The second day of the I CAN DO IT! Toronto conference took place on Friday April 3, 2009. If you missed the highlights from Day 1, you can find them here. Day 2, was a full day and evening session and the speakers that we chose to see were Brian Weiss and John Holland during the day and the featured speaker for everyone in the evening, the wonderful Wayne Dyer.

Brian was the morning speaker, and we had a chance to do a real past life regression lead by him. John was the afternoon speaker and as the famous medium that he is, he blew the audience away with his precision and accuracy. In the early evening there was a showing of Wayne Dyer’s new movie Ambition to Meaning and then Wayne Dyer gave another one of his outstanding lectures to finish off the day.

I will explain all the highlights of the day below, but in general this was an outstanding day. There was so much new learning, growth, emotion and excitement! I was thrilled to have seen Wayne Dyer live, get better acquainted with Brian Weiss’ work and enjoy the extraordinary talents of John Holland. It was a truly superb day and surpassed any expectations I could have had!

Brian Weiss

For those of you who may not be familiar with Brian, up until about 1980 he was a pretty typical psychiatrist. He was trained at Columbia and Yale, did not believe in past lives, or any of what he knows and believes today and was your typical left-brained scholar.

Then in 1980, thanks to one of his patients “Catherine”, Brian’s life was forever changed. In one of their sessions, where he was using hypnosis therapy, Catherine started to recite things that made no sense to Brian. At first he was puzzled, then after several sessions the details that Catherine was saying about people and events in the past that Brian knew she had no way of knowing, sparked him to do some serious investigating. All of Catherine’s details were verified and correct, even ones about Brian’s personal life, which he knew no one knew about. It was at this time that Brian started considering the idea of past lives and from it came his first book on the topic, the now famous  Many Lives, Many Masters: The True Story of a Prominent Psychiatrist, His Young Patient, and the Past-Life Therapy That Changed Both Their Lives, where you can find this whole story explained in details.

I have seen Brian several times on Oprah and was somewhat familiar with his work, and so this was a big treat for me as I was fascinated with the whole idea of past life regression. I guess I relate a lot to Brian because it wasn’t that long ago that I didn’t consider and I guess believe in or fathom this whole idea about past lives. It is just not something one is brought up with in a Christian religion. It wasn’t until I tapped into my higher self, had my spiritual awakening that all of a sudden the idea of past lives was as normal as the sun rising each day. Before this day, I have also had several strong personal feelings about personal past lives that I was excited to tap into with Brian’s past life regression.

Brian’s talk was entitled Expand your mind and open your heart. He began by introducing himself and his work and explaining the idea of hypnosis. This was followed by the past life regression hypnosis session and he concluded with a Gestalt healing exercise.

I was not at all apprehensive about undergoing the hypnosis, in fact what I was a bit unsure of was if it would “work” on me. I have lived all my life with my head very secure and in control of things, ideas, situations and emotions, that I wondered if I would have been able to let go enough to participate in the hypnosis. I do fine in meditations, but I just wasn’t sure how a hypnosis would go. Brian explained 2 very important things with regards to this. First, he clearly stated that the “the less one is attached to the outcome, the better the process of the hypnosis is” and the deeper the person is able to go. And secondly that hypnosis is nothing scary. Many people have false beliefs that hypnosis takes away your sense of “control” or that you slip into some trance you may not be able to get out of. On the contrary, he stated that we are in fact “hypnotized” several times each day. It can happen when we drive, when we watch television or do anything where we have all of our attention focused on some particular thing. You are not “stuck” in a hypnotized state, just like you are not “stuck” in the movie you are watching. The most important thing to do in a hypnosis, if one wants to make the most of it, is not think about or analyze the thoughts or images coming through. And this is perhaps the hardest for some of us to not do, but once we relax enough, it is very possible indeed.

With respect to past lives, Brian explained that we never truly “die”. We simply “move through bodies.” We come into a body and leave a body, and we can do this as many times as we like, or need to. That is until we feel we have “learned enough.” At that time, we can still and always voluntarily come back or help those in physical form from the spiritual realm. None of this was new to me as I have identified with this myself completely and so it was refreshing to hear Brian say it too.

