Within Radio presents Awakened Living with host Jan Lundy. In this episode, Jan interviews Evita Ochel on how to align lifestyle choices with an awakened path.

Show format is as follows:

Introduction from Jan about the show and her work (0:25)

Start of the show: intro to guest and topic (2:00)

Making the connections between the body and living an awakened life (5:30)

  • why is it so important to honour and respect the physical body
  • what does it take to nourish the physical body in the most optimal way

Understanding the vibration and energy of food and connection to the mind (7:00)

  • how does nutrition affect our thinking and clarity
  • impacts of eating high vibration energy foods vs. low, draining energy foods

How does our body respond to what we put into it? (14:00)

  • understanding the mind-body connection
  • why we don’t apply what we know about how to nourish ourselves
  • the trap of relying on external stimulants
  • how mindfulness can help us live in alignment with our choices
  • the role courage, commitment and passion play in applying what we know

How to deal with cultural habits and expectations as we make new choices (20 :00)

  • the role of self-love and self-respect along our journey
  • how to connect the dots in becoming accountable for all of our choices
  • living our values, walking our talk and aligning with our awakened path