This article is written for Evolving Beings by guest author Irma Kaye Sawyer of High Touch Healing Arts.

We are in agreement with what many of the indigenous wisdom keepers are saying about expenditure of energy. It is time to quit looking outside and to others, and to also stop the attempt to change others. If you perceive greed in the world, become generous. If you perceive fear-based or hateful behaviors, radiate love. The Shift is being made primarily through vibration; which also includes the words you use and the thoughts being generated. Think good ones.

The Akashic Wisdom Keepers

Suggestions On How to Make the Most of the Shifting Energies

Economy of energy – While there are an infinite amount of energies available, we are still working with the limitations of a physical body. It is a wise practice to choose where we expend our energy in our daily lives. Finding a balance of taking care of ourselves and serving others will continue to be priority now and in the years to come. It is time to put ourselves first in our own lives; not in a selfish way, but as a loving act of self-preservation. We also serve others much better when our own cup is full, not empty.

Think more globally – Acknowledge your role as a Global Citizen, not just a citizen of your particular town or state. How can you contribute in an even greater way to the benefit of the all? Check into service work, volunteering or even through sending prayers and love to troubled areas daily. According to our Buddhist friends, this practice creates positive “merit” not only for our benefit, but also benefits everyone else, as we are all connected.

Responding, not reacting to the outer world – Finding a middle ground between immersion in world/news events and withdrawal is vital. You may continue to be actively engaged, while keeping your spiritual center. This may prove to be difficult for some; an active meditation practice will be helpful in this. Focus on the kind of world you wish to create, not just reacting to the events in the world around you. Do your best to radiate love consistently and consciously. This will not only transform you, but also the world around you.

Dropping duality, accepting responsibility – Part of becoming an awakened human being means that you no longer place blame on others and outer events for what you experience. You are the captain of your own ship and make decisions from that place of empowerment. Part of the focus on this year, we have heard from sources of wise guidance, is personal sovereignty. This is so important for us to move into the coming years with balance, strength and confidence. Some people have been working with this theme in their lives for several years now already, and will be putting the finishing touches on this work; while others are just now awakening to this awareness. Stopping the “blame game” in our own lives, is one of the most powerful things we can do to positively influence the long-standing victim/perpetrator dynamic being played out in our world.

Taking care of ourselves and getting “unplugged” – Technology plays an important role in all of our lives now. Whether you have an smart phone, laptop computer or just a regular cell phone, take note of how much time you spend interacting with machines instead of actual people or even just yourself. It is an important practice to unplug from all of these distractions and take a moment to find our calm center within, even if just for a few moments daily. I personally take at least one day per month to get completely unplugged from everything and go on a “mini-retreat,” and also spend time at the ocean or a local park. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you!


The current decade promises to be a dynamic one filled with much growth and spiritual opportunities. For example, 2011 has been referred to as a “bridge” year between the energies of 2010 and 2012. The year 2012 itself holds much significance from both astronomical and cultural perspectives. We continue to see many outmoded, unhealthy structures crumbling down; as healthier and better structures wait to take their place. This is also the same in our own personal lives related to the spiritual axiom, As above, so below.

As the vibration of the earth becomes lighter, sources of spiritual inspiration and guidance become closer to us. We can further our contact and connection with these energies through purifying ourselves and having a consistent spiritual practice, in whatever form that takes for us personally.

About the Author

Irma Kaye Sawyer is an ordained minister, energy healing practitioner, writer and intuitive counselor from Southern California. She has been in professional consulting practice since 1992, and is a conscious channel for the Akashic Wisdom Keepers and Angelic Energies. She is also the author of the book of messages from the Wisdom Keepers, Keys to the Kingdom. You can learn more about Irma at