Brian explained that the death experience, from what he has collected, is very much like a “near-death” experience. Death is an illusion for us here in the physical that is broken once we are in the spiritual. None the less, upon “dying” there is usually some period of disorientation, review of life (accomplishments, lessons, etc.) and then planning for the next life. Now having said that, in the spiritual there are many levels or dimensions. Hence, one goes to the level, that is most suitable for them. In other words, the level that they are vibrating at. Thus, one can see moving through our lives in the physical, as growing and evolving spiritually to access higher and higher realms. Again, I have heard this from many other authors before like Cyndi Dale and Neale Donald Walsch and it completely resonates with me.

Okay, so finally it was time for the past life regression. The lights were dimmed and people were told to get comfortable and of course close their eyes. Well I have to tell you, I don’t know how many hundreds of people were there, if not a thousand or so and people got right into it, lying down on the floors wherever they could find a spot. That alone was a neat experience. Brian then started to walk us down from a happy childhood memory, to one even earlier that we never knew we could remember, to being in our mother’s womb. He then walked us through a door that lead to one of our lives, and eventually the death of that lifetime.

Let me just tell you that aside from some of the people sobbing, I myself was quite blown away by the tears rolling down my cheeks at my own death scene. The whole thing really did take me by surprise, perhaps because I did try to walk into it as openly and relaxed as I could. It was very emotionally moving. I really wanted to make the most of it, as Brian said not expecting anything specific. Looking back, it sort of feels unreal writing about what I saw, felt and experienced, but I cannot deny what came to me. I would not say that I had a very “deep” experience, but it was enough to confirm some things for me – one of them that I did have a past life regression. When Markus and I shared our stories, his was much more amazing. The funny, or not so funny thing is that we know we have spent many lifetimes together, and we both went to one of those lifetimes (both of us different ones from what we could tell), but it was so real and amazing, I really don’t want to ruin it by trying to find an “explanation” for it.

The whole regression lasted 45 minutes, but to all of us it felt no more than perhaps 15 minutes! For those of you who have never had a past life regression, it was really nothing much more different than a semi-deep meditation.

Brian ended the session with the Gestalt healing exercise which was also very relaxing and spiritually moving and the message that we are currently in this physical form in a “wonderful plane, but difficult plane, because we are spiritual beings, but lack awareness of this, as we live out of our egos.”

At the end Brian did a book signing and I even had a chance to say a personal “hello” and “thank you” as you can see in the photograph.

To learn more about Brian and his work, visit him at his site

John Holland

John Holland is a world famous medium. I have heard of his name before, but was not familiar with his work or books, so this session with him was an awesome treat!John’s lecture was entitled “Journey of the Soul; A Journey into the World of a Medium.” John reminded me a lot of Colette Baron-Reid. He was also so warm, so kind and so funny that most of the afternoon was laughed away. He is a natural comedian to say the least!

He began by introducing how he came to be where he is today, which was a neat story in itself. He knew he had a gift since he was very little, but he kept suppressing it because he got picked on and made fun of for it his whole life. Well it wasn’t until a serious car accident that his gifts came to him full force and he realized that he was able to communicate with the deceased.

He explained the he studied mediumship and how spirits communicate with us. And by the way, yes we can all do this, but many of us are either not interested in this, don’t believe in it, or do nothing to raise our vibrations.

You are all aware that at the essence, whether physical or spiritual, we are all energy beings. Hence to communicate between physical and spiritual, spirit must lower its vibrational energy and we must raise ours. He explained that the communication is not verbal like we talk to each other, but of a clairvoyant, clairsentient or clairaudient nature.

For example if spirit wants to let him know that the person is from the US, he will get an image of the US flag. He also “hears” names, and other small words, but most communication is done through symbols and not through the mind, but the third eye.

For most of the afternoon, John randomly relayed the messages that were presented to him. Some where touching and very emotional, and some were comically entertaining. The spirit would lead him to someone in the audience and John would begin with usually some name or event that would be specific enough that it would relate to only that person. If there were discrepancies he would work with those in spirit until he was sure of who the message was for. It was really moving to be able to witness something like this.

To learn more about John and his work, visit him at

Wayne Dyer

As if the day was not eventful and amazing enough already, its climax came with Wayne Dyer’s presentation in the evening. At first as I mentioned there was a premier screening of Wayne Dyer’s newest film entitled Ambition to Meaning, which I will do a full review of at a later date.

