Over the years I’ve listened to mediums, psychics, reverends and ministers of spiritual churches, people who really should know better, talk about how to communicate with spirit. They bombard newbies with how-to and how-not-to, separate spirit into levels of vibration, call on angels and ascended masters, keep at arm’s length beings of a lesser nature, protect themselves with white light, talismans, incarnations, and nana’s cat.

You’re told how to sit, how to hold your hands, ego mind is bad, Christ consciousness is good and can be found somewhere in the fifth dimension, which is the seventh level of vibration one floor up from the ministry of light workers.

It became apparent to me that all these “I’ve been doing this for thirty years” spend their winters clubbing baby-egos and wear the skins for cloaks. Often, people who attend spiritual groups are looking for guidance, and it’s been my experience that many of them are emotionally fragile. It serves no purpose to then ask these people to protect themselves from spirit with some archaic or cereal-box-card technique.

I’ve seen people who are already communicating and interacting with spirit, have that ability turned off after being told how to do it. Here’s my all-time favourite, and I kid you not, I’ve heard this from countless spiritualists, “You have far too many spirits around you; you should protect yourself and ask them to leave.

Supposedly all those spirits are sucking the life-force out of you, and they’re all talking at once, and this is why you can’t hear them. Take control, tell them to back off, bathe yourself in white light — it’s in the same aisle as band aids, the seven eleven has it on special this week — and then ask spirit to approach you in an orderly fashion, “Are you from the light?”

Spirituality the Lone Ranger Style

I’ll give you a little heads up — if the Lone Ranger was a spiritualist, Silver would have bucked him off and Tonto would’ve scalped him. Hi-oh Silver away: let’s get the job done and stop messing about. Tonto’s not waiting for the Ranger to say a prayer, smudge his saddle, or plait rose quartz beads into Silver’s mane. As soon as you tell spirit to go away, guess what happens? We create our experiences with spirit.

If you read my writing you’ll know that I’m an advocate of keeping it simple. Here in Australia we have a health insurance company that uses this acronym KISS: ‘Keep it simple Stupid’. It’s clever, isn’t it? So here’s me keeping it simple. It’s possible that this will leave you with some questions, and that’s good, because Evita and I like questions.

Spirituality 101 – Keeping it Simple

Everyone has spirit guides. Whether you believe in spirit or not, you have guides. The numbers vary from one to pick-a-number. It’s a bit like having an invisible conscience super-charged with love.

Everyone has spirit around them. As soon as you think about a deceased relative or friend they’re beside you. If you experience any emotion or situation similar to what a spirit experienced in their life, they’ll be beside you.

The energy of spirit goes through a healing process (no I don’t know how), but don’t believe that they’re not around. It’s our grief and emotions that prevent us from making a connection. It’s something in our energy field that’s restricting the contact, not a spiritual law.

Do I have to worry about being possessed? I’d be more concerned about eating healthy and exercising. My mother and I are trance mediums, so spirit overlays in our energy fields, but we’ve never been possessed. Clients who are depressed, angry, fearful, and suicidal can have entities with them who are also angry and depressed — like attracts like — but its fear that causes these attachments. These spirits (and clients) need healing; they need to be loved and taken into the light.

What is the Light? I don’t know. It’s peaceful, it heals, and it makes me smile.

Do I go into the light if I commit suicide? Everybody goes to the light. Some spirits don’t go straight away and the reasons are as divergent as the differences between the worlds population: someone who suicides will go immediately, someone else will die peacefully and linger. My thoughts on this process are changing. You can ask me why.

Ascended masters are like celebrities, we give them their power and status. I have Jesus, my Uncle Max, and my grandfather watching me write: three men, not two relations and an ascended master.

Angels are as varied and as numerous as the fauna and flora of the earth. I’m not sure exactly what they are. I see them, and they do good work.

Dark angels mean us no harm. They’re dark because they work in the energy of our fear, anger, hate, and violence. Humanity is/we are responsible for this energy. They’re good guys doing a tough job.

Is there a particular way that I should communicate with spirit? Yes, politely and respectfully.

I can’t hear spirit. The conversation is in your mind. Do you have a thinking voice? It’s likely that that’s spirit talking to you and not your imagination. I know some people hear spirit audibly, but most don’t.

How do I see spirit? Do you really want to? Do you want to go to the toilet in the middle of the night and bump into a stranger in the dark?

How can I improve my connection with spirit? Meditate and have faith.

Should I listen to you? No, you should listen to spirit.

Working with spirit is a process of self-awareness, self-discovery, and observation.

I’m going to let Jesus close this dialogue:

“I’d rather you remember that I was someone’s son, someone’s friend, than to believe I am the Christ. This belief divides us. It makes it impossible for us to stand side by side. I don’t want to lead; I want to show you, your reflection. You only see and worry about your faults. You do not see how perfect you are and how similar are your neighbours. It’s not your differences that divide you; it’s that you only see those differences. When will you tire of fear? It seems that so many of you can love His Son, but not your neighbour’s children. I implore you to be peaceful, to harvest food for those who need it more than you, to live in harmony with the earth and each other. You are more powerful than me; you are living.”