Every moment in our lives remains in our energy fields. I see the recent events in Japan as an example of this: the radiation from the nuclear power plant is vibrating at the same frequency as the aftermath of the atomic bombing during the second world war. The energy field of a nation is similar to a body’s, and with healing, all frequencies can be neutralised or heightened.

A client shared a story about a friend: a young man who had a life filled with tragedy. In his past, men in his family had killed themselves, and teenage friends had died in car accidents. He met a young woman and was happy for a number of years, but tragically she was killed in a car accident by a man who chose to commit suicide by driving his car into hers.

I believe energy healing would’ve prevented this. The young man is vibrating at death by suicide and car accident, and he will continue to attract these events into his life. Can this be proven? The western health answer is no, but these patterns occur all the time.

Athletes often have recurring injuries, and, yes, it can be argued that extreme performances apply stress on the body, but, energetically, fear also contributes to recurring injury. The physical body has healed, but the physicality—impact, pain, breaks, strains, tears—of the injury remains in the energy field. The athlete’s conscious mind is ready to compete again, but the unconscious mind fears re-injury.

Accessing Our Energy Field With Energy Healing

Our unconscious field influences and at times dominates the creating forces in our lives. This is why the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for so many people. Even when we shift our focus to positive feelings and events, our fears can still manifest quicker. The time between these fear driven events and feelings lengthen, but they still persist. Patterns of success and joy are also present in lots of people, but, unless the observer is envious, they seem to go unnoticed. The nature of peace and joy is to be unobtrusive.

During energy healing past physical events, emotions, and feelings can manifest along with what we desire and fear. The connection between healer and client unlocks the unconscious field and it’s possible the client or healer will physically experience or consciously record what’s in the field: I’ve been hit by a baseball, punched in the face, shot, crushed in a car accident, changed gender, experienced pain, nausea, and depression. The client can also experience, or partially experiences those responses.

It’s more common for either the client or myself to record these moments as a series of slide show images, similar to dreaming. In this instance a lifetime of emotion is compressed into minutes or seconds. The client’s or my body will twitch, vibrate, spasm violently—this is rare, and feels similar to a static electric shock.

These healing responses are physical manifestations of what’s in the energy field. Not all healing responses are pleasant, but they are necessary. What happens to the emotion of a young boy when he is told not to cry, where does the physical and natural expression of pain go? It stores in the energy field. The young boy who needed to cry will appear during a healing. Strong men, embarrassed but powerless to stop, have cried on my shoulder after a healing.

Infinite Small Parts Create The Wholeness of One

In the Nature of Spirit mini-documentary, I talk about the disempowering separation of mind, body and spirit. We are the field, we are spirit, we’re not a part of life, we are life. What’s occurring within our energy fields is also reflected in the extreme weather events and social change happening around the world. We can heal the world by mindful thinking, clear intent, and pure heart expressed through our physicality. We’re neither physical or non-physical, we’re simply one.

Often, healing won’t occur without some discomfort. We have the potential to be peaceful and loving now, but love and the habitual patterns in our energy fields are finely balanced. We’ve become politicians, and nothing is what it seems.

Evita’s article, Have We Lost Our Minds, or More Importantly Our Hearts, questions the celebration of Osama Bin Laden’s death. I believe that Bin Laden’s death brought healing and peace to many people, but reading Evita’s article to the celebrating masses might incite anger and violence, and that is what is in their energy fields. Evita has become an energy healer, and with a pure heart and clear intention—be peaceful—the anger would dissipate. The healing response was extreme, but for some people it needs to be.

Be peaceful, loving and healing.