To effectively discipline your mind, you will need to understand what the mind is. The mind is a very advanced energetic system that isn’t only linked to the brain but also the body. It is a form of intelligent energy that has been structuralized by consciousness, allowing you to think and observe yourself. The mind is part of the intellect, self-awareness and consciousness field of who you are. Its main role is to help you think independently so you can have individual characteristics.

Our society has conditioned us to believe that the mind is located inside the brain. This misconception makes it hard for us to understand what the mind is. The mind isn’t limited to local space and is actually separated from the brain, because it is a system that is beyond physicality. However, at the energetic level, the mind, brain and body are interwoven into a unified system where they interact with each other. This natural energetic system is where thinking truly occurs. True thinking doesn’t occur in the brain because the brain doesn’t have the ability to discern what is real and what isn’t real. This is because the brain can’t tell the difference between what it sees and what it remembers. This fact tells us that the brain works and processes information similar to a computer chip. Unlike a computer chip, the brain processes information at such a high level that it creates the illusion that the brain can truly think.

The Discernment of Negative Stimuli

Most of us don’t have a disciplined mind because we have been conditioned to live in a state of fear. One of the best techniques to help you determine if you have a disciplined mind is meditation. If you struggle to calm your mind during meditation, your mind isn’t disciplined enough.

One of the main entities that makes it hard for you to calm your mind are distracting thoughts. Since you were a fetus, your mind has been stimulated with all types of negative subliminal and non-subliminal messages. Great portions of these negative stimuli are designed to hypnotize your mind to a certain degree by changing its thought patterns and frequency. The main mediums used for achieving this are computers, TVs, music players, radio, magazines, books and newspapers. Many of the messages embedded into these mediums are designed to affect your mind in a negative way. Until you learn how to free your mind from these distractions, you won’t know that you are being manipulated.

To free yourself from these negative stimuli, you will need to watch less TV, listen to less distracting music and read books that contain knowledge of empowerment. You will also need to increase your awareness so you can detect negative stimuli.

When you become aware of how negative stimuli work, such as negative subliminal messages, you will know how to protect yourself from them. For example, companies like to put a frame that contains sexual subliminal messages into a movie film. One second of a regular movie film contains 24 frames. When one of these frames is replaced with subliminal messages, your conscious mind can’t detect it, but your subconscious mind can detect it. This causes energetic changes in your subconscious mind which can cause compulsive behaviors to surface into your conscious mind. Adding sexual posture in ads is also another popular technique that companies employ in their advertisements. Sexual ads are popular for companies because they are addictive and attractive which can help sell their products.

Recognition and Release of Fear Patterns

Another entity that disrupts the integrity of your mind are fearful thoughts. These types of thoughts are some of the most effective ways for causing negative distortions in your mind. Fear is a destructive emotion that is very effective at disturbing inner peace. It brings chaos into your life and prevents you from thinking clearly. Fear can put you in a state of victim consciousness because it promotes disempowerment. When you surround yourself with too much fear, it empowers your ego.

The Ego is a part of your identity that has lost a great portion of its connection with your soul and higher self. This sense of disconnection gives the ego a false sense of finite life; therefore, it is always in a state of fear. Because of how the ego thinks, if you allow your ego to control your thoughts, you will attract a lot of negative experiences into your life. This will make it hard for you to discipline and free your mind.

To prevent yourself from being a victim of your ego, you will need to become more responsible for your actions. When you lack responsibility for your actions, your ego ends up taking control of some of those responsibilities which disempower you. The less responsible your are, the more powerful your ego grows. Once your ego becomes powerful enough, it can influence many of your decisions, making it harder for you to discipline and free your mind.

About the Author

Pao L. Chang is the author and founder of Energy Fanatics, a comprehensive blog dedicated to teaching people how to think beyond conventional methods or outside of the box. Pao is a certified Reiki practitioner of the traditional Usui System and is currently studying the Art of Kathara Bio-Spiritual Healing. He loves to explore the mystery of alternative medicine, the science of consciousness, quantum mechanics, sacred geometry and how energy affects the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual body.