question from a myriad of different angles. Life is love. Life is living. Life is family. Life is hard. Life is challenging. Life is wonderful. Life is…

…an endless list of possibilities.

Our life is really a collective of all our moments. Moments that we each create in the living out of our lives. Minute by minute.

In art, the moment is my true teacher. It is life expressing itself through me. Art, then, becomes effortless, which is the now-moment itself.

Philippe Benichou

So, let’s dig into this a little further. If our life is really a collective of all these moments, and our life is what we make it – how does that look, then? At this very moment, we are each designing our own creation of us. We are choosing what this moment will be filled with (reading here, for instance). Something has compelled us to make that choice. And that choice is creating our life. Now. Just like all the choices we make, they all become our life.

Life is art.

We are art! We have created the person we each are today – by the choices we have made.

Messy one minute, beautiful the next.

Your life is what YOU put on that canvas. Or that song you sing. Or that dance you dance. It’s the life you live. Today.

Not tomorrow.

Or next week.

Or when you have x dollars in the bank.

What you have is now. And you are the only one who can create your masterpiece, who can sing your song, who can dance your dance. It matters not what the world thinks of you, it matters how you feel about you.

You are creating your life, right now. At this moment, you are adding to the tapestry that is YOU. Maybe it’s a bit messy, or maybe it looks amazing. Maybe the dance steps of your life have you fumbling with your feet, or maybe you are in a graceful sequence of beauty in motion. However you see your life, you are the artist. And the beauty of this life art that you are creating is that each moment you can start anew. Much like singing a new song, or dancing a new dance – you can choose, now, to change your life artistry, to touch more deeply upon your soul.

You have the power to choose. And you have this very moment. Now.

Your life is meant to be beautiful art. Find that song in you…it is there…

About the Author

Lance Ekum is the author at The Jungle of Life. Writing there has become much more than just words on paper for him. It’s become a part of an understanding of the journey through life. And at an even deeper level, a journey itself into soul. In his free time, Lance likes to bike, run, and coach soccer (and snack on dark chocolate).