I’m starting to consider that all illness and injury is created in human consciousness, and if that’s true then we’re in control of our lives. We’re responsible for everything. For some of us, and I’d suggest for most of us, this responsibility is too great. I’ve believed for some time that we’re all connected, but looking back on my writing I sense that the words were powerless. I was parroting someone else’s belief system, I had become the 1%, my ideas were surfing the wave of another’s.

I want to be Simon, a well of fresh data and creativity. Every day what I think I know about healing and working with spirit is diminished. I have a library of amazing stories, so many that I forget some. Inspirational and educational in the moment, but by tomorrow, I’ll have a new story. I know nothing.

If I’m to be one in seven billion, and one amongst the billions who have lived before and the billions who will live in my future – it is my future if consciousness is eternal – then I have to detach from the stream of consciousness that flows from you to me and everyone and everything else. To guide my life, to create my life, I have to be not in control. I have to be nothing, not potentiality, not divine consciousness – someone else’s words and understanding – I have to be nothing beyond the concept, belief, idea of nothing.

If I tell you there is nothing in my pocket, you record an empty pocket, space, which is something. If I have nothing to say you’ll record and understand silence. Nothing, a silent mind beyond silence, not a still mind, but a mind devoid of the potentiality of thought. This is what we must seek to be a creator rather than the 100%.

You won’t find this meditating with yogis, zen monks, the Dalai Lama, or Madonna. Actually, you might find it with Madonna because she keeps reinventing herself and she’s like a force of nature. Her physicality, sexuality, and intelligence is the storm that keeps rolling, the thunder that creates harmony. She’s the original Kung Fu Panda!

And there he is, right there in that last paragraph – Simon. “I want you to know, it doesn’t matter where we take this road …” ~ Kelly Clarkson. Find yourself, the rough uncut diamond, and then reinvent yourself and keep doing it until you’re like no one else on earth. Be brave.

Releasing the Illusory Concept of Control

The most common phrase I hear from spirit when I’m healing is, “you’re not in control.” If not me, then what? Our belief systems, our intelligence driven reasoning and investigation, is grounded in human consciousness. Beyond that … nothing?

And it’s that that unravels the habitual vibrations in human consciousness that is causing illness and injury. The dilemma is that I revisit what I’m trying to detach from to explain my ‘discovery’. Isn’t that funny – ‘discovery!’

Not being in control is confronting and I witness this in myself and clients. All the ‘good’ stuff is hardly noticed during and after a healing. It fades into the background, quickly forgotten, but the ‘ugly’ stuff turns our world upside down. Like an echo it reverberates in our consciousness and influences those closely connected to us. Healing and change, though they are liberating, can be challenging and painful to endure. Repressed emotion and trauma manifests as physical pain, emotional outbursts, depression, and depressed responses.

It’s the ‘nothing’ that’s in control, but ‘it’ has no expression without our physicality, which seems to me is what spiritual teachers and practices have been trying to disseminate. We’ve never needed God or Gods and we don’t need to awaken or ascend, because that is transitory, and a state we’ve been stuck in forever.

Embracing the Gift of Personal Presence

Curiously, the feeling that I feel during a healing is observed. “I observe you,” nothing, becomes ‘something’ after interacting with human consciousness – mine and the client’s intent, emotion, physical state. I believe by investigating what that ‘force’ is, alters human consciousness. The ‘force’ remains. The entanglement of nothing observing nothing, for me anyway, is an apt description of consciousness as opposed to human consciousness which is reactive.

Imagination is much more important than knowledge.

Albert Einstein

I dream of health manifesting in my clients, of miracles and wonder. My imagination is the only thing I’m certain of. I see accidents before they happen as if they’re already real. I witness the thoughts and actions of one family member influence generations. I see anatomical and cellular images of my client’s bodies. How I do this, what enables me to do this is the wrong question. Why, is the better question.

Why do we continue to live the way we are? Imagine a different life, a healthy life on a healthy earth, and then act.

Together, let’s shake the apathy out of our minds and lifestyles. Start your day by thinking loving thoughts about yourself, your family, community and nation. Don’t be like the people around you, don’t be the people you admire, be you!

I’ve enjoyed our conversations.

With great love, Simon and Gegu.