EBTV presents guest Tobias Lars with host Evita Ochel talking about learning to live from the heart.

Tobias has over 25 years of experience in spiritual study that includes Shamanism and metaphysics. He is the author of several books: including Listening to the Sun and Awakening Souls. He provides soul counselling sessions as well as adventurous spiritual journeys to various parts of the world.

Specific topics covered include:

  1. What it means to live from the heart (4:25) Tobias shares about the teachers of the heart through the ages and how this all applies to our lives, and personal journeys of evolution today.

  2. How to live from the heart amidst the widening gaps and polarity within our personal lives and globally within the collective (15:30) Tobias shares about the importance of focusing on our personal journeys and how to live in accordance with Universal flow.

  3. How to help those on an awakening path who get stuck along the way within various paradigms outside of the heart space (20:15) Tobias shares about overcoming the fixations within us by presenting inspiring nudges, while maintaing sensitivity in each moment.

  4. The role of forgiveness within heart-centered living and how to incorporate it within our lives (25:55) Tobias shares about the energetic repercussions of holding resentments within us and how to use forgiveness as a gift.

  5. What exercises we can do to open the heart area (31:00) Tobias shares about the importance of healthy emotional expression and surrender to allow for proper energy flow.

  6. Tobias shares closing comments about our awakening and heart opening (42:05)

  7. Contact info about Tobias’ resources and events (42:20) Course of Awakening