This article is written for Evolving Beings by guest author Bette Ziegler.

I often marvel at a simple fact. Nobody living knows how much time they have on earth, and all of us know, no matter the end result, it will always be a limited amount of time. It is as if this is the existential dilemma that binds humans to each another.

Life is so special and we are so lucky to have been granted it. The penultimate question is what we do with the time we are given? I like to imagine that God wonders about this too. That this energy watches and waits because the answer is unknown even to it.

To live is to accomplish, but to become an accomplished person we need to move forward in a positive manner, towards light, away from darkness. We are born into light and this is where we must continue to live. Light is a beacon, we need to trust it will show us where we need to go. Light moves forward because it resides in the power of the moment. It is in light that possibility lives.

The Role of Time in Our Life

It is a complicated world and there is always something, small or large, that we can do to make it a better one. What we cannot change is time. Yes I can change what I do with it, how I live in it — but I can’t change its essential nature.

Time is always moving on and to keep up with it I must be present and accountable. I’m not always successful with this but when I try to see everything as new knowledge, sometimes comfortable, other times not, the practice keeps me grounded, carrying me to a new place, one where I haven’t been before. This is not to say that the past doesn’t carry weight, after all it has molded me, but I know the present is where I must live because this is where light lives.

I believe it is important that everyone acknowledge their past, correct and change what can be changed, but equally important let go of what cannot be changed. To do this, it is necessary to acknowledge and accept and be able to offer love to the person we see when we look in the mirror.

Do we like this person? Do we recognize the face? My answer is sometimes yes, sometimes no. When my answer is no, I sit myself down and in my mind’s eye take a cloth to wipe the mirror carefully, smudge by smudge, until it clears. This is a conscious exercise, an action that takes work, isn’t necessarily fun, and many times I have to do it over and over again. It is both visualization and a meditation and an action that matters and, for me, it is a wake-up call. A call to arms.

Welcome Each New Moment with Joy

I believe we all possess an inner teacher, the thinker beyond the thinking, the witness who is our witness, and knows what needs to be done. This witness, this inner self, knows how to clear the mirror. It recognizes the spots and smudges because it knows their source. This inner witness has the power to erase and to let them go. I can’t lie to my inner witness, nobody can. What I can do, what we can all do, is propose reconciliation, call a truce. Look at the new day, the very moment, with fresh eyes. In other words, get on with it.

No one wants to be bound. We all want to be free. I believe in karma, that we all come back again and that we have all been born before. What our best once was, is not what it is now in the present. What our best is going to be, has yet to be determined. Everyone alive is just passing through and lucky to be given new chances and opportunities. The past has carried us to this moment, and in welcoming each day as a new opportunity we move on.

Joy resides within everyone. When we live in the moment and acknowledge our innate abundance, there are no limits to our possibilities. But we must learn to say goodbye before we can say hello. With each day, flows new light…a blessing unto itself. As the seasons change, so do we and this is the great gift of time.

About the Author

Bette Ziegler is the author of Secrets of the Self: A Guide to Living in the Moment - a book based on wisdom gleaned from more than two decades of meditation with the enlightened yoga master Bhagawan Nityananda of India.