This article is written for Evolving Beings by guest author Baljit Rayat of Lotus Destiny.

Do you feel that you have a big purpose in this world and have a hard time focusing on your soul’s desires?

Imagine being able to access a big library that shows you different categories of each area and theme in your life that you desire improvement in. With each category you are shown your core root blocks, how to release them and create a better outcome for yourself by aligning to your soul’s purpose.

Sounds too good to be true?

Well it is true.

This library of yours is called the Akashic Records.

What the Akashic Records Are

The Akashic Records are the records of your soul that records every word, thought, action, and event in all planes, lifetimes, dimensions and all levels of consciousness. It reveals the themes and lessons that you are learning from current, past, possible future, and past/parallel life relationships to evolve as an empowered participant on your soul’s journey.

When you access your own Akashic Records you are connecting to the universal truth, which is the truth of all that is. You discover how deep your interactions are with your relationships with your family members, co-workers, your career, friends, and even money.

It is so easy to choose to look outside of yourself for answers and one of the most common things to do is ask your friends for their opinions by asking them what they think about your situation. This can work in a positive way. However, if you are constantly looking for answers outside of yourself, you are choosing to avoid your core truth that you know deep down inside. This may look like you are constantly masking your problems with other people’s opinions, which interfere with your core truth, and as a result, you attract the same problems in your life.

I like to call this the hamster wheel effect. The hamster is always chasing for its desired food, however is always back in the same place, if not worse.

By going into your Akashic Records you are tapping right into all of who you are at the soul level. You cannot hide but honor your core truth in the gentlest, effective way. This results in choosing to take personal responsibility as you discover your root causes with your pattern and themes. You get to gain a greater understanding as to why things may not be working in certain areas of your life.

Healing Aspects of the Akashic Records

The Akashic Records is the deepest healing tool kit that we all have access to, that heals your mind, body, soul, and your heart from deep-seeded wounds.

It reveals the complete blind spots that you may not be able to see, and the most profound part is that you are removing subconscious programming that no longer serves you. This is an automatic quantum leap to your soul’s journey, being of high service to yourself and to others.

This is a tool for receiving the deepest healing, as you are able to heal relationships with your partner, friends, family, colleagues, yourself, money, and anything else that you find you have a complete block with, resulting in healing on the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, and energetic level.

The Akashic Records is the answer to your heart and soul. By going into your heart versus your head, you are accessing the universal truth of the deepest part of your being. Your heart allows you to feel your emotions and as an outcome you will heal, resulting in a huge shift on your actions.

If you can imagine a raggedy coat that you have on, that is old and heavy. This is your subconscious programming that you have created since you were born. The Akashic Records allows you to remove this raggedy coat so that you can be in your true essence of who you really are, gaining clarity on your soul’s purpose, and your gifts and talents.

Are you ready to access your own truth and be an empowered participant in your life?

Then I invite you to learn how to access your Akashic Records.

About the Author

Baljit Rayat studied energy healing and homeopathy under Jennifer Longmore, and became a Reiki Master and Akashic Record Consultant. She is an international multi-dimensional healer, Soul Purpose expert and has created the Lotus Destiny Star Activation System out of sacred geometric patterns, which she uses as a healing tool for clients. She holds monthly tele-seminars, healing circles, and in 2011 launched tele-course programs for creative women around the world. For more information, visit