EBTV with consciousness expansion teacher Evita Ochel and featured guest Dr. Leonard Coldwell where he shares about health freedom, risks associated with modern medicine and the only cause of illness.

Specific topics covered in the video include:

  1. An overview of Dr. Coldwell’s background and current work with health freedom. (1:33)

    • Dr. Coldwell’s journey with family cancers
    • the difference between studying health and studying disease
    • the potential of the human being in creating the disease and the cure
    • Dr. Coldwell’s life mission (6:07)
    • the financial motive of the medical profession (7:25)
    • the problems with medical testing like mammography and colonoscopy
    • the purpose of a tumor (9:14)
    • what is cancer (10:41)
    • how chemotherapy works
    • Gary Null study on how medical profession is cause of most deaths in Western world (http://www.webdc.com/pdfs/deathbymedicine.pdf)
    • every cancer can be cured, but not every patient (11:57)
    • causes of cancer (12:35)
    • Instinct Based Medicine System (17:04)
    • health freedom tips (19:17)
    • possible vaccine risks
    • problems with vaccines (22:57)
    • gynecology and pregnancy (23:54)
    • building the immune system (24:33)
  2. What Dr. Leonard Coldwell’s approach is given the problems associated with modern medicine. (25:25)

    • the importance of education
    • the problems with GMOs
    • problems with Aspartame (29:45)
    • the solutions to health freedom (32:08)
  3. The relationship between the sun and your health. (33:30)

    • the connection to cancer
    • the problem with sunscreen
    • the problem with sunglasses
    • the importance of water (36:57)
  4. The value of the acid-alkaline balance. (37:51)

    • importance of right body pH
    • the role of food
    • the role of mental-emotional stress (41:00)
    • all illness comes from mental-emotional stress
    • the importance of getting to the root cause
    • final tips (47:11)
    • everything is frequency and vibration
    • what precedes a cancer diagnosis
  5. Dr. Coldwell’s contact info.

For further reading on how this all relates on a practical level, read: The Island Where People Forget to Die

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