Wayne’s lecture was entitled Excuses Begone! How to Change Lifelong Thinking Habits and it was based on his newest book Excuses Begone!: How to Change Lifelong, Self-Defeating Thinking Habits, which comes out on May 26th this year.

Wayne started his lecture with actually a surprise twist about health and where his health is going after reading the book Skinny Bitch, as he also shared some scary statistics about the health of Americans in terms of what they consume and why their waist sizes are increasing, using himself as an example.

He then talked a little bit about his new movie and why he decided to do it. He said that generally speaking the same 10% of the population buy books and read them, where as to get to most of the population, popular media like the movies is the way to go for spreading messages. Thus he wanted to reach as many people as possible with his inspirational and life changing wisdom.

His lecture then begin with getting to the heart of ourselves and relying on our emotions to dictate if something is right for us or not. He related this fact to self-actualizing people and the fact that they lead successful lives for 2 main reasons:

  1. Self-actualizing people are not concerned with what other people will think of them, and;
  2. Self-actualizing people are always detached from the outcome (of anything)

These individuals do what they do because their heart tells them to, and when we tap into our hearts more than our minds, and thus more into our emotions, we are in direct communication with our higher selves. At this stage one also gets to a place where they know they “the ego” is not in charge anymore.

Wayne always has these neat little plays on words that he shares like: EGO – Edging God Out

He then went on to speak a bit of how he got to where he is today, citing his life changing move of giving everything that he owned up and moving to Hawaii to study the Tao and from which came the book Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of the Tao. He added to this, that for him there is no such thing as retirement. He stated “I do what I do, because of who I am, not because of what I do.”

Wayne stated that so many of us get stuck in the half-lived life – a life where we do what we do because we were “told to.” He brought this back to our state of being and health and explained that today we know we have the power to change our DNA (and not through biological procedures), but through our being. Our health comes from “how” we process events, not from what is inside of us.

As both a scientist and holistic nutritionist, I have to tell you I wholeheartedly agree. Even though when I teach most people in the population I have to approach it from a physical sense, deep within I know that some of the unhealthiest eaters can live out great lives just based on their thinking alone and vice-versa.

Basically it comes down to processing the world differently than our parents. So many of us get stuck in our parents ways of eating, thinking, living, dressing and you name it! Too many of us don’t snap out, get conscious or wake up enough to ask the simple question “ but what is right for ME?” Hence we think we get our parent’s genes and thus their diseases, but all this is just the illusion of our ego that we have constructed for ourselves. And as sceptical as some of you may be at this time reading it, there is in fact scientific proof coming out on this today, such as in the book by Dr. Bruce Lipton,  The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter, & Miracles. It really can be that simple.

Hence when it comes to the excuses we place in front of our paths, it comes down to reconditioning our limitations. And this relates to both those of us who are adults and looking at our parents, or parenting our own children. Somewhere, one generation has to break the unconscious habits and limitations and basically, open up and think anew!

Wayne also highly recommended a new book that reaches deeper into this subject and that inspired him, Virus of the Mind: The New Science of the Meme by Richard Brodie.

He explained that a meme is something we learn by what we mimic. It is very much like a virus in that it duplicates itself, infiltrates all parts and then spreads rapidly. In our culture today it is very easy to find viral ideas. So many of us in fact live through “viral ideas”, never stopping to think of where we got the idea from, how we came to believe it and whether it is even right for us. Religions for example are loaded with memes.

My personal favorite example that I use on this topic is the idea of celebrating a birthday with “birthday cake.” We are all so conditioned to doing this, but very few people stop along the way and ask, where did this come from and does it even serve or represent me? Because I have to tell you, as a natural health advocate there is no sense in lying to ourselves that filling our bodies with pure sugar is somehow a “treat” for us and we should do it on an annual basis.

With this in mind, Wayne explained where our excuses that limit us come from. Every excuse that you ever used, began as a meme – what you were lead or taught to believe. He stated that we all make hundreds of excuses each day, whether verbally or mentally in our own self talk – most of which, we thus are not even aware of. Therefore one of the most important things to do if one has children, is to become a conscious parent. That is be conscious of what memes and thus future limitations and excuses we are feeding to our children. I have to tell you for someone who is not sure yet about having kids, this alone makes me so excited to have them!

Now for those of us who are having some “aha” moment right now with why our life may be in the “hole” that it is and building an inner resentment towards our parents, Wayne reminds us not to do that, as each person does the best they can, given what they know.

