I love movies. Especially the ones that inspire you, motivate you and encourage you to be a better human being. Its this time of the year usually that these “hero” movies come out.

One of the great things about these movies is that the hero always manages to lift up from life’s troubles. While the rest of us mere mortals would curl up in a dark corner, the hero commits fully to the journey ahead and finds a way to restore the world’s balance.

A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles.

Christopher Reeve

When we look closely at the making of a hero, we notice that initially the hero is reluctant to take on the challenge because of personal fears or insecurities. For a short time, the hero faces doubt and perhaps even a momentary meltdown. The hero may panic or break down in a fit of despair or passing hopelessness.

But that’s just in the short-term. Overall, the hero doesn’t check out for the rest of the movie until the “bad” things go away. The hero doesn’t give up and run to the nearest fast food restaurant to escape from life in a double cheeseburger and fries. And the hero doesn’t permanently give up and drown in a bottle of whiskey.

Our hero eventually takes a deep breath, accepts the situation, and steps up to the challenge. A transformation occurs as the character faces a situation that demands some kind of change. Our hero is able to let go of a particular mindset, and propel into action to overcome adversity.

That’s why we love movies. We identify with the vulnerability of the character as he initially shies away from an overwhelming challenge. Then our hearts surge with excitement as we watch the character dig deep within to discover loyalty and commitment to the cause. We feel positive emotional energy as we watch the hero face the challenge with integrity, determination, and persistence. Movie heroes show us that it is possible to be vulnerable, yet courageous. It is possible to face our problems while maintaining faith and commitment throughout the journey.

Life Is An Action Movie

Luckily, most of us will not ever face the extreme situations portrayed in movies. Life is generally much more ordinary and routine. However, we all experience challenges, misfortune, and hardship that demand we grow beyond our current abilities. These changes require that we step beyond our comfort circles and explore new avenues of self-expression.

Are you the confident hero of your own life, leading yourself compassionately and decisively – not only when things are smooth, but especially when the going gets tough?

Look closely at your self-leadership personality as you face the challenges and goals most important to you. How do you solve problems? How do you respond to pressure? How do you interact with yourself when facing difficulty? What motivates you to stay focused to achieve your goal to great success?

To become a confident heroic leader of your own life, follow this empowering checklist:

  1. Get to know and accept your fear or challenge. Dedicate yourself to achieving a successful outcome, no matter what monsters you may face along the way.

  2. Identify the mindset or qualities you wish you had – courage, persistence, optimism, faith, belief in yourself, resourcefulness, inspiration, etc.

  3. See the challenge as a situation providing many, many opportunities to develop more of the qualities you wish to posses.

  4. Appoint yourself in charge of making decisions related to your goal, cause, or overall desired outcome.

  5. Use your imagination to identify the single next step you can take to face your fear or challenge.

  6. Take action to move you forward into a positive outcome – but do so in a manner that allows your courage, love of self, or faith to expand.

There’s a hero that is always with you, when you are in joy, in pain, or in fear. That hero is your spirit of hope, imagination, and persistence – and that hero lies within you. Follow the tips above and release your hidden inner hero!