This article is written for Evolving Beings by guest author Michael Schnippering of Feng Shui At Work.

Some call Feng-Shui an art, others call it a science. It has been practiced in the Eastern parts of the world for many centuries. What might seem mystical and magical to some, to them is only common sense. There is a lot information out on this ancient art, and along with it comes a lot of people misunderstanding it and getting the wrong ideas about what it really is.

Feng-Shui doesn’t involve a magic wand or any strange postures. Feng-Shui isn’t going to make money fall from the sky for you, nor will it bring you undying love. Feng-Shui isn’t going to make you beautiful, or drive away the annoying in-laws either. Sorry been there and tried it.

Feng-Shui basically acknowledges that there is energy all around us, and that this energy impacts and affects us and our environments. Whether we know it or not, science itself has recently advanced several theories to support the concept of Feng-Shui. Scientists call these energy fields things like magnetic and gravitational fields. Science also affirms that these energies can be directed and controlled, and that with practice and study can help positively affect our lives and the world around us.

The Feng-Shui and Quantum Physics Connection

The study of Feng-Shui is in some ways similar to quantum physics. Both acknowledge that there are forces of energy connecting everything and everyone. Both believe, that with sufficient study these forces can be understood and directed towards a desired result. Feng-Shui is about understanding these energies, and learning to blend them harmoniously into the fabric of our lives. Balance is the key to understanding the concept of Feng-Shui. For every action, there has to be an opposite and equal reaction. This is most especially true with energy. Energy doesn’t just dissipate, it has to go somewhere.

Feng-Shui practitioners believe that most of us aren’t aware of the energies flowing around us. Or if we are aware of them, we are most times not able to manipulate them to our benefit. Feng-Shui practitioners spend many years studying their art, and even they know there is always more to learn. With a lot of patience, and careful practice, you may be able to learn some of their techniques, and thereby enhance the quality of your own life. Most of them are eager to share what they have learned.

Feng-Shui practitioners goes one step farther than quantum physics will. They hold out the theory that these energies can also affect us on a emotional and intellectual level. As such, if they can affect us they can also be directed by us. Feng-Shui practitioners propose these energies can benefit us in a lot of areas such as personal relationships, health and well being, and with the right approach and supportive therapies, mental and emotional disorders. This could go a long way towards alleviating some of the suffering that people afflicted with these problems go through, and may offer another treatment approach that doesn’t involve medications.

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