In his new book Wayne gives 7 principles for breaking excuses and in the lecture he gave 3 of them:

  1. Awareness

    – if you are going to break excuses, you need to think with awareness, that is process events from your highest self and not your ego

  2. Alignment

    – align our truth to ourselves, as every excuse we ever used is a mis-alignment of the true self, it is aligned with ego

  3. Contemplation

    – the continual use of the thought process, but learning to contemplate differently based on what we can do, rather than what we cannot

Wayne reminds us to remember, especially when we feel “limited”, that we did not originate from particles, but energy. Thus we have the same power as the originating spirit, which we came from.

One of the ways to make this shift in our thoughts, is to step into the paradigm of service. Shift from “what’s in it for me” to “how can I serve you?”

To this Wayne added that this stems from the reason why he did not participate in The Secret film and message, for he believes that we attract, what we are (not what we want). Now for all of you avid LOA students, before you start reading deeper into this or think that you got it all wrong, let me tell you that in essence it still is very much the Law of Attraction, because in the end it is about your vibration or step 3 of the LOA, “allowing.” I may want a million dollars, but if I am not vibrating out of the pure goodness of my heart with thoughts of abundance for the greater good, I am not getting it. Hence if I am love, abundance, etc., I attract love, abundance, etc.

So, if we have excuses in our life, for anything, this is proof to us of our contemplation about the things we cannot do, rather than can. And hence what we attract comes from our contemplation, not from the outcome. Contemplation involves our feelings (emotions with thought) and those are more powerful than thoughts on their own.

Wayne then shared 4 points about putting in place paradigms to bring about change, to start thinking “from the end” instead of “about the end.” (i.e. Assuming the feeling of a wish fulfilled)

  1. Change your concept of self
  2. Imagine yourself anew with emotions (if you can’t imagine yourself different, you will stay exactly where you are, and imagination alone is not enough)
  3. Expect the incarnation of a new and greater concept of self
  4. You know a thing mentally by thinking about it, where as you know a thing spiritually by becoming it (hence live with emotion and experience for that which you desire to change)

Some people feel that this may be along the lines of “fake it, till you make it” idea. And in fact it can be and is a good idea, because we already know scientifically that our minds cannot see the distinction between real and fake – the same neurons get excited and fire in both cases.

Wayne concluded his lecture with some questions that we should ask ourselves in our paradigm for life changes to a place without excuses:

  1. Is it true? Is the thought that is behind the excuse true for me? And can you be 100% sure of that?
  2. Where do these thoughts that you have come from?
  3. What are my pay offs for thinking this way?
  4. What would my life look like if I couldn’t use these excuses?
  5. Can I create a rational reason to change?
  6. How can I make conscious contact with source to attract what I want?

There were 2 other highlights of the lecture, Wayne’s daughter Skye, who sang beautifully two songs, and Dan (Danny) Caro. Basically put, if Wayne’s lecture was not enough to inspire one to really take a long, hard look at the excuses they are making in their life, then Danny was the breaking point of the evening.

Danny is a young man, who at the age of 2 was pretty much burned alive. Today with no hands, he is an exceptional drum player who is a triumphant example of how excuses do not have to hold us back from anything. I highly recommend, visiting his site, seeing him play and learning more about him. He is beyond a hero and inspirational role model in my books. For more highlights from this evening, from another blogger about Dan and his life, check out the following article, No Limits Dan.

Well, as you probably can already guess, Wayne’s lecture was amazing. He is such an uplifting, inspirational and motivational man, his presence alone has the power to transform a room – and this evening it did. The energy in the crowd was amazing. Wayne even came back on Saturday to sign books and just mingle with the crowd.

For more information about Wayne Dyer and his work, visit him at


The 1st day of the conference was great, but I have to tell you the 2nd day more or less blew me away by how amazingly valuable this conference is for personal growth, evolution and closer connection with our inner selves. The speakers were so real, so pleasant and so knowledgeable. One could really “feel” their service to others by the “job” they do. The energy was high and the overall feeling was gratitude – gratitude for there being such an event and for me being able to attend it.

Day 3 featured Gregg Braden and Marcelle Pick – I will mostly focus on Gregg’s lecture as it was about the science of our current Earth Changes and it was mind blowing! This will be covered in part 3 of this series.